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1/17/11 11:56 P

OMG. I made the best BBQ sauce once.. wonder if I can remember? Tomato paste (probably the stuff with garlic built in, knowing me), honey, soy sauce, a tiny bit of lemon juice. Can't remember if I added herbs. Yum!

Oh, VH-1 Soya Sauce... I don't think regular or low sodium makes a difference for the taste, but it has to be VH, soy sauces all taste so different! (I hate restaurant ones!)

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1/15/11 7:32 P

Chili powder.
It's not really spicy but it gives everything a kind of "southwest" taste.
Don't quote me on this one but liquid smoke might be high in nitrates, a chemical that causes cancer.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
1/15/11 9:43 A

they sell a product called liquid smoke (god knows what is in it) and its supposed to help get that smoky flavor. look it up on line. it may have tons of sodium and if it does...i'm sorry.

JMAYSIE Posts: 495
1/14/11 1:16 P

My brother uses smoked paprika in his rub and it adds lots of smoky flavor.

-STINA- Posts: 729
1/11/11 2:22 P

Ooh that mix of spices sounds awesome! The smoke thing makes sense but even if I can get some of those spices that would be this is perfect. Thanks so much!

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
1/11/11 1:59 P

BBQ "flavor" comes mostly from smoke, but there are many spices like Paprika, onion & garlic powder, or pepper that give some BBQ it's flavor. Here is one that I've used before, but haven't done it in a while.

6 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
4 Tablespoon Paprika
2 Tablespoon each of onion powder, garlic powder, dried ground parsly
1 Tablespoon each of mustard powder, celery seed, and black pepper.
1 Tablespoon cayanne pepper (optional, or you can add more, depending on your spice tolerence)

I've not tried it without, but I would think you could either half or remove the brown sugar, you just wouldn'thave that sweet finish at the end. Plus, with all the other ingredients, the sugar is less than half of the total product. I will also sometimes add 1 Tablespoon of salt, just for a salty finish which is sometimes helpful when using it for beef or chicken. When I make this, I keep it stored in a small mason jar in the spice cabinet.

1/11/11 1:16 P

I make BBQ meatballs with a homemade sauce, I use tomato paste, ketchup, low sodium soy sauce and apple cide vinegar. Its a sweet BBQ sauce, very good.

-STINA- Posts: 729
1/11/11 12:30 P

Hey I'm trying to make a rub that has a BBQ-ish flavor without salt (trying to keep my sodium low). I have no idea what spices give it that BBQ flavor..I'd like something fairly basic and I don't care what kind of BBQ..any BBQ flavor is just fine! lol

Any ideas? Is this possible? Thanks! :)

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