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FUNSTYLE Posts: 180
1/18/12 4:28 P

Throw it out and weigh yourself at the mall. Get a measuring tape and measure yourself instead.

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1/17/12 5:59 P

keep using your scale to monitor progress!

1/17/12 3:59 P

When you go to the doctors office, weigh facing away from the scale, tell them you do not want to know what it says. This should eliminate the two scale differential. They are very understanding of people not wanting to weigh themselves or to know what weight they are when they go in.

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1/15/12 2:06 P

I only use one scale. Period. I ignore the doc's scale. Then I just go for a downward trend. I am not that concerned about whether or not I am exactly so many pounds based on the US weights and measurement board. If you are trying to lose weight, you are obviously overweight, so if the scale is mostly moving down, its a good day!

NICCIMC Posts: 244
1/14/12 3:22 P

Here's how I solved this:
I put a 10 pound weight on the scale and adjusted the scale to match the weight.
I have resigned myself to this one scale and NOT worry about it being wrong because I calibrated it with my weights!

There. done! Now off to change my ticker to show my real beginning weight!


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1/11/12 7:52 P

Just stick with one scale. My scale weighs my sister in law three pounds heavier then her scale, so I tell her she's just three pounds fatter when she's at my house. If she wants to lose weight she should go home. I only weigh myself on my scale, and if I'm at the doctors office and its a different weight, I don't let it bother me, because its a different scale. I know I lost x numbers of lbs based on my scale, I still would have lost that same number of pounds if I had been weighing every day on the doctors scale, it just would be a different start weight and current weight. Get it? if not, oh is what it is. Its just a number, the important thing is how do you feel? If you feel fabulous then Yay, forget the scale!

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
1/11/12 6:50 P

Your scale will also show you weight loss progress. I kind of figure all scales are different so we'll never know exactly how much we weight but if we use the same scale we can at least see losses (or gains)

Good luck!

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1/11/12 6:32 P

huh...didn't realize there were so many factors....I've resigned myself to using a tape measure every now and then [and doctor appointment weigh-ins] because my scale is cruel and likes to fluxuate within a 30-pound difference....

NICCIMC Posts: 244
1/11/12 5:14 P

Thank you Nancy. I'll do that. I'll use the one I have at home calibrated with my dumbell. That matches my father-in-law's scale (not saying his is any better). All the scales are on vynl or linoleum and Montana isn't too bad in humidity (better than some and worse than some )

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1/11/12 4:55 P


You're assuming that the doctor's scales are calibrated correctly, which may not be the case. And from my experience as an office RN, unless the scales are maintained on a regular basis, they can be off.

My suggestion is to just use the one scale and throw caution to the wind for all the other ones. There are so many things that can cause a fluctuation on the scale, including location (carpet or hard floor), exposure to humidity, etc.

Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!

Coach Nancy

NICCIMC Posts: 244
1/11/12 4:51 P

I know the first thing you'll say is "Throw it out!". I'm a newbie (again) and won't do that. I need to track that now as I'm not seeing much difference elsewhere, except I've got strep this week (1/11/12) and am on a liquid diet! lol

Anyway, over a year ago I went to the dr's office and was of course weighed. I went home and weighed myself on my scale, exact same clothes and food/water intake. My scale was 5 pounds off so I adjusted it. My father-in-law's supposedly is set to his dr's office and had me off by 5 pounds. I kept my scale adjusted 5 pounds until last week. I decided to put a 10 pound weight on it and adjust it according to that. I weighed myself after I did that and there was a 5 pound "weight" loss. I went back to the dr's office today (for a strep test) and it weighed me 5 pounds heavier, just like last time!

I'm very frustrated and need some guidance. If I could get a professional answer that would help too, but am willing to take anyone's advice right now.

Do I keep it adjusted with the dumbell, or the dr's office? Help please!

emoticon (doh!)

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