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3/29/11 9:49 P

I make low cal mac and cheese by using water and Molly McButter to the cheese mix in place of milk and butter and a salad

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
3/29/11 10:32 A

I like a bake potato and a salad with it ! emoticon

3/15/11 5:34 A

A big salad, because the stuffed peppers have strong flavor components (at least the way my mom always made them).

ZOEYBLU Posts: 82,051
3/14/11 11:44 P

I love green beans as a side

2/5/11 11:47 A

a spicy soup or a big salad

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2/1/11 11:13 A

I make an easy coleslaw--47 calories/serving. For 2: 2 cups slaw mix, 2 packets Splenda (or 2 t sugar), 1 T Miracle Whip Light (do not substitute mayonnaise), 1 T skim milk, salt & pepper to taste. Mix & refrigerate while rest of meal cooks. Adds another veggie, some crunch, and additional fiber.

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2/1/11 10:19 A

steamed veggies, whole wheat roll with laughing cow cheese spread.

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FREESIA15 Posts: 2,527
1/20/11 7:51 P

I normally serve the peppers either alone or with bread, but after reading some of the comments, I might roast some potatoes next time. :)

ELIZABETHC4 Posts: 107
1/17/11 6:09 P

I would do dinner rolls or toast (to sop up the sauce...because that's the best part!) and salad. Or roasted veggies, like broccoli.

SHELBSYD SparkPoints: (39,386)
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1/16/11 9:30 P

Either nothing or a piece of Rye Bread

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
1/16/11 5:01 P

i served it with small garlic roast potatoes and roasted sweet red pepper with a creamy white wine and mustard sauce...not on my diet today...was fab tho, worth every calorie..

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
1/14/11 3:12 P

Side salad or vegtable-

-HEALTHYAMY Posts: 3,077
1/14/11 7:41 A

I have always had mine with potatoes. My mom would either make mashed or fried. The potatoes are good to sop up the yummy sauce.

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (52,848)
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1/13/11 11:28 P

Nothing, I just serve the stuffed pepper. I make sure it's a decent sized portion.

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1/13/11 1:16 P

When my mom made stuffed peppers when we were growing up, she always made boiled potatoes with them~(Lots of sauce as we have them the Hungarian way, boiled in tomato juice, not baked) When I make them now, I serve them with a side salad and a cooked veggie.
Another option that now do is make it as a soup in my crock-pot (Chopped peppers instead of stuffed) and add the rice to my bowl instead of to the meat.

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
1/13/11 9:04 A

I love green beans so does my son and DH and there on offer at the moment..sounds good, was also thinking corn on the cob

Thanks Ellen

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
1/13/11 8:30 A

my mom always made them w/ green beans on the side, (don't know why). she would top her stuffed ppr w/a red sauce and then she would put that on the green beans and maybe alittle pasta too.

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
1/13/11 8:26 A


I am planning on making stuffed peppers with ground beef and onions etc ( my first time ) and wondered what to serve with it as there is meat in it already and rice so all elements are in the pepper, it just will look a bit small with 1 stuffed pepper on the plate..

I know salad would be a choice and want to stay away from potatoe,

does anyone have any ideas or tried out ideas

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