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4/24/10 8:48 P

If you ask for your meal to be cooked in "no oil/no butter" you will still get some oil and butter but significantly less...and really this type of food is healthy other than the oils....try to eat as many veggies as possible, maybe even do just veggies with a shrimp appetizer :)

TAYLORJE1 Posts: 2,286
4/24/10 2:46 P

Mmmm I LOVE Benihana. I would try and go with some grilled vegetables and chicken or even some sushi. It seems if you get something cooked on the grill, they always start off with oil and butter which makes it tricky to stay low on calories. Perhaps ask your chef to omit the butter?

Either way, have fun and enjoy yourself.

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4/24/10 1:42 P

I want to eat as low cal as possible. I'll pass on the rice, but what should I order? Any suggestions would be great!

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