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12/4/11 7:59 P

Thanks everyone for your tips! I didn't even think about eating a meal filling enough for myself before I start, and packing something just as filling for in between. I will definitely have to do that the next shift I work!

Thanks again for the great suggestions!

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12/1/11 10:49 A

Hello Shaeshisha,

It has been a long time since I worked at a restaurant but my SO always has food in the house that is not conducive to my healthy lifestyle. It has worked for me to understand and perceive food as fuel AND dismiss unhealthy choices with reminder that "These are none of my business"

Do take your health snacks, I believe you can change your cravings and succeed.

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12/1/11 12:10 A

If I can't stop myself eating- well simple solution don't work with food.. I refuse to work in the food industry anymore, it helped me loss 80kgs.. I returned to my old occupation as a traveling resthome helper.. If offered a cup of coffee and a biscuit I have to show myself from my good side and not wipe off the plate lol..
I worked in a rehab center- whom helps people return to the workforce. Unless we pay for it- hold fingers way from eating the profit.. Do you pick and pay, nope don't get court out by your waist expanding..


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11/30/11 1:41 P

Hey, I work at a restaurant in Disney and what has worked for myself is eating right before I start my shift. My shift starts at 4:30 and at my location we have a premeal meeting and that's when I eat. I use to eat at home before I left for work but that would be about an hour before I would actually start work. If you can eat at work I would recommend to do that, eat right before your shift, like a big salad or a sandwich or bowl of pasta. Make sure you're satisfied. This usually helps me till the end of my shift which is anywhere from 10:30-12. I bring a protein bar and eat that some time in between.

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11/30/11 12:06 P

I work at a popular chain restaurant. I've successfully been able to transform my cabinets at my home with healthy foods, and at home I don't have a problem with going overboard because I have the right things to munch on when I do get hungry.

However, I feel like every time I go to work and end up working in the kitchen in the back, I'm always guilty of sneaking some fries, mashed potatoes, bread, butter, and other greasy things into my night. Time and again it's been REALLY difficult working in a restaurant while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle because I'm constantly tempted by what I'm around.

There are days where I do pack my own snacks, but sometimes it just isn't enough and I end up giving in. For anyone who works at restaurants, what are your ways of trying to avoid all the bad food?

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