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3/31/11 12:32 A

I started everything all at once from seeds. Tomatoes, hot peppers, herbs, eggplant, and scallions. I might do more in a month or two when it warms up.

3/30/11 11:08 P

This is my second year to have a garden. I can't pick one thing! We planted from seed cucumbers, green beans, onion, peas, and okra. We used transplants for some cucumbers, squash, bell pepper, onion, 4 varieties of tomatoes, and jalapeno's. So, I can't choose one as we planted bunches! Already having lots of success, but I'm in South Texas where the weather is warming up nicely already.

Can't wait til everything is ready and I can start saving money at the grocery!!

CHARLOTTE1947 SparkPoints: (44,675)
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3/30/11 10:22 P

When we lived in Illinois, then New York, I could raise any vegetable successfully. In Alabama I have yet to grow a tomato despite 3 years' efforts. Different climate and pests. I think I'm going to look for extension classes on vegetable gardening in the south. In the meantime, it's Farmers' Markets for us!

LYNN1451 SparkPoints: (9,623)
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3/30/11 9:52 P

Our hyacinth have come in beautifully and have a wonderful fragrance that will keep me satisfied until our lilacs grow big enough to start having blossoms (lilacs are my favorite flower). But in our veggie garden, we are planting tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant first. We have a number of perennial herbs as well that are coming back (chives, sage, thyme, we're still waiting on mint). We might try something new this year though....any suggestions for something easy to manage?

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3/30/11 9:50 P

This year I decided that my salad will come from my own back yard. Leaf lettuce,cucumber,tomato,bell peppers even radishes are already in the ground. The green beans, okra, yellow squash will accompany the strawberries and cantalope this year. Now if I could just get the rain to fall all would be well.

MOMMIB Posts: 16
3/30/11 9:13 P

Tomatoes started inside. Green beans too, but since they're growing too fast they'll probably just be for pretty. Peas and strawberry plants started outside. Bulbs in the ground for iris and "naked ladies". :) Soon to go in, tulips, mums, more peas, green beans, sunflowers, and whatever else my daughter & I can get our hands on!!

GIGGLGAL76 Posts: 111
3/30/11 9:06 P

peas, they love the spring weather and I eat them like candy

DEESUZ Posts: 24
3/30/11 9:00 P

Tomatoes (cherry, plum and beefsteak), banana peppers, bell peppers, rocket salad, spinach, and lots of herbs!

PELESJEWEL SparkPoints: (32,471)
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3/30/11 8:32 P

Hubby told me today that he wants to build 2 new raised gardens! I get to have one for all flowers! This year I need to remember to get flowers that have fragrance like Jasmin.

3/30/11 7:48 P

I would love to have one, once I settle into a place I will.

IKIRSTEN SparkPoints: (20,038)
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3/30/11 7:48 P


BADGERFAN22 SparkPoints: (14,569)
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3/30/11 7:46 P

Tomatoes in pots :)

2BHEALTHY46 Posts: 705
3/30/11 7:13 P


HEALTHYBARB1 SparkPoints: (208,156)
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3/30/11 6:39 P

Flowers!!!! Gotta put in my petunia's for the spring and summer color. Smiles Barb

KDYLOSE Posts: 1,641
3/30/11 6:29 P

My cilantro reseeds itself and comes up first thing every year, even though it's not a perennial. Then it's tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

FITMOMMY12 SparkPoints: (15,817)
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3/30/11 5:54 P

Several different types of tomatoes.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/30/11 5:52 P


TRISHA603 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 5:22 P

Well if spring EVER arrives...I start with carrots, beets, onions and the lettuces...tomatoes, peppers and cukes get started indoors so they'll go in when it's good and warm.

DOITNOWM Posts: 26
3/30/11 5:05 P

The first thing in is always peas!! especially snow peas. We always do tomatoes (love grape tomatoes), yellow zucchini (not bumpy like crook neck squash, but taste the same), zucchini, butternut squash, bell peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, tried spinach last year along with lettuce, not very good at it. Planted a strawberry patch last year too--hoping to get some this year!

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AESMITH4 Posts: 17
3/30/11 4:53 P

Tomatoes; especially heirlooms

RYANMANDY88 Posts: 75
3/30/11 4:28 P


VA_HILLARY Posts: 15
3/30/11 4:26 P

This is our first year attempting a garden! It will be a container garden, since we are in an apartment. I started our cucumbers and basil indoors and next week we will plant them outside along with green onions, cilantro, tomatoes (we're getting seedlings), and sunflowers. Cant wait to watch them grow!!

13REBAR SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 4:15 P

I put tomatoes in the upside down hangars & pots on my deck. Will also try lettuces, radish, beets, carrots, & green beans this year. May put herbs as "companions" in the same pots to help eliminate pests. Can't wait to get into the dirt! :)

LINDAMARIEZ1 SparkPoints: (332,779)
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3/30/11 4:14 P

chives & mint

CYBERPOWER SparkPoints: (3,448)
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3/30/11 3:49 P

I'm fairly new to Tn so learning the weather, which is very unpredictable, has been challenging. I will plant my herbs such as oregano, dill, parsley, catnip ( for my cat, Issues), and of course cilantro indoors. In a few weeks will plant tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Not sure how my soil is going to grow but working on it:)

KANSASROSE67 Posts: 1,554
3/30/11 3:14 P

I have my herbs in pots and keep them growing all winter long in a sunny south window. But out in the big garden, I planted Romaine lettuce, spinach, Swiss Chard, radishes, beets, and turnips from seed. They can take a lot of cold and don't like hot weather. Onion sets should go in soon, also.

