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BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
12/15/12 6:42 P

I agree that it should be some heartfelt gesture rather than a big monetary outlay on your part. To me $100 is a lot.
The photo ideas,
A Christmas card with a simple sincere note
A home made baked goodie if you have a favorite recipe or home made bread, dip etc.
They don't need anything . Just do a gesture of fondness.
Good luck. Post what you decided to do.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/14/12 6:41 P

Take some pictures of the kids with your camera and print them at Walmart or Target. You could put them into a photo album or frame some of them. Then have the kids make ornaments for their parents.

If you have a craft store you can get molds and make handprints of the kids.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/14/12 6:27 P

Thanks to everyone who actually read the question before posting a response. Much appreciated!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,705)
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12/14/12 4:24 P

I agree with Anarie, since you are an employee of the family, you aren't obligated to buy them any gifts. However, if you'd like to do a little something for them because you're fond of them, you could get them a gift certificate to their favorite local restaurant.

And no, you do not have to pay a lot for a gift certificate. If you go to and look up New York, NY.

You'll find a bunch of different participating restaurants listed. Just plug in your zip code or city. The git certificates on this website are discounted. Depending on the restaurant, you could get a $100 gift certificate for $40. Not all restaurants are on the list, but if you're looking to save money on a nice gift, this is the way to go.

And I too give personalized photos as gifts too. I take pictures with my digital camera, then get them "developed" over at CVS. The 5x7 is only $1.99. I think the larger 8x10 is around $4 or 5. can't remember. You can buy really nice frames from TJ Maxx or Marshalls for cheap. Photos do make a wonderful gift. a professional picture is nice, but I think less formal, causal pictures are better.


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ANARIE Posts: 13,192
12/14/12 3:45 P

I don't think you should be buying anything for them at all. In a position like nanny, you're not generally expected to spend any significant amount of money on your employer. Ask other people in your area who have been doing the same type of work longer, what they do, but I would think that making a gift, or helping the kids make one (that they obviously could not have made alone) is probably more appropriate. I think I would be a little uncomfortable if my nanny gave me an expensive gift, especially since I would know how much of her salary it represented.

DIETER27 Posts: 8,913
12/14/12 2:09 P

gift ards to their favorite store. Taking pictures of the kids with you and putting in a picture frame for the family to keep as a remembrance is a nice idea. Making up a basket with assorted tea biscuits, teas, cookies, etc. is another idea.

SMANISMELL SparkPoints: (76,799)
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12/14/12 2:03 P

A small bonus is always nice - less than 100. Even gift cards to their favorite stores is nice.

THOMAS.H Posts: 17,828
12/14/12 1:16 P

Not a problem. I'm retired. (grin)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/14/12 12:41 P

you still may be able to do a picture type thing.

For my grandmother, we took pictures and then composed them into a calendar. You can find templates on line. Take pictures with your phone or digital camera. The kids could be playing around, helping in the kitchen, in the park or whereever else. We had pictures of the kids sleeping as well. Since the shots are candid, you can do them anywhere. Then you can work on it when the kids are asleep.

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
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12/14/12 12:38 P

Depends on how much you want to spend. I worked with people who made much more than I and had everything they needed, wanted &/or desired. I gave them poinsettias a few days before Christmas, new books about their hobbies, a clever car gadget, gift card for a favorite store. The poinsettias were the best because I could get them for several people, it could be enjoyed by spouses/families, and it didn't have to fit anyone, match anything, add to anyone's waistline, or stored someplace after Christmas.
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DLDROST Posts: 8,082
12/14/12 12:33 P

Gift cards are always great

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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Posts: 2,171
12/14/12 12:32 P

Along the lines of the British stuff, Cost Plus World Market carries a lot of products from other countries, including England. They also have a basket making service where they'll put together a basket for you with the products you picked out.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (566,701)
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Posts: 16,147
12/14/12 10:15 A

good health

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/14/12 7:13 A

Thank you guys for your input. Please keep the ideas coming!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
12/13/12 11:29 P

You can go to a specialty store I know my husband was stationed in England and he loves going to a British store in a neighboring down for flakes ( it's a chocolate ) and lilt which is an orange soda they have I guess that's good cause every time we go for it , it's always sold out hahaha he's so happy when he can get it hahaha maybe you can put some of these things in a picnic basket or make up a basket

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
12/13/12 11:27 P

why don't you take pics of the kids with your own camera, go to Walmart you can enlargements made or you can have photos of each child put on a Christmas ornament... That is one gift I know I'd cherish. That's something I'd cherish, then they can put it on the tree every year and your thoughtful gift will last a lifetime!
If they are into sci fi you can get them a star wars movie they don't have and make up a basket of popcorn and other little treats or go to and order them something and put a few movies with it like Disney movies or Star Wars along with the ornaments...
Or you can always get a nice picnic basket from Pier 1 and put a few goodies in it for them to have family picnics next summer, good luck to you and enjoy your Christmas!

MRSALLYP SparkPoints: (0)
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12/13/12 10:48 P

if they are from england then this could be a great one if you do a little leg work - go to some specialty food stores and look for some things like tea biscuits and you can get some teas from england (or english teas), add in a few mugs that have scenes from London on them and maybe a few small frames with pictures or postcards from England as well as some chocolates or other treats and put a note that you couldn't send them to England so you wanted to bring it to them! Places like TJMaxx and Marshalls might have mugs or treats or even note cards. Also, you could take some pictures of the kids doing fun things - you never know what image you might catch of the kids you get and then you could get some printed at the drug store. Even a disposable camera can work if you don't have a digital camera around.

Oh and if you haven't already definitely have the kids make something for their parents - I have 2 girls and I get excited every time they bring me home a new ornament and I get even more excited if it has their handprint incooperated in it. Here is a super cute one I am going to make with my girls to give to grandma this year

Hope this helps!!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/13/12 10:05 P

Hey everyone, I'm really in need of some help...

I'm a nanny for a great family, and I take care of 3 sweet kids. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, and I am still completely stumped at what to get the parents!

My original idea was to take the kids to get professional photo's taken, and then order them some nice prints since the mom was telling me how she has no good pics of the kids, but doesn't have the time/energy to take them to get them done on her own. However, with the kids school/winter break schedule, it's just not going to happen. I have tried to work it every which way, but I've accepted it isn't going to work. Since I had my mind so set on that, I'm having the hardest time coming up with another thoughtful idea.

The parents are in their early 40's, into science fiction/fantasy type stuff like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc., and they both do computer/financial work. I don't want to get them like a gift card to go out to eat or something like that because it's so informal. I also don't want to get one big "family present" because I'm already getting the kids their own gifts. I've been with the family since August 1st, and we do keep our relationship very professional, so I don't necessarily know all of their favorite places, things to do, things to eat, etc. Also, they are from England, so the cultural difference leaves room for confusion at times. Anyway, what I liked about the portrait idea was that it involved the kids and was something they could cherish long term. I want to give the parents a great joint gift, but I'd really like to stay under $100.

Does ANYONE have ANY ideas of what they would consider a nice gift to give or receive in this situation? Absolutely all input/ideas would be appreciated!

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