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4/12/10 11:58 P

I actually have to get an IV every 2 weeks of 3 grams of magnesium. I've been doing this for 3 yrs. Who knows how long my levels were low before that. My levels are always still low even with the IV's. I can't imagine how low they would be if I weren't getting those.

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4/12/10 9:56 P

what kind of supplements shall I take? I take thyroid meds and high blood pressure meds. Would just a multivitamin be sufficient or at least something that may work? Calling dr. in the am but at least I can take one in the morning and see how that goes.....thanks ladies

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4/12/10 9:52 P

If anything is wrong see a doctor, this nauseaus could be anything including mild food poisoning to actually not eating enough food..
Never guess if your worried get the doctor to do a blood test.. If your doctor can see anything wrong he will give you the correct medication..

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4/12/10 8:47 P

I very very rarely eat foods that contain enough magnesium to get to RDA.

I take a supplement to make it up.

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4/12/10 8:04 P

I did not stay on track at all today. I tried to but I feel really nauseous and irritable. I thought it was caffeine withdraws but turns out it looks like my magnesium level is low and my symptoms are similar to those of low levels. My levels have been low for the past 4 days. Has anyone else experienced this before and how have you taken care of it? (ie, dr visit, vitamins etc..)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. emoticon

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