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BARBICAT Posts: 279
1/10/11 8:18 P

southwest salad from jack in the box w/o the corn thingies or chicken.

FEATHERDUST SparkPoints: (13,342)
Fitness Minutes: (18,884)
Posts: 80
1/10/11 8:12 P

Peanut butter and apple slices. :)

JODIWHITE19 Posts: 881
1/10/11 7:39 P

sugar snap peas

DISPATCHERGURL SparkPoints: (111)
Fitness Minutes: (1,386)
Posts: 131
1/10/11 6:41 P

peanut butter on rice cakes with drizzle of chocolate sauce or peanut butter on a spoon

Oranges or grapefruit

popcorn in small doses

BOHANK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (562)
Posts: 4
1/10/11 5:56 P

I love the idea of the kettle corn. Not sure what the nutrition info is but it'd be something different to try and probably not as bad as my shake I want to eat every night after my kids are in bed. Thanks for the idea all.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
1/10/11 12:45 P


EXTENDEDTROT SparkPoints: (13,689)
Fitness Minutes: (3,999)
Posts: 1,589
1/10/11 11:24 A

I approach 'pig out' a little differently, from a different angle. The phrases 'pig out' and 'comfort food' do not exist in my vocabulary.

If I'm hungry, I eat a healthy snack...just enough to not be hungry because I usually have a meal coming up. Also, food is for nutrition, not comfort. It's wonderfully liberating to be free of eating for any other purpose than nutrition and hunger.

Comforting myself with food and piggy out is what got me where I am. It won't get me where I want to be!

1/10/11 11:21 A

my new favorite snack is mashing a bit of banana with a bit of pb and raisins.

1/10/11 10:45 A

oranges is my go to food for something sweet.

otherwise, WW ice cream cups are amazing! 6 oz cups for only 140 calories!

TAH_DAH Posts: 247
1/10/11 10:10 A

The apple crisps are great when I want something a bit crunchy, and when I'm looking for something cold, I love WW Fudge bars... mmmmmmm!!!

1/10/11 10:07 A

I'm going to agree with the rest and say popcorn, mmmm. For my sweet tooth I head to the yogurt, my favorite are the yoplait light thick and creamy, specifically blueberry pie flavored... Oh my goodness, pure heaven.

JENNA617 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (749)
Posts: 34
1/10/11 9:39 A

I also eat the Orville Kettle corn (94% fat free). It's so good! My new favorite thing to snack on is veggies and hummus and beef or pork jerky. The calories and fat aren't bad, you just have to watch the sodium.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
1/10/11 8:46 A

When I pig out is it never on healthy food, unfortunately. Which is why I still haven't reached my goal. It's an ongoing process but I will get there one day.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
1/10/11 8:44 A

wheat thins or triscuit thins

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
1/10/11 7:44 A

I wouldn't call it "healthy" but my non-harmful mindless munchy food of choice is Orville Redenbacher 94% fat-free kettle corn - a bit sweet, a bit salty, but not too much of either.

And, while I can't eat it in unlimited quantities, I love Wallaby Organic Low Fat and Non-Fat Yogurts. They're very creamy in texture and to me, are as good as ice cream. They have bioactive cultures (a +) and no artificial sweeteners (also a +), but they do have natural sweeteners added (a bit of a -), so I do watch my intake. However, as an alternative to a high fat/high calorie dessert, or as a late afternoon snack at the office, they're fabulous.

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
1/10/11 5:46 A

A big salad, with balsamic vinegar!

FOREVER1109 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,004)
Posts: 101
1/10/11 5:17 A

i usualy have apple crisps, only 79kcals in a 200gram bag

1/10/11 2:12 A

grilled pbj with bananas mmm its like eatin a donut lol

KAYKOKIO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 7
1/9/11 11:03 P

orville light butter popcorn with butter spray. a whole bag is only 120 calories!

SUEMANN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (735)
Posts: 1
1/9/11 10:58 P

What do you eat when you feel like you want to pig out on something but still want to stay on a healthy eating plan?

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