Once we're out of frost danger (the rule here is, never plant before Mother's Day), then I'll plant cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins, cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, beans, and sweet corn.

Love, love, love eating what we grow!

3/30/11 3:08 P

In the Midwest, it's still too early, but I usually start with radishes, lettuce, onion sets, and peas. I can't wait!!!

TLEVENTER Posts: 2,375
3/30/11 3:05 P

currently have peas, radishes and spinach in the ground. am looking forward to getting everything else going!

BRONWATER Posts: 109
3/30/11 2:55 P

Herbs - lots of them!

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (88,845)
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3/30/11 2:51 P

I go for the cold weather-liking plants like peas, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli. But I can't wait to get my 'maters and my flowers in the ground! I chomp at the bit to do that!!!

3/30/11 2:44 P


RAE115 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 2:37 P

Potatoes, then sweet corn, cucumbers, squash, etc. Right now we have asparagus.

QUILTINGB52 Posts: 9,750
3/30/11 2:35 P

Peas head out there first..they are a cool crop & can't handle the heat of summer.

TINNATEE Posts: 181
3/30/11 2:31 P

I put everything out at the same time, but I won't have a garden without tomatos! Green Beans, Peas, Potatos, Green onions, peppers, squash, eggplant, watermelon and cantelope for now, then I am going to plant my lettuces and spinach. It really doesn't take very much space to have way more food than you can eat. I dont know how to can (but I'm determined to learn this year) so I usually end up giving lots of food away to my coworkers! Nothing tastes better than tomatos right out of the garden.

SUECHRIS50 SparkPoints: (72,085)
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3/30/11 2:14 P

In Texas we put out onions,then potatoes

CELLA9533 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 2:12 P


ANGELADOBSON6 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 2:11 P

Wow you are way ahead of me. The snow and frost are keeping me back on the outside but I have my herbs all coming up in my window box. I have not been able to plant root veggies as I would really have to raise my beds. I want to try the tomato called ugly tomato it is really juicy and just right in acidity for me. I hope you can post a pic of your garden in full bloom. emoticon

ANGELADOBSON6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 66
3/30/11 2:05 P

Rain and snow this week here as well but I am eager so I had Lowes bring in my soil for my raised beds. We have such hard rock and clay soil here you would have to be a lot stronger than I am to till up the ground. Lilac's are my mom's favorite. emoticon

KIMQUILTS55 SparkPoints: (2,161)
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3/30/11 2:00 P

I got my herbs in first...flat leaf parsley, cilantro, basil, oregano, dill, mint and sage. got our tomatoes planted...trying some heirlooms this year, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes and carrots are all planted and up except the carrots...but they may be just starting to sprout...hard to tell. I also put in one of each: eggplant, yellow bell pepper and problano pepper emoticon emoticon emoticon

GIGGLEGURL7 Posts: 101
3/30/11 1:54 P

South Carolina here- I started seeds already for cherry tomatoes, basil and some other herbs. I want to build a raised garden but the weather for the next week or so is rain. emoticon
I would love to plant gladioli in memory of my Mom.
emoticon emoticon

MOM2HANDE Posts: 67
3/30/11 1:42 P

If I were still growing a full outside garden I would put the taters and snap peas in first. I got the itch and put some basil and cilantro seeds in a pot for the kitchen window. I am hoping the rosemary winters over this year; didn't make it last year. Will plant tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe a zuch outside this year. There is nothing in the world like tomatoes from your own garden still warm from the sun. Even better with fresh basil and just a touch of olive oil. YUMMIE!

A_AUSTIN SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 1:32 P

Tomatoes. emoticon

COMEONMA Posts: 3,509
3/30/11 1:22 P

lettuce for me too

3/30/11 1:16 P

Lettuce. Yum!

DGUTOSKY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 1:14 P


7356WILMA Posts: 669
3/30/11 1:02 P

The first thing that we plant outside is potatoes and onions.

LEFTOVERS4LUNCH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 526
3/30/11 12:45 P

I'm doing a vegetable and herb garden for the first time this year as well. Not really sure where to start! My dad is going to make us an above-ground box for the veggies and I'm going to do the herbs in a pot. I think I'm going to go buy starters though - I don't have much of a green thumb and would probably drown my seeds.

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
3/30/11 12:38 P

Im gardening for the first time too! We always had one when I was growing up and I loved it! Every morning we were sent out to weed the rows and we would help out doing whatever else we could. But this will be my first garden since moving out years ago. I am so excited!
I live in southern idaho so here soon I will be building my own raised beds and starting to plant. A lot of the seeds I am starting inside, others I am getting already grown just a tiny bit.
Right now I am starting sunflowers inside :)

3/30/11 11:41 A

I'm gardening for the first time this year :)

I can't grow things inside or the cat will eat nearly everything's going in the ground in maybe two or three weeks, once the last frost is DEFINITELY gone. I live in Minnesota, so that means a short growing season.

I'm also using a community garden, so I don't get the lovely effect of perennials...someday I'll have a garden of my own!

ANGELADOBSON6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 66
3/30/11 9:15 A

emoticon Every year I plant my herbs first I start them in my window box and move them out side after danger of frost is over. My favorite herb is parsley for the window box. It is like instant gratification! My other herbs like sage, mint, thyme and rosemary stay outside and pop their heads up before the snow is gone. I love those little herb plants.

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