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1/13/12 11:41 A

Your body is burning more calories than normal anyway trying to fight off the virus/bacteria that's making you sick so going a bit off the diet is probably not a bad thing. I wouldn't go hog wild and start chowing down on junk food but soup (especially with tons of veggies) is my favorite thing to eat when I'm sick.

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1/13/12 11:27 A

If I'm sick I "slack" in a moderated and controlled manner. Nearly never get sick since I started incorporating more healthy habits though. :)

SBNORMAL Posts: 880
1/13/12 9:33 A

Hot and sour soup from the chinese restaurant

MSGNOME Posts: 555
1/13/12 9:04 A

Yeah!! Tomato soup and grilled cheese!!

SEASTARZ Posts: 165
1/13/12 12:55 A

As soon as I get sick, my husband knows to make me tomato soup and grilled cheese. Those are my go to sick foods since I was a kid, and they are the best. If it is a stomach virus, just butter toast and ginger ale.

ARABWEL Posts: 258
1/12/12 11:39 P

Hope you will feel better soon!

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1/12/12 11:36 P

I wound up having some dinner my lovely roommate fixed me and it stayed down, but thanks for the recipes and advice! I'm going to definitely write all the recipes down and ideas. I get sick pretty frequently

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1/12/12 11:27 P

Here is my FAVORITE sick soup to make:

It's got half and half in it, but only 1/3 c for a pretty big pot of soup so not much. All the onions and garlic and shallot will be good for your system. :3 Also the cooking isn't too complicated. I made it when I came down with a pretty bad cold for a week.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/12/12 6:01 P

Unless the foods you want are going to make you sicker (dairy tends to make me feel sick if I have a stomach virus) or you think you're going to eat huge quantities, I say go for it. When I'm sick, I pretty much eat what sounds good, since not many things fall into that category. If that means I eat canned soup and bread three meals a day for a couple of days, so be it.

You probably won't be able to eat excessive portions if you haven't been feeling well, anyway, and you'll get better faster if you're fueling your body at least a little. You can get back on track when you are well.

Just my opinion. :)

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1/12/12 5:57 P

tea and toast
chicken noodle soup
saltine crackers

until I am sure my stomach can handle "real" food

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1/12/12 5:35 P

Hey everyone. I've been hit pretty hard with a nasty bug, and as silly as it seems, I just don't know what to eat. The foods that are sounding best (hot, creamy soups) are definitely calorie laden, but I feel like I got hit by a bus. Is it okay to break from dieting during an illness or is that setting me up for more slip ups? I ate some of some meager left overs this morning..definitely not a good day.

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