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11/23/12 12:12 P

Strength training!!! emoticon

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11/16/12 5:50 A

The idea seems to be simple. Eating at a moderate caloric deficiency but keeping the metabolism high through intensive strength training and HIIT. Carrying it out is, of course, not so simple.

11/15/12 11:40 P

Scales which assess body fat percentages are notoriously inaccurate due to the methodology they use. To obtain a more accurate assessment get a pair of body fat calipers. they are available on Amazon and not expensive, then have someone you trust learn to use them. The results will not be dead on but will be more accurate than your scale. Insanity is heavily biased toward cardio so you may have been burning muscle doing it. You need to add fats to your diet since they are the precursors to all hormones. The Zone diet which was developed to reduce the weight of Type II diabetics recommends a diet ratio of 40% complex low glycemic carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% good fats. This ratio was developed by an endocrinologist based on the recommendations of nutritionists and has been well researched as effective.

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11/15/12 10:40 P

Question: Since joining Spark approx. 3.5 months ago, I have dropped almost 30 pounds and tons of inches. I am 2 workouts away from completing INSANITY, among countless other workouts. I have also dramatically changed my diet from processed foods and cake, cookies, etc. to more protein, pretty low fat, decent amount of fruits and veggies... in my ranges probably 98+% of the time, and my scale that measures %body fat only has me down from 34% to 33%. Is that even POSSIBLE? I don't belong to a gym, so not sure how else I could find out where I'm at. Any help out there???? Thanks!

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11/15/12 9:32 P

I, too, recommend Tom Venuto's book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. Many of the concepts detailed in his book enabled me to go from about 25% body fat to around 15%. I have been employing a slightly different program that has taken me down to around 14% once I realized I needed way more fat in my diet, as well as once I realized I'd have to make adjustments since I am now pretty serious about endurance running, which opposes any pursuit to change your total body composition.

Specific strategies that worked for me: 1) Eating around 15% fewer calories than maintenance for three days followed by eating at maintenance for one day. 2) Eating protein for at least 30% of my total daily caloric intake. 3) Incorporating high-intensity interval training sessions into my scheduled workouts. 4) Doing serious full-body strength training three days a week. 5) Monitoring my body fat percentage and changes in total body fat and lean muscle mass very carefully and adjusting my plan as necessary in direct response to the results I achieved on a weekly basis.

Good luck. It can be done. It just takes a lot of time, a huge willingness to be responsive to your body, and a lot of dedication.

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11/15/12 8:55 P

I am just curious, are you sure you are getting enough calories? Do you actually know how many calories you are burning in a day? For instance, there are tools out there which helps someone know exactly how much they burn such as the Body Bugg and Fit Bit. Makes it much easier to then calculate the caloric deficit needed to drop the fat.

To lose body fat, one really does not need huge deficits. Tom Venuto, author of "Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat" recommends only 15-20% below maintenance. He also recommends strategies like carb cycling. His book is an excellent one for anyone who is dead serious about losing the fat. Everything you will need to know is in the book. Good stuff.

ANGELZBABE100 Posts: 63
11/15/12 7:43 P

Hi Susan. I don't think I'm being hard on myself. Last year before my leg injury I was sooooo close to having visible abs with no fat on them. That is what I am aiming for. I want now what I had worked so long to achieve and lost when I couldn't workout at all for a year. So if it is 15-17 or even 14%, I want to go to the point that my body has a lot more definition and where the flab is pretty much gone while my muscle has a good feminine and lean shape to them. Tighten up the butt, lose the gut and the flabby arms, lose the giggly thighs. So whatever dedication and percent to achieve that, I will do. I'd rather work toward that goal than me depressed about what I look like now. None of my last year's clothes fit me and that's 2K down the drain on a new wardrobe that I cannot take back. So that is my goal. Back to a strict regime now that my injury and health was back to normal. I've been at 20-24% and all flabby on my small frame. Annoying that the weight is more pronounced on a smaller/shorter person than someone taller. My friend who is 5'9'' weighs more than me but it is equally distributed not to mention so was blessed with great genetics and athletic parents who have amazing bodies at their current ages.Both my parents are severely overweight and they seem comfortable and not willing to change that . I do not have that and it means extra work for me.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
11/15/12 6:30 P

#1 - 15-17 is considered a good range for athletes. That may be too low. A better goal might be 20-22%

#2 - Are you being too hard on yourself? It takes time to reshape and you might have to be patient.

ANGELZBABE100 Posts: 63
11/15/12 6:08 P

I am not and cannot spend any money...gym, extra equipment, DVDs..that is not going to happen. I only do full body exercises with an emphasis on compound over isolation though I do the occasional isolation exercise. I am not able to go up to the 25lb weights (which is the highest we own) but have been progressing nicely (started using 5lbs and now I am at 15lbs as the max I can do without compromising form and risking injury). Yes to some that seems very weak or whatever but I won't hurt myself just so I can lift these weights before I am ready to. I took a year off from weight training and so the past few months I am trying to ease back into the lifting while learning new exercises. So thanks for that SERG but I am flat broke with no job. Buying anything (gym membership, trainer, heavier weights, gear, etc) is out of the question for a while. I add in bodyweight exercises to finish off my weight training as is though.

11/15/12 6:00 P

The flab is most likely muscle wasting from the concentration on cardio and inadequate strength training. Short answer, lose the barbiebells and move up to weights which challenge your muscles. Do only full body and compound movement exercises and no unnecessary isolation exercises. You can begin with a good quality bodyweight programme if you have no access to heavier weights. To workout at home you can go to Walmart and get a three band with handles set of resistance bands which will allow you to have challenging resistances to workout with. The set come with a DVD and a door anchor which will give you exercises and add to the ones you can do. Information on resistance band and bodyweight training can be found on the Spark team of the same name.

ANGELZBABE100 Posts: 63
11/15/12 5:52 P

So I have gone down from 125lbs to 110lbs over the past few months. I am 24yrs old, F 5'3'' and small framed. Well I had my body fat % measured and it is right now 24% (no idea what my body fat percent was before but probably 28-29). I guess that is in the "normal" range for a woman but I find it too high with much more flab still on my thighs, stomach, upper arms and back. I had a BIA test and skin fold test. I want to be 15-17% (just depending on how I look at the 17 then go from there). I run outdoors (alternating long and short/sprint days) 3-5 days a week and weight lift 3-4 days (full body with nothing crazy, 8-15lb dumbbells that we have at home). Calorie intake varies by day but usually 1200 on a complete rest day up to 1800 on a long run day. I cook myself (grilled veggies, meats, etc) and take vitamins to help ensure nutrients are being met. So if I lose 6-8 more lbs, I will be at 102-104 but not sure what else I can do or how else to go about dropping this fat while not becoming less than 100lbs...advice, help, tips, related stories from people of my height/weight category? Is it an exercise thing or a diet thing? I want to have way less flab and look more fab. And of course people are going to say that it is a good weight or underweight or whatever but that doesn't help me. I want to lose fat and fit into clothes a lot better than I am doing now.

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