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3/21/14 11:07 P

Today's new recipe- cool salmon tacos. Really simple- salmon, black beans, salsa verde, tomatoes, cheese- and easily customizable. I was really pushing my luck with this one. My family doesn't really eat this type of thing. Surprisingly, both the hubby and the eight year old LOVED them! I am happy to have another healthy, tasty, family-approved meal in the arsenal!

3/20/14 4:03 P

New recipes this week: Jazzed up Tuna roll ups, Pineapple Angelfood cake, Crock Pot Beef Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Onion Sauce. All were yummy.

DANAKA4 Posts: 878
3/20/14 9:27 A

I'm going to make artichokes tonight I have had them in salads, but never prepared a fresh artichoke.

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3/20/14 7:54 A

Made little crustless quiches to take with my to work for breakfast - mine have gouda cheese and broccoli, and I made them in a cupcake pan. Delicious!

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3/20/14 7:48 A

You could make the plain chicken soup with rice noodles and add the coconut milk and curry paste to your own portion (about 2 tablespoons coconut milk and 3/4 teaspoon curry paste- to taste). My husband's picky so sometimes I'll make a basic recipe of something and everyone can add in what they like. It is tough when your family doesn't like your favorite foods.

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3/20/14 1:09 A

I love Thai flavors but no one else in the family will touch it... emoticon

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,490)
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3/19/14 7:41 A

Last night I had Thai chicken soup. Just make a regular chicken noodle soup but replace the noodles with rice noodles and add a can of light coconut milk and 2 tablespoons green thai curry paste. Top with chopped peanuts, fresh basil and sliced jalapenos. Delish.

IMDADOGGIE SparkPoints: (42,022)
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3/17/14 4:32 P

Can't wait to eat a new corn beef and cabbage recipe for today. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

3/17/14 3:48 P

A friend gave me a recipe for a cauliflower 'sauce'. Basically it's cauliflower boiled and pureed, with roasted garlic and some milk, suuuuper delicious. But, I've been using this sauce as a base for other things! The other night we were having chicken enchiladas and I thought I should make my enchilada sauce, instead of using the canned, which we know is loaded with sodium. So put my already prepared cauli sauce back in the processor, blended in some salsa, frank's red hot, a little plain greek yogurt, and cajun was HEAVEN! Tossed my chicken/bean/corn/veggie mixture with that before stuffing the corn tortillas. So easy!

Also used the base sauce to make a deconstructed chicken pot pie. No crust or anything, but the veggies tossed with this sauce (added a little light cream cheese this time to make it silky) and served it over rice, also great!!

Moral of the story, make this will change your life and you're actually sneaking those veggies into the meal without even realizing it!!

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
3/17/14 10:21 A

I am not usually much of a soup person unless it's like chili or clam chowder. Which aren't usually healthy, ha.

But recently I made a Taco Soup- so good!
One can of each: corn, chicken broth, chili beans, black beans, one quart jar canned/stewed tomateos, also 1 cup sliced onions, 4 T. Salsa, and spices of your choice: salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, Italian seasoning.

Very good! :)

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3/16/14 10:57 P

Neptune- I am going to try the overnight oatmeal again soon but I think I will add a little extra milk next time since it was a little thick for my liking this time. I also think I will use one of your suggestions for flavorings because I felt like the blueberries that I used last time didn't really infuse the whole dish (maybe something smashable like bananas or spreadable like peanut butter). The carrot salad sounds interesting. I am not usually a huge carrot fan but I AM trying to expand my horizons so I might give it a try.

Ellgeebee- I have been meaning to try a banana soft serve type recipe for a long time. I love bananas and sweets. Sounds like a healthier option than what I might usually do.

Algerbragirl- That sounds REALLY interesting. My stepson made some cayenne chocolate cupcakes for his brother's birthday last year and they were quite good but I've never tried cayenne and peanut butter. On the to-do list now.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
3/16/14 1:15 P

I take plain peanut butter and add olive oil to make it 'runny' (you can add any kind of oil you like). Then I mix in lots of cayenne pepper. I drizzle it in a sandwich or on top of some cooked veggies.

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ELLGEEBEE SparkPoints: (1,038)
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3/16/14 12:03 P

I recently made a turkey meatloaf that turned out to be oh so good! I used salsa instead of ketchup and that gave it a really nice mild spicy kick. I think I will make it again, although the next time I may try throwing in some chopped spinach. :)

I also made non-dairy ice cream using frozen bananas. I blended two bananas, 1 tbs natural peanut butter and 1 tsp cocoa powder in a food processor. Turned out to be like soft serve and it was delicious! I stocked up on bananas because I will definitely be making more of this stuff.

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,490)
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3/16/14 10:12 A

I almost forgot- I had the most delicious carrot salad the other day. I grated up a couple of carrots and tossed in some fresh mint and clementine sections. Topped that with a simple dressing (3 teaspoons almond oil and 1 teaspoon lemon juice) and a drizzle of honey. It was so good I made it three days in a row.

