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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
9/12/09 3:44 A

My waist is currently 28inches, but I'm aiming for 24 inches.

9/11/09 11:52 P

Question, actually.
Where do you measure your waist at? Is it at the part of the torso that goes in the most, at right above the bellybutton, or at the belly button? It kinda makes like a one inch difference on me...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,582
9/9/09 8:44 P

There are these commercials that play in my region about women and heart disease.

They say that a woman who has a 35 inch waist or smaller, lowers her risk of heart disease, significantly. (Mine is 34 and I am 138 lbs, currently)

Regardless of her height.

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BHTX1962 Posts: 645
9/9/09 8:32 P

Your waist line can be an indicator of future health problems. Extra fat around the waist line leads to possible heart disease,high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. A man should measure no more than 40" and a women should measure no more than 35". I learned this information from the hospital class I took after my dad had a mild heart attack. My motto has always been about being healthy and not how I look.

JUSTKLH Posts: 1,489
9/9/09 6:48 P

I don't believe in universal ideals. I think they just marginalize and set up unrealistic goals for most people, but especially when they are in regards to women's bodies. So I am speaking for myself when I say that I think that I would be happy with whatever waist size I get to when I lose the weight to put me into the "healthy" BMI range. I think I would like to see 36-28-38; I am 36-33-43 right now. I don't know if it will work that way though...

MEL4ME Posts: 155
9/9/09 6:38 P

I don't believe there is a perfect waist size for a woman. Whatever size a woman (or man) feels comfortable being, then that is the perfect size for them.

SHAYNEM21 Posts: 35
9/9/09 6:07 P

what ever the lady is happy with as long as she is healthy and has that perfect smile :-)

9/9/09 6:02 P

I'm 32 inches currently, which puts me barely under 35. I'd liiike to be 28 inches and fit under the 10 inches less than bust category(unless that's 10 inches less than chest without boobs, in which case I'm not dreaming of 24 inch waist, no freaking way).

I'd definitely hope it depends on height, because I pinch my waist area and there is NOT 8 inches extra left @.@

JEN_IN_CA Posts: 1,179
9/9/09 4:54 P

24 inches, which is ideally 10-12 inches smaller than bust & hips (which are ideally equal)

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
9/9/09 4:13 P

There is no 'perfect waist size for a woman'...way too many factors to consider!

VIBAUSTIN SparkPoints: (13,751)
Fitness Minutes: (15,768)
Posts: 289
9/9/09 3:43 P

Whatever size it is when she is healthy. Less than her bust and hips. Right now I would rather lose inches in the hips than the waist. But, I will just keep working at it.
I think it really depends on a lot of different factors, height, bone structure, weight ect.

APRILF46 Posts: 284
9/9/09 3:38 P

My mother always told me that the "perfect" figure is one in which the waistline is 10 inches smaller than the bust & hips. Like a measurement of 36-26-36. I was at my most comfortable size when I measured 36-28-34; hence my username. So, 28 is the perfect size to me.

FYI Vivian Leigh, who played the role of Scarlett O'Hara, had an 18 inch waist.

GRACEISENUF Posts: 12,805
9/9/09 3:31 P

It depends on who you ask! emoticon

SWISSMISS8 Posts: 1,188
9/9/09 3:30 P

27 inches

THE_JENCH Posts: 425
9/9/09 3:21 P

someone wrote 10inches less than your bust? wow... did they mean with boobs and all or just the rib cage? In that case my waist 'should' be at 21inches?
my goal is to be at a comfortable 26inches... right now it's around 28 and that's alright.

HEATHER3404 Posts: 285
9/9/09 3:08 P

I was more curious to see what everyone else thought. I guess I would have to say it all depends on her height. For me... I don't even know what my waist size was when I was thinner, but anything less than I am now will be great!

CHERN009 SparkPoints: (91,235)
Fitness Minutes: (88,822)
Posts: 6,671
9/9/09 3:06 P

Whatever size her waist is when she is in a healthy weight bracket for her height.

SPUNKYDUCKY Posts: 3,848
9/9/09 3:03 P

I think one of the goals is also to have a low waist-hip ratio.

COASTIEGAL76 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,460)
Posts: 987
9/9/09 2:58 P

Well I think it definitely depends on her body type, how tall she is, etc. Plus whatever makes her happy would be perfect too!

9/9/09 2:39 P

Whatever her healthy body says it should be. Eat right, stay active, have some fun, and it will declare itself.

(I manage to beleive that most of the time ... then pick up some magazine with ... someones - who's? ... fantasies about what Earthwomen should look like ...)

SACTOKAREN Posts: 27,304
9/9/09 1:42 P

10 inches less than bust measurement

MRS.MELINDA Posts: 1,083
9/9/09 1:02 P

The guidelines for good health say that we need to keep our waist size under 35 inches. That being said, I don't think there is a perfect size waist. What works for me, for my figure specifics, wouldn't necessarily work for another woman.

My waist right now is 31. My waist measurement is "high" compared to "ideal" for the rest of my measurements. It's under 35 though, so I feel good about that.

9/9/09 12:58 P

I'm small and petite, in high school it was 25, which I thought was great. Now at 48, 30 doesn't sound too bad. After all I've had 3 boys.I'm almost at my correct BMI.


9/9/09 12:43 P

There is no perfect waist size for a woman.

There I said it.

The perfect waist size for you depends on your height, your build, your proportions, and what you think is aesthetically pleasing.

In the 50s women all wore girdles to get tiny little waists that would look funny to us now.

It isn't about how big your waist is, it's about how healthy you are.

...ahem, excuse the outburst, I will get off my soap box now.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
9/9/09 12:38 P


SBURDEN Posts: 11,387
9/9/09 9:44 A

I think it depends alot upon stature.

BOOMERGIRL5 Posts: 4,472
9/9/09 8:40 A

mine is 32 and i am happy about that my daughter in law is 19 but a strong breeze coud blow her away

LIBRARYLADY87 Posts: 410
9/9/09 8:39 A


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