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12/1/12 3:15 P

Take a look at this pic:
and the web page that it is in:

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12/1/12 2:28 P

When I think of the core, I think of abs, obliques, lower back, hip flexors. I'm sure there are plenty of other little muscles in there too but those are the ones that I focus on.

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12/1/12 10:22 A

Just to be clear on what that group consists of. If I am going to work the core, I want to know what the core is.

12/1/12 9:04 A

Your core muscles brace your torso & spine. That's about 3 dozen muscles around your torso (both front and back).

Our core muscles are designed to assist the rest of the body.. as opposed to working in isolation (like crunches). So good "core exercises" also work other muscles groups (legs, chest, upper back). Good core exercises include squats, pushups, bent-over barbell rows, sprinting, etc.

By the way, the "core" of your core is your transversus abdominis muscle. It's activated by "bracing" your abs. It's good to do this whenever moving around, lifting, running, etc.

Interesting question. Why do you ask?

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12/1/12 8:13 A

I often hear about working your core muscles. Are these just the abs or do any other muscles play a part in this group?

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