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,490)
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3/16/14 10:09 A

VWMommy- for the overnight oats I'll do 1/3 cup each of old fashioned oats, yogurt and milk- it comes out really nice. You could add a mashed up banana, some mashed sweet potatoes and vanilla, a spoonful of marmalade and mandarin orange sections, cocoa powder and peanut butter, a spoonful of nutella, applesauce and cinnamon, replace the milk with coconut milk and add pineapple chunks. Or, my favorite, diced crystalized ginger and dried apricots.

Lately I've been making my own chicken stock for soup. It's really tasty and surprisingly easy. I'll buy whole chickens and cut them into parts to freeze (only takes 5 minutes once you get the hang of it) and save the backbone and extra skin in a bag in the freezer. Also, whenever I peel veggies I save the skins and the ends off onions and celery in a second freezer bag. Once I have enough veggies and bones I'll make stock (cover with water in a big pot and cook on a very slow boil for 3+ hours). I love that it's basically free and I feel like a fancy pants chef making my own.

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VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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3/16/14 9:58 A

I tried the roasted radishes and, OMG, were they good! I had NO idea! For breakfast this morning I also had overnight refrigerator oatmeal. I think I need to tweak the recipe a bit but I'll try it again soon.

Come on everyone, I know that there are more adventurous people out there. What is it that you are trying new this week?

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VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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3/14/14 1:28 A

The new recipe for today was salmon has made with potatoes, onions, and red peppers served with poached eggs. It was really good and even my eight year old ate it (and he doesn't usually eat salmon)! I also used avocado with my tuna on my sandwich at lunch. Although I've used avocado for guac before I had never tried it with tuna. Also very yummy. I am spreading my wings.

STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
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3/12/14 9:55 P

Wheatberries! They were wonderful. But they were in a premade salad from the grocery store... need to find a good recipe to make my own.

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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3/12/14 8:06 P

I love hearing everybody else's new foods. I am totally going to try roasting some radishes now. I had never thought of it but looked up some recipes after seeing that post. I also have to try out some collard greens again. My grandma use to make them back when I was a little kid but I hated almost all vegetables back then, so I have no idea if I would like it or not. The beet smoothie sounds interesting. I just tried beets for the last time last summer. I am really looking forward to summer and farmers' markets opening again!

So my new recipe this week so far has been Eggplant Lasagna. It was pretty good but I think the next time I do eggplant I will go back to the rollatini type of thing where it is in individual rolls. The flavor is good though. Threw a bunch of spinach in there too.

3/10/14 7:41 P

Beet smoothie
1/2 beet
Slice ginger

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,452)
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3/10/14 12:31 P

I recently purchased two new cookbooks - Well Fed and Well Fed 2 which are based on a Paleo lifestyle. There are some incredibly delicious recipes in these books such as Shepherd's Pie where the mashed potato topping is replaced with mashed cauliflower - I also made a chocolate chili that was so very good. Personally, I'm working towards a more Paleo-style of eating as I have learned that I'm very sensitive to gluten, grains and dairy, and this lifestyle seems to be agreeing with me and has not be hard at all for me to follow and maintain.

3/9/14 9:13 P

I just recently had collard greens for the first time. I fried 2 slices of bacon, added some chopped onion, added the collard greens and then added some water, vinegar, and a little pinch of sugar. I simmered the whole thing for about 45 minutes. Now I know why people are always raving about collard greens. They were surprisingly good.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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3/9/14 8:59 P

I've made a number of different veggie burgers/"meat" loaves lately, from recipes I found on Pinterest. Everything from black bean & rice, lentil & oatmeal, chickpea & quinoa and any combination of those ingredients. They've been well received by my omnivorous family, but some of the "meat" loaves could use some help in the texture department (too wet to hold its shape). I may try them again as patties. We've also find a number of new soup recipes, but I'm afraid soup weather is long gone for us.

APRILRUSSELL3 SparkPoints: (70,897)
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3/9/14 5:10 P

I made spinach pasta loaded with veggies. Delicious.

TRIXYMAHOGANY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/9/14 4:53 P

I made the sloppy joes that are featured on SP Recipes and they were surprisingly delicious! I've also been making a crazy amount of stir fry, which is new to me, and this week I'm making pad thai with scrambled egg. Also a chick pea sandwich spread which is just mushed up chick peas, a little mayo and mustard, and whatever spices you desire. Not super new to me, but I've made it every week in big batches since I found it.

Oh, and I tried cooked radishes, which are, again, surprisingly delicious.

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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3/9/14 4:19 P

I am working on expanding my horizons in the nutrition realm and have been aiming to try at least one new food or recipe each week. So far, in the last week, I have tried acorn squash, steelhead trout, and savory oatmeal (oatmeal with turkey smoked sausage, tomatoes, corn, cumin and chili powder). I have enjoyed all of them.

So, what new things have you tried recently and did you like them enough to have them again or was it a one time only deal?

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