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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
3/25/13 1:23 P

canola oil. Coconut oil adds great texture but is not good for cholesterol.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/14/13 1:36 P

I only use grapeseed oil or coconut oil to heat in. I use nut oils such as walnut oil and then Olive Oil to dress salads in.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
3/12/13 11:15 P

I like smart balance. Its a blend of canola, soy and olive oils. I do have olive for stove top cooking or other purposes. It used to be canola and olive, now the smart balance covers most for baking, cooking and what olive oil wont work the best with.

WANDAJ Posts: 172
3/12/13 11:02 P

Some brands do taste a little like coconut but most do not.

WANDAJ Posts: 172
3/12/13 11:01 P

Some brands do taste a little like coconut but most do not.

SUNSHINE20001 Posts: 638
3/12/13 8:56 P

Stupid question but does coconut oil taste like coconut? It's funny, I absolutely despise olives but love olive oil, I'm wondering since I also really hate coconut how the coconut oil would taste...

WATCHINGW8 SparkPoints: (3,413)
Fitness Minutes: (2,849)
Posts: 73
2/11/13 9:15 P

Wow. I never even knew they had coconut oil for cooking. I'm going to try it.

BAMEIBOO Posts: 663
2/5/13 11:32 P

I love using coconut oil. I'll saute,fry and top veggies with it. Also love that I can use it on my skin and hair! Toss cut up potatoes ,to oven bake, in coconut oil and they turn out have a slight sweet potato flavor. I find it doesn't alter flavors much and it pairs wonderfully with many things I'm cooking anyhow! My hubby says when he worked at Taco Bell many years ago, when it was real food:-) they fried the shells in coconut oil.

WANDAJ Posts: 172
2/5/13 7:43 P

Canola for cooking and coconut any where I used to use butter. Got the best liver enzyme test reports I have ever gotten -- think it was the coconut oil.

2/1/13 11:37 A

Olive, coconut, sunflower.

GYNN_VT Posts: 26
2/1/13 1:01 A

Avacado oil is the best, but expensive and hard to find :/

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/30/13 4:39 P

i would use coconut oil at high temps or grapeseed oil. I never cook with Olive Oil-- that is for my salads.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
Fitness Minutes: (23,806)
Posts: 1,053
1/28/13 9:41 P

What are your thoughts on sesame or peanut oils for cooking? At high temps, I've heard olive oil breaks down. Generally I use olive oil for grilling and oven stuff, but on stovetop I've been told not to use olive oil. Not a fan of canola and haven't got on board the coconut train, but thinking about picking up sesame and peanut oil for stir frying

JFGWIFE SparkPoints: (22,260)
Fitness Minutes: (9,405)
Posts: 99
1/28/13 2:03 P

Olive oil or coconut oil

1/28/13 11:39 A

There's a guide to cooking oils in the back of "The SparkPeople Cookbook." :)

NJCRONK SparkPoints: (6,067)
Fitness Minutes: (2,755)
Posts: 30
1/27/13 3:39 P

Coconut oil is made of medium-chain fatty acids, or hydrogenized fat. Not good if you are concerned about cholesterol, I'm told. I use olive oil mostly.

MAR_STARR Posts: 1
9/16/12 11:55 A

I use olive oil, coconut oil and butter (in moderation). If you are trying to clean your diet up you may want to pass on the canola oil unless you can get cold pressed from a small company. Most of the commercially available canolas are highly processed (with chemicals to clean/deodorize). There's a YouTube video from the show How It's Made if you want to see the process.

CHURCHSEC1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 19
9/14/12 4:23 P

i like to use olive oil. sometimes i'll use a small amount of it and add a tiny amout of butter to flavor whatever it is i'm making. since that's an added fat, i don't do it often.

i've never used coconut oil. i'm going to look it up. thanks!

WTFSHERRY SparkPoints: (12)
Fitness Minutes: (276)
Posts: 16
9/14/12 3:12 P

I have been using coconut oil since I heard Dr. Oz say we need to add it to our diets. I use it for pan frying, stir-frying and even use it in my dough when I make bread or cinnamon rolls. It makes better pastries and was used in industrial cooking until it got a bad wrap. Google it and check out what Dr. Oz says about it. Your food does not taste like coconut. emoticon

SENNAIRA SparkPoints: (12,690)
Fitness Minutes: (8,106)
Posts: 289
9/14/12 2:34 P

I love using olive oil

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
9/13/12 9:25 P

I use canola as well as my basic cooking oil. It has the most favorable Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio of the less expensive oils, and has a neutral flavor and reasonably high smoke point. It is only slightly lower in monounsaturated fats than olive oil.

Grapeseed oil has a higher smoke point, so I use it when I am searing at a very high temp. However, it does not have a good Omega 3:6 ratio, and does not have the monounsaturated fats that Olive Oil and Canola oil have.

Probably the very BEST cooking oil is Macadamia Nut Oil, but it is pretty expensive. It is 83% MUFA and has a 1:1 Omega 3:6 ratio and a higher smoke point than grapeseed oil.

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JOYOUS777 SparkPoints: (7,832)
Fitness Minutes: (4,557)
Posts: 6
9/13/12 6:31 P

I absolutely love Wildtree Garlic infused Grapeseed Oil. It is about the only thing I use for cooking except for cakes etc. They make plain one also but the Garlic one adds so much more flavor and it is one of the healthist oils- the way Wildtree sells it- not in the closeout stores type- they are garbage.

LIFTWTLOSEWT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 33
9/10/12 12:11 P

I've heard about the cutting of olive oil from friends of mine. A number of my friends are connoisseurs of olive oil as their family have olive trees, back in Greece, pick olives + press them for oil. They don't trust large companies at all + don't believe they stay within even the guide lines you have mentioned for percentage of olive oil per added cheaper oil.

Take a look at the nutrition values of different oils out there, you will see that Canola + Olive oil are the best, very little difference between them. Canola is cheaper than Olive. Canola doesn't carry a flavour with it, Olive oil does, so Olive oil works very well with salads. The heating of any oil while cooking will destroy or lower nutrition values so you might as well use the cheaper Canola oil for cooking, Olive oil for salad type items.

OHIOGRL60 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 30
9/9/12 6:29 P

I use either Canola or olive oil, but I found out many brands are being cut with other less expensive unhealthier oils to cut cost. As long as the product contains a set percentage of canola or olive oil it can still be packaged as such. Again Buyer Beware.

LIFTWTLOSEWT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 33
9/3/12 1:15 A

Canola oil !

Olive oil is very good as well, but some of the flavour is lost (and some of the good properties of this oil is lost) in the heating of it.

So use Canola for cooking.


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SIMPLEVITY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,616)
Posts: 8
9/2/12 2:27 P

Mostly for stir frying/pan frying. Which type of cooking oil has the least saturated fat and/or comes with the most health benefits?


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