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9/4/13 10:08 P

I bought a pair of Nike cross trainers. I was told that Zumba shoes should be very light and flexible for dancing. Running shoes are not good as they do not provide support for the side-to-side motion, they're only meant for forward movement. I've had my pair since June and wear them only when doing Zumba and so far they're good!

NFLATTE Posts: 9,550
9/4/13 8:44 P

I have been wearing Ryka shoes & love them, but they do slow me down from doing some of the necessary sliding in zumba...I picked up a pair of NuFeet with grippers on them-much like a thicker sock with grippers...At first I was skeptical of them & thought that I would not get the necessary support, but I've been wearing them for two months now, and the knee issues I was beginning to have due to sticking zumba shoes have vanished...These work for me..

JUDY1260 Posts: 1,570
9/4/13 8:02 P

This thread makes me miss Zumba so much! I hope to get back to it next month. :)

I've done Zumba at a few places - two dance studios and a gym. The gym, believe it or not, had carpeted floors. That was a pain in the butt! Regular running or gym shoes had too much traction on the carpet and people would twist their knees and ankles. I bought a pair of hip hop shoes at a dance store, added extra arch support because there wasn't enough and they were perfect. They gave me just enough slide without causing me to fall on my face.

I switched to a different class at a dance studio with hardwood floors. I almost wiped out the one time I wore the hip hop shoes. I switched to my regular walking shoes (which are actually running shoes). They were fine. I occasionally had to overcompensate so they wouldn't catch on the floor (instead of sliding) but it was much easier than doing Zumba on a carpet.

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9/4/13 6:55 P

There are several threads on the Zumba teams about shoes.

My favorite dance sneakers are the Ryka Transition and the Bloch Apex.

However, I have found that on very slipper synthetic wood floors, dance sneakers are TOO slippery. In that case, I wear my oldest, stickiest pair of dance sneakers, or running shoes with relatively minimal tread.

You might want to mention the issue to your gym too...perhaps they are cleaning the floors in the wrong way.

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
9/4/13 4:34 P

I have foot issues, so I use running shoes with great support when I teach Zumba.

If you don't have a wide foot, the Nike Musique is a good choice. If you do, don't even bother with them.

The Nike Free shoes are good as well. They are flat on the sole, but have some grip to them. One of my fellow instructors swears by them.

GOLFCHICK2-0 Posts: 2,034
9/4/13 2:09 P

the flatter the soul the better for Zumba. Anything with grip can stick to the floor and tweak your knees. Most brands of shoes have some with support and flat souls. I have worn Nike, Adidas, and several others. Weight lifting shoes may be okay if they have a little support as well.
If you have a pair of comfy supportive shoes that DO have a tread, you can also add Zumba Slides or Glides. They are a sleeve that slides over the ball of your shoe to help rotate and not stick to the floor. They are available all over online or for a budget version, try taking a pair of children's tights and cut the leg in about a 3 inch wide portion. Works just fine!

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9/4/13 12:01 P

I have about 5 pairs of shoes, and the only ones that do not hurt my ankles are my nike flex 2013 running ones.. I do plan do purchase the Zumba ones. My instructor vows that those are the only ones she likes..

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9/4/13 11:55 A

Nike has a pair of black athletic shoes that have a rubber sole, but it is fairly smooth, so it has a small amount of traction for floors, but little enough to be able to do the pivots and sliding on floors or carpets. The model name is "Musique". Alot of Zumba participants and instructors in my area wear them for Zumba and love them. They have the support needed for the workout too.

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9/4/13 5:58 A

I use my running shoes, but my instructor swears by her Zumba shoes.

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9/3/13 1:46 P

Since the floor and not your feet are the issue, I'd talk to the aerobics instructors there and see what they use.

I used good cross trainers for a while but realized my feet started hurting on the sides (feet were swelling too much). Now I use good running shoes due to my feet issues.

JEWELS571 Posts: 2,885
9/3/13 1:29 P

I agree, I just wear my running shoes, but my zumba class has a rubber type floor that is meant for impact.

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,172
9/3/13 1:21 P

I just wear my regular sneakers. I do not have any special shoes for Zumba, but I see some people with Zumba shoes in class. My sneakers work just fine. When I started out I was doing Zumba in my socks.

DIONNE1972 Posts: 1,041
9/3/13 11:23 A

Hi Everyone, I am trying to get a pair of shoes for Zumba and to wear on the hard wood floors in the Gym. The ones I have are dance shoes but I find that I am often slipping on the wax on the hard wood floors. Some glide is good, about to slip and fall is NOT. can anyone help with a suggestion. I also do Body Combat and weights at the gym.

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