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JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
7/5/11 7:57 P

asics. I need to find a good pair for the winter with less mesh, so my feet dont get wet in the snow.

JENNUH Posts: 347
7/5/11 7:52 P

I love my Nike Lunarglide but I didn't get fitted for them. Will definitely get fitted at a specialty store for my next pair tho. :)

BEEBEA SparkPoints: (47,115)
Fitness Minutes: (42,834)
Posts: 1,147
7/5/11 1:22 P

I have Saucony ProGrids right now, but I've found that apart from a good fit (and there's probably many shoes that would work well for each pair of feet), newness is the most important quality for me -- not running in worn out shoes! Mine have 430 miles on them, probably time for some new ones. :)

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
7/5/11 9:39 A

Brooks. I have 5 pairs of hte same style as I wear them out pretty quickly

SPEEDYDOG Posts: 2,993
7/5/11 6:56 A

I think you are on the right track. You seem to know that good fitting running shoes is critical when you start running. I run on Nike Air Pegasus and Nike Zoom Vomeros. These shoes work for me because I don't pronate and need a neutral cushioned shoe. A good running shoe store will be able to determine the type of shoe you need.


REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
7/5/11 12:50 A

Useless information to other people than me.. New Flash feet are like individuals what suits my feet could be hell on your feet.. My favourite shoe and what avoids aches and injuries are two different issues..

I don't get even sucked in choosing the most expensive or pretty- most of the time the running shoe experts can find me something more modest and much more effective than the lastest fads..

The best road is when the shoe expert asks me to remove my shoes and do alot of tests.. He is looking at how my feet sink into a shoe, the wideness of the toe box and for spinal injuries..
A expert will take the time and ask me where are my old shoes.. I wanna see how you wore them out..

My shoe expert also is a runner- and has education to fit shoes.. His reputation is on the line if I return pissed off because of something he missed.. Returning and complaining about bad fitting shoes is the only way to get more educated people behind the sales desk to avoid injuries and the disappointments of little or no health insurance issues..

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RRONSMAN31 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,108)
Posts: 117
7/4/11 8:39 P

I have always worn Asics. I got fitted for running shoes at a specialty store one year and they recommended Brooks - which I ended up HATING so much. It takes some trail & error but I finally found the shoes I like. Sometimes it is a matter of getting shoe inserts for them as well.

7/4/11 7:16 P

Vibram Fivefingers Sprint
or Fivefingers Treks for trail running. Nothing beats the feeling of running naturally.

GIRLGENERICA SparkPoints: (15)
Fitness Minutes: (31,224)
Posts: 153
7/4/11 4:01 P

Agree with everyone who has recommended getting fitted for the right shoes, the difference is like night and day. I'm now on my second pair of Brooks, since those seem to be working best for me.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,765
7/4/11 2:39 P

I agree with Beth. Your best bet is to be fitted for the right shoe for you at a specialty running store.

Coach Jen

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (211,182)
Fitness Minutes: (174,528)
Posts: 6,325
7/4/11 2:29 P

I have Nike and Asics. I have liked my Asis best. I'm new to running (a year and a half) but once I found what I liked, I looked for them on line. Mine have been on sale several times and at HALF price.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
7/4/11 2:19 P

I overpronate mildly and I have been using Asics GT2150. It looks like they have been replaced by the 2160s, so I'll have to check them out when my current ones go bad.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
7/4/11 1:05 P

I split time between my Skechers Resistance Runners and my Asics. I love both of them.

SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,204
7/4/11 1:04 P

I have had most luck with New Balance. But one that fits your foot is most important. I have a wide foot and a funky toe. I do believe in good quality shoes for fitness..and to replace them about every 6 months if you can. Last time I was able to get a great deal and bought 2 hoping letting them 'rest' between use will make them each last a little longer. you can also just replace the insoles.

BETH0720 SparkPoints: (25,354)
Fitness Minutes: (49,763)
Posts: 303
7/4/11 12:06 P

In all honesty, if your shoe has been properly fitted at a running store and is comfortable then it doesn't really matter what brand it is.

I loved the last Asics I had. I am currently running on Saucony's - they are pretty good, but I preferred my Asics.

LISALGB SparkPoints: (74,388)
Fitness Minutes: (15,199)
Posts: 467
7/4/11 11:45 A

I'm not necessarily a runner - but I like to run a while when I''m walking - I love my Asics so I'm curious what your favorite running/walking shoe?

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