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VCZK2TJ17 SparkPoints: (87,028)
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5/23/11 9:46 A

like many others on this board, my husband loves me and tells me i am beautiful and sexy all the time. I know he believes it, but i don't. I want to be able to smile AT my husband when he says that because I want to believe it myself. I know that I will never (and don't want to) look like the famous people/models on TV. My OMG moments are ALWAYS pictures of my whole body. I don't like my picture taken, and I avoid it as often as possible. I may NEVER like my picture taken, but I would like to not run and/or hide when someone wants to take one of me. I want to be able to look at my picture and say to myself "i look good".

THIN38 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/23/11 7:56 A

My "A-HA" OMG moment was just this morning when i weighed in at work for a summer slim down program we are doing and i came in weighing 172! This means that i have gained back all the weght i lost last summer but 10 pound! OMG!!!!


SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
5/6/11 6:39 A

A-HA moment for me was when i got to buy a size 8-10 pair of pj's for MOTHERS DAY ! emoticon

HOMEOF_THEWESTS SparkPoints: (10,765)
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5/5/11 7:40 P

Looking at family photos and being disgusted! Then getting the news that I was prediabetic...That was what did it...time to make a change!

ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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5/5/11 6:32 P

I came home from college this semester from spring break, and couldn't believe the number on the scale. I was 2 lbs away from the number that I promised myself I would absolutely positively never get to. But even then, it still took me a month and a half to get my butt into gear.

BTLSMUM SparkPoints: (40,357)
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5/5/11 10:08 A

We take new pictures every season for roller derby. Last year, I really liked my picture and I had used it as my Facebook profile picture most of the year. When I saw this season's picture I nearly cried. I knew there was no way I was going to show it to anyone, let alone make it my profile pic. It killed me to know just the upper portion of it would be in our programs!

That very day I went home and told my husband that I had to get my act together and lose weight.

5/2/11 3:31 P

Seeing the way my thighs and tummy looked naked. I felt disgusted. Even though my fiancé always tells me I look beautiful and sexy I no longer feel so.

PHATERIN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/2/11 11:56 A

When I looked at the pictures from my daughters wedding! I have always struggles with my weight but I have always exercised alot and felt very solid and it has never stopped me from doing whatever I wanted. Lately it has though due to combination of menopause, surgeries, and stress. I need to get back to feeling confident!

NU_MIY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/1/11 8:37 P

Kudos on quitting smoking. I've tried for years and that seems harder than losing weight. :)

NU_MIY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/1/11 8:34 P

There were a few. It was like a domino reaction:
1) My boyfriend (whom I started dating when I was 155lbs) said "you know, not to sound mean or like a jack*** but you're gaining a lot of weight"
2) Being an avid walker I started having more knee and ankle problems which my doctor said might be because of my sudden weight gain (30 lbs in 3 months)
3) I went clothes shopping and I had to try on a size 16 because 14 no longer fit. Ran home, stepped on the scale and it read 200 lbs.
All happened in the SAME WEEK

BREWCREW11 Posts: 46
5/1/11 11:42 A

I want to go some place tropical next year for my 35th birthday; and I want to be able to sit comfortably in the airplane seat and actually WANT to get my picture taken...surrounded by palm trees!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (524,711)
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5/1/11 10:38 A

i didnt have one. i have been fighting my weight my entire life and stopped fighting, and thats when i started losing. go figure!

HONEYBEEBUZ SparkPoints: (380)
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Posts: 384
4/30/11 5:03 P

Started Noticing it was harder getting up out of a chair, I kind of hurt, and at only 53 I thought man.. when I have grandkids.. I am going to need to move fast... So I am getting ready for my grandkids.. before they get here.

Sparkle On,

MRLAPP01 Posts: 400
4/30/11 4:57 P

When I was going over the difference between ounces, pounds, and tons with 3 3rd grade girls doing math homework. When I asked what I would be weighed in, their response was, "tons cause it's the biggest." Wow. Even though they didn't realize yet, it really hit me. I HAVE to do something while I still have a chance!

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
4/29/11 6:31 A

When I quit smoking and gained 5 pounds

ATLTRAINR SparkPoints: (267,707)
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Posts: 24,729
4/29/11 5:33 A

Looking at Thanksgiving pictures - OMG

CEEJAY0630 Posts: 642
4/28/11 8:40 P

When my Doctor told me I was officially a diabetic!!! Nothing like that for a WAKE UP CALL!!

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
4/23/11 11:16 P

Mine was at my brothers wedding. It was an extremely hot day in August, and the family pictures were outdoors. I was so uncomfortable, but it was when I saw the pics that was my moment of change. The heat had me red-faced and sweating, and on top of all the extra weight, was so unbecoming. I vowed that day to change my life.

BETH_FROM_LA Posts: 348
4/23/11 2:30 P

Ok, you asked, but this might be TMI.

My aha moment was when I was standing outside talking to a co-worker (still remember the exact spot), and I felt a sweat droplet form in the fat folds on my back. EEW!

No more fat folds on my back today!

MOMHEC SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 111
4/23/11 12:52 P

My MIL took me shopping for a new outfit for my birthday. I tried on some pants and shirts. We don't have any full length mirrors in our house, so I don't see my body. I almost got sick when I saw myself at the store. That's it for me. No more fat girl!

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