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6/30/13 2:40 A

Hopefully you are fully aware of the issue w/ heatstroke...

For me, anything in the 90's & up is "killer". When I was training to walk a marathon, it was a summer of triple digits (unusual @ here). I had to get out the door really early AM for my long walks to be done before it got too hot.

And has been said here, humidity is a factor in temp. I would also think that if one were fairly overweight, that is going to be an issue as well. The body is not going to be able to keep itself cool enough.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,241
6/29/13 5:41 P

Personally, I prefer running in cooler temps. My ideal range is 20 F to maybe 75 or 80 F and the humidity definitely is something I consider here in Minnesota. But I really think it's what you personally can handle. I know a few runners who only like to run when it's HOT out.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,337
6/29/13 1:42 P

It depends on what you are used to. When I lived in AZ and walked daily, year round, I could walk 2-3 miles at midday, with temps well into three digits. When I lived in WI, and walked year-round, I could exercise in -7. But now, when I don't live in a place with extremes, I sure wouldn't START my outdoor exercise under either of those conditions.

If you were doing your routine before the heat came, and thus worked into it gradually, you are probably ok, as long as you are sensible about hydration, sunscreen, and checking yourself for heat stroke.. If you are new to the routine (or if the heat came on very suddenly), you might want to ease back, go earlier, or find an alternative.

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6/29/13 11:46 A

If it's sunny and high humidity, 80 degrees makes for a rough run for me. I'm a northern girl and still getting used to the summer being upon us, so I've cut back my mileage to 3-5 miles each run instead of the 5-8 that I had been doing. Just be smart and be careful.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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6/29/13 11:23 A

For me I just can't do with the humidity. If the air is too heavy then it messes with my breathing, so I just move my run to later in the day or go inside!

TCANNO SparkPoints: (367,881)
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6/28/13 6:08 A

I hate anything over 72F

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,549
6/28/13 5:12 A

Here in Sin City if its over 103 degrees out I can't do my outdoor walking because its just too much even if I have my water with me. Thank goodness I have my treadmill & elliptical indoors so I can do my exercise that way. Plus on my laptop I can do Spark People or YouTube videos so I don't have to worry about the outdoor temperature. Until next week when the temperature goes back down I'll be exercising indoors because exercising in 116 degrees is just asking for trouble for me.

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (393,699)
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6/27/13 4:47 A


NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/27/13 4:13 A

I'm not a runner but where I live (Greece) it's hovering around 100 and will be all summer. I actually had to leave the gym early the other day because I overheated (we don't have AC in the gym). You have to listen to your body. Water isn't going to prevent overheating if it's hot enough. If you start to feel sick, you have to stop and cool down immediately. But I don't think there's an official cut-off, it depends on what you're used to.

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,120)
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6/26/13 11:53 P

I once ran when it was 105. I felt like a piece of bacon on a fry pan. I no longer exercise outside if it is over 85.

AMANDAREB SparkPoints: (4,069)
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6/26/13 10:19 P

Wow- that's pretty hot. I guess it all depends on how well you're acclimated to the heat and humidity and listening to your body. For me, it's about mid-80s and humid. Anything over that, I take it to the treadmill for my runs. But I see plenty of runners out there on days I wouldn't dare.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
6/26/13 9:29 P

Above 110F is too hot for me.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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6/26/13 8:30 P

I couldn't run outside in that. My upper limit is probably somewhere in the mid 80s, but I'm a northern girl, so I'm not acclimated to temps like that. (And that's why I run early in the morning!)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,459
6/26/13 8:26 P

A regular runner who is acclimatized to that kind of temperature can probably manage it, but I would NOT recommend it for a rookie runner. Humidity also makes a big difference to what is tolerable.

But things can often be much more comfortable even in those temperatures if you can get out of the direct sun - running in the early morning or early evening, on the shady side of the road can make a big difference.

Running in short loops from your home allows you to stash some water and hydrate regularly without having to carry it, and also to cut short your run if things get too much. Also, splash some water over yourself when you can - this gives you the cooling effect of sweating, without the loss of body salts.


JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,837
6/26/13 4:39 P

That's too warm for me, but as a Floridian, I've always been around people who work outside and do plenty of physical activity in 90+ weather. As long as you hydrate, wear sunscreen and don't push yourself too hard or too long, you should be okay. Also, educate yourself for the signs of heat sickness, and avoid the peak sun/heat hours, if you can.

6/26/13 4:17 P

For me, that would be too hot, but I really think it's personal preference. I loathe warm weather. It is a dream of mine to move to the Pacific Northwest. I currently live in GA, ugh. Hot and humid this time of year.

MAIM138 Posts: 961
6/26/13 4:00 P

That is really hot.

But I'd say it's up to you. I hate the sun/heat/humidity, (I'm a former Texan who moved to the Midwest to avoid that stuff) and I don't like to run outside if it's above 75-80 degrees.

6/26/13 3:52 P

What temperature do you think is too hot for running outside?
I have been doing it in 100 - 105 southern Texas heat. Hubby thinks it is ok...he knows I hydrate like mad and to not push it...however my mother keeps griping at me about it.

So just curious what you would considered is too hot for you?

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