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2/4/13 12:03 P

Yes, stay within your calorie goal range for the day. I would try to eat more high fiber foods like veggies, because those fill me up and make me feel better about myself. A agree a healthy soup is also a great idea, get some extra water today. Don't be discouraged. Today is a new day for you- it's not too late to start anew.

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2/4/13 11:20 A

I agree with the eat normally plan! Also a lot of the kinds of foods you mentioned are high in salt, so you might want to drink a little extra water today. It will help you feel more full too.

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2/4/13 8:47 A

one of the problems that i find i have after i have had a "splurge" kind of day is that i often feel "hungrier" for the next few days.
i usually try and remedy this by eating lots of low cal yet filling stuff like soup (i make my own) and raw veggies for a day or two. i find it really helps me to combat the cravings that often follow a "splurge"

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2/3/13 1:30 P

That's one of the things I love about the nutrition tracker. You can mess up one day, but the very next day you have a clean slate and you can try again.

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2/2/13 1:23 P


I agree. eat normally. One over indulgent meal or a day of less than healthy eating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. If you were to eat right 5 out of 7 days this week, you'd still be doing better than the average American.

Don't starve yourself today to compensate for yesterday. Instead, eat as healthfully and normally as possible. If you want to feel better, then eat a couple extra servings of veggies today.

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2/2/13 4:12 A

I agree - just eat as normal. What has happened has happened, and once in a blue moon won't hurt you. If you don't use the nutrition tracker, you might find it helpful to start using one. They often help us to stay more focused.


2/2/13 12:02 A

Just eat as normal. Going over your limit will happen. One day won't ruin your chances of success. But next time, try to be more mindful!


2/1/13 11:38 P

We had a Super Bowl lunch at work today. I decided to let myself splurge...and ended up completely losing control. I grazed off the table all day, ate about 3 times my calorie limit, drank soda and had absolutely no water. On top of that, I figured I had already ruined the day so I ordered pizza for dinner. Aaahh what was I thinking?! Anyway, so I'm over it and know that I will start fresh tomorrow. My question though is: What should I eat tomorrow? Should I just go back to eating regular and stay within my calorie limit...or should I do some kind of detox or eat just vegetables or even lower my calories? Please help!

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