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2/2/13 9:22 P

Aim to eat huge salads for lunch and dinner and snack on fruit.

2/2/13 1:44 P

I agree with the other posters, I would have a good long workout this morning and then eat at the lower end of my range today. Really try to get all your fruits and veggies in today and try to hit all of your nutrition goals. If you get too restrictive you can undermine yourself - I try to hit my goals 80% of the time, for instance.

Going forward I agree that you should try to not go overboard on a splurge day. There is no reason whatsoever to ever drink soda, and try to eat a healthy dinner if you have a naughty lunch. When I am bad I drink tons of water so I feel better by the time I get home at night.

good luck!

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/2/13 12:16 P

Get back on the wagon and eat more or less normally. Never 'punish' yourself by restricting or abstaining a great deal. But also listen to your body, be sure to get enough water, etc.

My 'splurge' days are never exactly 'planned' but they're usually controlled (if a normal day is less than 2000 calories, a splurge day is 2500-3000). If splurge days involve eating out they usually involve more sodium than usual, so, again, pay attention to water :)

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/2/13 10:45 A

i splurged last night too, we go out after work every friday and I had a couple of fried chicken tenders, a couple of potato skins, a brownie sundae and a glass of sangria...but ya know what it's okay! I will just eat normal again today and not worry about it. I will probably do a little more at the gym this afternoon but all in all i'm okay with it. If weight loss is going to work and changing my lifestyle is going to work this time then I cannot deprive myself or feel I can't participate with my work buddies ever I have now deemed Friday my "cheat day". Granted I am sure after more time of eating better I won't want all the "bad" stuff. So I say don't worry about it, do what you normally do emoticon

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2/2/13 2:03 A

I'd eat as you would normally - one day isn't going to hurt you it happened its in the past so leave it there in the past where it belongs.

2/1/13 11:15 P

We had a Super Bowl lunch at work today. I decided to let myself splurge...and ended up completely losing control. I grazed off the table all day, ate about 3 times my calorie limit, drank soda and had absolutely no water. On top of that, I figured I had already ruined the day so I ordered pizza for dinner. Aaahh what was I thinking?! Anyway, so I'm over it and know that I will start fresh tomorrow. My question though is: What should I eat tomorrow? Should I just go back to eating regular and stay within my calorie limit...or should I do some kind of detox or eat just vegetables or even lower my calories? Please help!

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