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6/14/13 2:53 P

Celery Sticks
String Cheese
Hard boiled eggs

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6/14/13 2:53 P

Pre-cut veggies (grape tomatoes, baby carrots, celery, etc.) and hummus.

Yogurt parfait in a disposable cup: greek yogurt layered with Kashi Go-Lean or granola, frozen blueberries, a few crasins or raisins and a T of homemade jam. A 12-oz to-go coffee cup with lid is perfect for this.

Piece of hard cheese with a couple of ounces of mixed nuts.

Air-popped popcorn in a reasonable serving size, in a plastic baggie.

An apple with a bit of peanut or almond butter.

When I do all-day dance conferences, I take a small cooler and a block of ice with me...then add these kinds of snacks in baggies. No refrigeration, no problem!

SCAMP2004 Posts: 30
6/14/13 2:51 P

If you don't have a nut allergy, how about almonds? Light, easy to carry and lots of energy. Maybe add some dried fruit? Good luck with your walk, I'm doing something similar in a fortnights time - a midnight half-marathon, walking thank goodness!
Enjoy & good luck

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6/14/13 2:41 P

I'll be at an overnight charity event tonight, walking most of the night with some breaks. I know from past experience that, especially in the wee hours of the morning, I'm going to want something tasty to nosh on, and to keep my energy up.

It's outdoors, so no electricity for refrigeration or microwaving, and it isn't really manageable to have something messy or requiring prep work. There will be some concessions on site, but they're usually hot dogs and hamburgers, which I don't eat. In the past, we've had chips or pretzels, maybe cookies, sometimes dry cereal, etc., but I'd like some healthier options.


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