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HANNAHSMOMMY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 111
8/8/06 9:55 P

two things... at lunch i resisted a second serving (one cup) of hamburger helper lasagna because it was 300 cals. I actually got up to fix me another bowl for lunch, and then i just wrapped it up and put it in the fridge. Then, we went over to our friends house for dinner. I did have two burgers and buns, BUT i only had mustard on them, they were thin, and I didn't add cheese or have ANY chips. Plus I'd only had about 500 cals the whole day otherwise. Lots of fruit today. Now when I want a snack, instead of eating "meal food" as a snack, I eat a serving or *two if im really hungry* of fruit. I can only make myself eat veggies during actual meals. But hey, at least I'm trying!!!

SCUBADOO Posts: 54
8/8/06 9:50 P

With good intentions I bought Multigrain Rice Cakes the maple brown sugar variety. Before I knew it I had inhaled six of them. Thank God they are only 50 cals each. I guess it could have been worse.

8/8/06 9:50 P

I had a piece of pizza. But I am still in my calorie range!

HEATHER53121 Posts: 1,674
8/8/06 9:25 P

I had saltine peanut butter sandwiches with butter. I could eat about 10 or more of those, but I only had 5. I still have over 100 calories left so, it's ok.

8/8/06 7:40 P

egg and sausage mcmuffin! i feel so guilty. emoticon

AGH575 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 507
8/8/06 7:38 P

Well...hubby wants tacos for supper, so that is what I'm having...but I'll control myself and stay within my calories! :)

COLETTEDEANN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,824)
Posts: 130
8/8/06 6:53 P

a slice of cake - it was my manager's birthday - but I have no guilt as I stayed within my calorie allowance - emoticon

8/8/06 6:41 P

Whataburger. emoticon

Didn't take the time to pack a lunch this morning, so I intended to hit Subway for lunch. Instead, my pickup magically drove to Whataburger. However, I DID resist the urge to get a Double w/ cheese, like the old days. I'm sure that it will still mess up my fat and calories for today. Time to hit the meal tracker and find out.

STOPPEL Posts: 159
8/8/06 5:43 A

I sat and watched my little boy eat a McDonalds Happy Meal and all I had was a coffee. I had a healthy lunch when we got home, BUT I cannot resist that glass of red wine after dinner. I always make sure I'm going to stay within my calorie limits.

STOPPEL Posts: 159
8/8/06 5:41 A

I sat and watched my little boy eat a McDonalds Happy Meal and all I had was a coffee. I had a healthy lunch when we got home, BUT I cannot resist that glass of red wine after dinner. I always make sure I'm going to stay within my calorie limits.

8/8/06 4:37 A

An apple pie :(

EST3CHARTER Posts: 636
8/8/06 4:24 A

Baby Ruth cappucino

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
Fitness Minutes: (200,346)
Posts: 15,176
8/8/06 12:32 A

ended up getting a chocolate cake from tim hortains, didn't need it - and even with it wasn;t even any where near my bear min goal, just bearly made it over 1,200 calories .. shakes head

8/7/06 10:42 P

chocolate fudge - yum!

DAISYMAE25 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,723)
Posts: 57
8/7/06 10:41 P

2 servings of honey wheat pretzels...was soooo in the mood for these today...yummy...

8/7/06 9:20 P


My weakness!


HARLEYGRAM Posts: 5,175
8/7/06 9:13 P

Mushroom chicken, lo mein and egg roll for lunch.

VALSEY1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
8/7/06 2:30 P

I am having a 20 oz bottle of Sprite that I have been nursing since lunch and am currently fighting the urge to get a butterscotch mocha latter

FLUFFY83 SparkPoints: (143,772)
Fitness Minutes: (282,786)
Posts: 1,276
8/7/06 1:42 P

Coffee and a muffin.

HEATHER53121 Posts: 1,674
8/7/06 1:40 P

My ol' man went to BK again. I resisted last night, but couldn't do it today. But I did have portion control. I ate only 1/2 of a whopper jr.- only ketchup. Shared it with my DD, and had a banana and a glass of water on the side.

JENNIFER6125 Posts: 116
8/7/06 10:54 A

Last night I had a scoop of icecream. It didn't put me over my allowed calories, but I felt a little guilty eating it.

PRISSYCHRIS222 Posts: 119
8/7/06 10:51 A

I haven't done anything today because it's too early, but last night I came across a jar of bean dip and a bag of fritos. Enough said.

8/7/06 10:47 A

well, yesterday I ate half of an eclair. it was within my range, although I realize not the best choice - i had only had 950 calories and it was like 10 PM.

DAVIDCSS Posts: 1,359
8/7/06 5:31 A


EST3CHARTER Posts: 636
8/7/06 5:01 A

Pretzels and cappucino. Breakfast of champions.

