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7/24/14 3:13 P

Olive, coconut, and sesame. I use the olive for most things, the coconut for baking or things where I want no flavor, and the sesame just as a finishing oil for Asian dishes.

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7/24/14 8:33 A

olive oil, veggie oil and coconut oil

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7/24/14 8:14 A

It really depends on the type of lard. I grew up with Manteca. It is dry rendered and sold primarily in Mexican stores. It is brown in color and smells like bacon. No refrigeration needed. It can't get any worse because it is already rancid. My mom kept it on the counter and just added more when she needed to. Now if you are buying wet rendered lard, the kind that is white with almost no odor, then it needs refrigeration. These lards are also taken from different parts of the pig.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,310
7/24/14 7:20 A

EVOO and canola oil.

Lard would not be in the Mexican section. It has to be refrigerated or frozen or it will spoil. Look for it near the margarine or perhaps the meat case by the cuts of pork.

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7/24/14 7:16 A

All olive oil all the time

BELLENGLISH Posts: 1,391
7/24/14 6:04 A

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil

7/23/14 10:12 A

EVOO, coconut oil, safflower oil and vegetable oil.

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7/23/14 10:06 A


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7/22/14 5:02 P

Olive oil and coconut oil

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/21/14 7:56 P

Extra virgin olive oil.
Pure olive oil (for cooking at temperature).
Sesame oil (used more as a "spice/flavouring" than as an oil)
Canola oil (rarely used).

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7/21/14 7:54 P

I cook only with olive oil the majority of the time. A couple times a year I make something with an Asian flair, and i'll use a small bit of sesame oil.

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7/21/14 5:52 P

Vegetable oil for the rare occasions my husband wants to fry something for dinner and olive oil, which we use more often for sautéing.

7/20/14 5:29 P

Coconut (for eating and occasional cooking), Extra Virigin Olive oil (lemon/Garlic/Original flavors for cooking and dipping sauce), Canola (Cooking)

NEWBIRTH2014 Posts: 2,488
7/20/14 4:10 P

grapeseed & olive oil

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7/20/14 2:58 P

Lard will be in the Mexican section.

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7/20/14 2:56 P

sesame oil, grapeseed oil, canola, olive oil, peanut oil and maybe one or two more, but I am too lazy to get up and check right now. We cook a lot, so we tend to have a bunch of options.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/20/14 8:17 A

olive oil

TIFFFIT Posts: 1,765
7/20/14 12:27 A

I have a fairly cheap EVOO, a very expensive high quality EVOO (plain), three different flavored olive oils (Harissa, Tuscan Herb, and Sage & Mushroom from Outrageous Olive Oils--they are HANDS DOWN the best flavored oils), avocado oil, canola oil, corn oil, chile oil, sesame oil, black truffle oil, and a couple of oil cooking sprays.
Don't even get me started about the 100+ hot sauces...

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KASTRA Posts: 369
7/19/14 11:28 P

EVOO for dressings and similar that need quality olive.

Light olive for most cooking.

Canola for things I'll cook at a very high heat.

Sesame for stirfry.

Peanut for random cooking.

General vegetable for certain recipes but have had that bottle a while and should probably replace it soon.

I just found a bottle of flaxseed oil. I have no idea where that came from or why I bought it.

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7/19/14 7:45 P

olive oil, veggie oil, coconut oil

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7/19/14 7:06 P

I like olive, but I've been using canola.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/19/14 6:48 P

yummy.... I've gotta get out to our "local" butcher and see if they have some locally raised pork. Pork belly! mmm

I wonder how it would be to toss some sweet potato "fries" in renderings and roast them...... with cinnamon and Himalayan salt, maybe!

TEENIEME3 Posts: 692
7/19/14 4:58 P

Virgin and extra virgin (not sure where that came from) and a smidge left of vegetable oil.

7/19/14 2:14 P


It makes the best homemade sweet potato and potato fries.

I roast cauliflower and brussel sprouts in a little and my kids go nuts for it. emoticon

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7/19/14 2:07 P

Olive and sesame at least. Possibly others. We usually have coconut but ran out.

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7/19/14 10:05 A

evoo toasted sesame herbed

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/18/14 9:42 P

Coconut, olive (regular), EVOO, and sometimes some "exotic" oils (walnut, avocado, etc). A small bottle of sesame oil for stir-fries. I think there may be a small portion of peanut oil down there somewhere.... but I don't use peanut stuff anymore. I suppose I ought to just toss it, if I can excavate it.

JERF -- I am sooooo jealous! I need some of that pastured piggy stuff!!! LOL

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
7/18/14 9:36 P

Olive oil, and canola oil

7/18/14 3:19 P

I buy my lard at a local farm, I also buy my ground pork and bacon there. I like that they pasture their pork. Which means the pigs are allowed to forage outside, they are not kept in small pens.

I actually keep it in the freezer as I don't use it everyday.

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
7/18/14 2:46 P

Extra virgin olive, walnut, grape seed and safflower.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
7/18/14 1:42 P

JERF where do you get the lard? I know it's at the grocery but also I am not sure it's the same as grandma used.

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7/18/14 1:36 P

Cold pressed EVOO
Cold pressed coconut oil

I keep my butter and lard in the fridge.

7/18/14 1:22 P

California olive oil, vegetable oil, sesame oil, chili oil, and butter.

I have a baking spray for cakes.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
7/18/14 12:59 P

peanut oil
olive oil
sesame oil
canola cooking spray

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7/18/14 12:31 P

I use olive oil and coconut oil for 90% of the dishes I make. I have sunflower oil (only use it when I occasionally bake something), and sesame oil for some asian dishes.

ANNA1679 SparkPoints: (3,295)
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7/18/14 12:29 P

Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil,

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/18/14 11:26 A

As cooking oils: Canola, extra virgin olive, sesame, and cooking spray.

As other edible things: My fake creamer is mostly soy oil, all the salad dressings I have are mostly oil, my "butter" spread is made of a mix of oils, I use natural peanut butter which separates at room temperature, and I have a can of salmon packed in oil.

I also keep mineral oil for conditioning my wood cutting board, and castor oil in the bathroom for...well, you know what for.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/18/14 11:18 A

EVOO, Canola, Sesame, Peanut.

7/18/14 10:47 A

Olive oil (of course,) canola oil, sesame oil, chili oil, and butter for the occasional pancake.

PIAQUA Posts: 753
7/18/14 10:44 A

Light olive oil for cooking, the good stuff for salads/raw prep, canola, sesame, grapeseed and some awesome infused specialty olive oils (garlic, shallot and lemon right now). A little goes a long way with the infused and I love them.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,763
7/18/14 10:34 A

EVOO, canola and peanut

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (78,170)
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7/18/14 10:34 A

Olive oil and coconut oil. I use coconut oil mainly for baking in the kitchen but it's also used for hair, skin, and any other uses I can find :)

EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
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7/18/14 10:19 A

Extra virgin olive oil for salad dressings and sauces, grapeseed oil for frying and roasting, and toasted sesame oil for stir-fries.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/18/14 9:57 A

I've got walnut oil in the refrigerator (it's half gone so we're using it!) and toasted sesame oil in the fridge (for seasoning stir fries). I love canola and olive oil but we use them so much that I don't refrigerate them. I mix olive oil with butter and olive oil with peanut butter.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
7/18/14 9:42 A

Oils - what do you prefer? I use olive oil and canola but wondering about others.

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