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7/22/10 5:59 P

The frozen orange chicken is the best. Bake it in the oven 20 min. Add the heavenly tangy sauce and voila. I serve it over rice and often add bell pepper. I think it is about 230 calories per serving. It is better than any orange chicken I've had out.

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7/22/10 2:43 P

When I have guests and want to serve a vegetable platter, I always go to Trader Joes. I love that they have red bell pepper and zuccini with the usual carrots and celery and broccili.

7/22/10 2:18 P

I love their Whole Wheat Naan. Put it in the over for a couple minutes to get a crispy outside and warm inside, then spread on some peanut butter or hummus - or its great plain!

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7/22/10 2:12 P

High Fiber Cereal (80 cals per 2/3 cup cereal)
Goat Yogurt
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (no nitrates/preservative)
Yogurt dips - Raita, Cilantro/Chive
Wild Nova Salmon
mini edamame crackers (120 cals for 38! crackers)

7/21/10 11:36 P

The soft cheeses (Brie, Camembert).
The Combo dim sum/something else frozen platter.
Gnocci Alfredo
Lavash Bread

many many things

7/21/10 11:35 P

The soft cheeses (Brie, Camembert).
The Combo dim sum/something else frozen platter.
Gnocci Alfredo
Lavash Bread

many many things

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7/21/10 11:08 P

Their broccoli and rainbow cauliflower that you microwave/steam in the package. NOM!!

I also love their Middle East Feast, which is listed as one serving, but is really several meals' worth! It's 800+ calories all told, but I eat it over at least three meals, it makes awesome leftovers.

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7/21/10 10:42 P

There is so much there that I like...

I'm especially fond of the bruschetta, the Greek yogurt, and the spinach lasagna.

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7/21/10 4:26 P

There is NO way I could pick one favorite from TJs. NO WAY.

Here are a bunch:
mint ice cream chocolate cookie mini-sandwiches
frozen pizzas
greek yogurt
fruit tarts
refrigerated pre-made Italian meals (like chicken parm)
triple-ginger cookies
peanut butter!!'s all so good!!

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
7/21/10 4:18 P

I can't believe I forgot about the Alsace tart. THAT was the best. emoticon

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
7/21/10 4:15 P

Oh their smoked gouda is just the best! Aside from that, I love:

frozen margherita pizza
tofurkey sausages**
vanilla greek yogurt
bagged baby spinach
organic rainier cherries (pretty cheap, and so delicious!)
Raw milk Gruyere and most of the rest of the cheese section
Whole wheat pitas and british muffins
Pound plus dark chocolate (seriously good)
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (too bad I can't have them in the house or I eat all of them)
Frozen macaroni and cheese (not the healthiest thing, but so good)

**sausages are part of one of my favorite quick dinners. My boyfriend sautes them with some olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic and pours it on pasta. Sometiems we add gouda and pears. Mmmmm :)

JENDEM1121 Posts: 415
7/21/10 4:14 P

The crunchy almond butter. So yummy!

7/21/10 4:14 P


OMG I love that stuff with all my heart and soul.

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
7/21/10 3:33 P

First off, I'd like to say that this thread makes me want to cry since I live in a Trader Joe-less city.

My former favourites were:
Frozen plain cheese pizza (imported from Italy!)
Chicken chorizo sausages
all of those affordable gourmet cheeses
The raspberry creme brulee (comes with reusable ramkins)
dried chile mango
spinach, bluecheese, cranberry and pecan salad in a bag
frozen balsamic roasted vegetables
massaman curry rice bowl
cheap almond butter
tempting trail mix
Trader Joe's High Fiber O's cereal
frozen fish (tuna steaks)
angus steaks

OK, I'll stop. emoticon

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7/21/10 3:26 P

I like going to mine for their meat.

7/21/10 3:20 P

For me, it would have to be their Thai yellow curry sauce. So yummy, especially mixed with your stir-fry.

Their smoked gouda is also excellent.

So what's yours? And if its an ingredient in your favorite dish, what is the dish??

I'm a TJ's junkie and love to try new things. =)

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