WANT2BEAMUM Posts: 1,027
8/7/06 4:39 A

small cube of fudge emoticon

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
Fitness Minutes: (200,346)
Posts: 15,176
8/7/06 3:27 A

wanted an ice cream from the ice cream truck so I got it when i took the dog for his walk he got the cone I got the ice cream itself .. chuckles

BBYPHTT96 Posts: 488
8/7/06 2:31 A

One piece of blueberry pie

BLUECANDLE33 SparkPoints: (137)
Fitness Minutes: (130)
Posts: 50
8/7/06 2:08 A

1/4 of a pizza magharita. simply a thin crust, tomato sauce, tons of fresh basil {from my garden} and a wonderful fresh mozzerella cheese. none ot that prepacked stuff. if you are gonna splurge, splurge with the highest quality ingrediants

8/7/06 2:05 A


ENGLISHLE Posts: 256
8/7/06 1:58 A


LOWTIDE Posts: 344,327
8/7/06 1:46 A

dove dark chocolate

8/7/06 1:45 A

Hi yesterday everyone else had burgers with cheese, onions & icecream while out, I had an ice lolly I was so pleased with myself emoticon emoticon

BUTTERCUP93 Posts: 1,489
8/7/06 1:35 A

Believe this or not: not making dinner...instead snacking on foods [good foods but no veggies or fruits]

FITWENDY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,303)
Posts: 243
8/7/06 12:54 A

3 homemade brownies :(

SARA.B Posts: 181
8/7/06 12:08 A

Pizza, peperoni and wow it was good! Not feeling guily at all either.
Won't be doing it for a while again though!!!!

SKINNYCHICK9999 Posts: 63
8/7/06 12:01 A

2 small slices of cake. It was my birthday today, and I knew I had company coming over, so I made a low-fat angel food cake. I just had two tiny little pieces. I just had enough of a taste that I didn't want anymore.

SHOPSWAFIST Posts: 4,967
8/6/06 11:47 P

Pizza! Greek Pizza, 2 slices. Next time? Next time I dont want to cook I'll walk to Subway, or fork over the extra bucks to have somthing healthier delivered.

JENM046 Posts: 180
8/6/06 10:41 P

Well I kinda resisted..kinda not....wanted a ice cream from dairy there decided to be good and got a sugar free fudge bar....50 calories and yummy.

SPITFYRE75 Posts: 1,343
8/6/06 10:35 P

Went to hubby's small family reunion today. Ate really well and only had one hot dog...UNTIL I spotted his aunt Bobbi's cheesecake! I resisted it for a good hour, then caved and had a peice.

KITTIEGEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,900)
Posts: 504
8/6/06 10:30 P

oh yea! and the one chocolate chip cookie at my meeting at work today.... guess i slipped up more than once today emoticon

KITTIEGEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,900)
Posts: 504
8/6/06 10:28 P

macaroni and cheese and a hot dog.. hubby was cooking dinner, i was exhausted and that is what he can was really tasty, but sooo bad for me.

KGPHOENIX Posts: 3,241
8/6/06 10:25 P

None emoticon

HEATHER53121 Posts: 1,674
8/6/06 10:22 P

A Hershey's chocolate with almonds bar. emoticon

JLNORDSTROM SparkPoints: (14)
Fitness Minutes: (461)
Posts: 450
8/6/06 9:55 P

Had roast, carrots and potatoes for Sunday lunch which wasn't bad until I couldn't resist the buttermilk roll.

8/6/06 8:22 P

The past couple of days have been utter crashes! I had Italian food today.

8/6/06 8:17 P

Oops. Fergot to answer my own question! This temptation was actually last night... but the gf and I went to our friends' house where they cooked us a delicious and otherwise healthy dinner (and we had even saved up some calories through the day for dinner), only to have them bring out the dessert...

...Creme Brulee.

Kinda hard to turn that down when somebody else is cooking for you. ;) Good lord, it was delicious, and we faithfully entered it into the meal tracker. Somehow, the gf managed to stay in her range, but that creme brulee pushed me over the edge on both calories and fat. Whoops!

AGH575 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 507
8/6/06 8:16 P

Pizza - Even after I had done so well at telling hubby that I didn't want to order pizza, I finally caved in today.

Oh, well...tomorrow is a new day!

BRADLEE Posts: 1,100
8/6/06 8:14 P

Watermelon, and 1 piece of dark chocolate, how can people not chew the chocolate?

8/6/06 8:12 P

Since the "what temptation did you resist today?" thread seems to be quite popular, I thought it'd be interesting to have one for those that succumbed to their urges.

What temptation did you NOT resist today? Are you going to view it as a 'reward' for your ongoing success, or do you want to have the will power to resist it next time? How do you plan to deal with the temptation next time?

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