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To be flippant, the best exercise for weight loss is to place your hands on the edge of the table with the elbows bent, straighten the arms and execute the recovery portion of a half squat and walk away from the pounds.

On a less frivolous note, the components for a fat loss programme are in ranked order, nutrition (diet), strength training and then cardio. Many people prefer cardio over strength training finding it "easier" since it is rather mindless and mechanical, strength training is more difficult in that it requires effort and full concentration. They also prefer cardio since they can assign a number, that of a guesstimate of calories burned to the workout which is not recordable for strength training. Cardio has a place but strength training doing full body and compound movement exercises is a better fat burner.

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Like others have said, start with something that you will do...consistently. Some have mentioned that you can't out exercise your diet. Although, I do agree, I have to say that I didn't change my diet much when I first decided that I wanted to lose weight. Sure, I changed a few things but I started small. Giving up Mtn. Dew, switching from 2% milk to 1% milk, and switching from white bread to wheat bread. I'm still working on the food aspect, making sure that I get plenty of protein and fiber.

I personally enjoy cardio way more than strength training. I enjoy it, especially in the morning. I don't drink coffee so the cardio seems to wake me up and gets me energized for the day. I like sweating and I do feel like I get a full body workout when I'm doing the cardio. I'm actually in the process of looking into getting a bike and then eventually get a rowing machine (concept 2). I do strength training 2 to 3x/week, although it's not my favorite thing to do.

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I don't think there's ONE exercise that is the best to loose weight. Walking is definitely something to start with, but more intense cardio like jogging, swimming, riding the bike or using the elliptical are really important too, Personally I love the elliptical, because it is so soft to my joints.
Strength training doesn't really help you too loose weight at first, because you'll built new muscles. But at the end you burn more calories if you have more muscles, even if you don't do anything. I can't really explain how that works, but just look for articles about that on SP. :)

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3/20/13 6:32 A


Walking is great exercise - it is simple, requires no special equipment or training, and is moderate in intensity.

But to say it is always "THE BEST" form of exercise is short-sighted.

Because it is moderate in intensity, walking can take a long time to burn a significant amount of calories. A more intense form of exercise may be more time-efficient.

And even the moderate intensity of walking might be too much impact for those with joint issues, and they may be better off with swimming, or stationary cycling.

And even if walking works for you, you will get more benefits if you include strength training in your program as well.

I don't meant to diss walking (personally I love it). Just that it may not be the ONLY form of exercise people should consider.


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3/20/13 6:13 A

yes walking
I walk 30 + miles a week and it worked for me

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3/20/13 1:22 A

Walking is hands down the best exercise for weight loss. It puts almost zero stress and pain on the body. Im on track to lose at least 20 lbs this month

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Personally i don't exercise to lose weight. i exercise to maximize my oxygen. I do surge training. (12-15 minutes daily at my maximum.)

Have I lost inches-- lots of them. Have I lost weight exercising this way-- probably but nothing that I really pay attention too.

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3/19/13 9:59 A


I disagree - any good exercise program includes BOTH strength training and cardio. Each form of exercise has different benefits, and a program that includes both is going to be more effective than a program that relies entirely on one or the other.

Without ST, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle, rather than fat. As muscle burns calories even at rest, this can hurt your longer term weight loss efforts. Including even a moderate ST program can help preserve your existing muscle mass, and ensure that more of your weight loss comes from fat alone.


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3/19/13 7:41 A


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Some great advice already.

Burning too many calories is in fact not advisable. The key to permanent fat loss is to keep a caloric deficit sustainable over a long period of time. Obviously such sustainable deficit can't be too large, otherwise it would be unsustainable.

Start slow. Don't make life miserable for you. There is no rush, give yourself plenty of time. You must push yourself, but not too much. You must feel that you worked out pretty hard, but you should not feel exhausted or miserable at the end of the exercise. In other words, try to find some exercise that you can do over and over again, as others have already noted, and do it without draining yourself physically and emotionally.

A more important component of fat loss or healthy living in general is your diet. If one must come first among diet and exercise, it is your diet. You can't out-exercise a crappy diet.

Hope this helps.

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3/19/13 6:29 A

Tac do I recognize you from the *other* site?

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3/18/13 7:54 P

I found I liked walking.....lost 60 lbs. by walking and changing my poor eating habits. I eat whole grains lean meats fruits and veggies. I am a HUGH weight lifting person as I do know that is good for me too. You can't out train a bad diet so getting your diet right is so important. Chaning your thinking process is a must. It is not a diet..........but a life style change to better health.

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3/18/13 5:53 P

I agree with the previous posters that it is important to find something you like but I also feel it is important to try new things and to switch it up a bit so you don't get bored with one thing and lose interest!

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3/18/13 2:55 P

Agree w/ previous posters. As far as other enjoyable activities - I like any Leslie Sansone DVDs, Beachbody's Rockin Body and Turbo Jam are also really fun. I don't enjoy running either and I really enjoy these videos.

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3/17/13 11:12 P

The best calorie burning exercise is the one that you KEEP doing. And from this perspective, I totally agree with Coach Nancy - pick a form of exercise you actually enjoy, as this makes it more likely that you will stick with it in the longer term.

Any good exercise program includes BOTH strength training AND cardio, rather than relying solely on one or the other.

Also, burning fat is an all-body process, and you can't target where you lose fat from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. It doesn't really matter WHAT exercise you do, just that you do it.


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3/17/13 10:34 P

I agree with the other posts, it is important to have a good diet and a workout that you can stick with. I really did not enjoy exercising either but I have learned to like it but not everyone does. Kettlebells are a great workout for me. It gets my heart rate up and it is also strength training. Good luck finding something that works for you and something that you enjoy!

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3/17/13 10:01 P

There are several things you'll read often on these boards:
1) weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can't out-exercise a bad diet, so you're number 1 focus should be on making healthy food choices
2) you can't spot reduce your trouble areas. Where we lose weight is genetic, so it comes off where it comes off. Just stick to your plan and keep going.

That being said, the best exercise for weight loss is one that you will continue doing. If you hate running, it's not the best exercise for you even if it does burn more calories than, say, walking. If you can find a workout that you enjoy, plus has a high calorie burn, that's great. Ideally you'll want to add variety to your workouts. And you'll definitely want to include strength training into your routine.

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The best exercise is the one that doesn't necessarily burn the most calories, but the one you enjoy doing. This may take some trial and error on your part, however, studies show when people find a passion they are more likely to continue participating in that activity well beyond their weight loss.

Know too that you cannot spot reduce--in other words selectively working out a particular area to shrink the fat cells, therefore following a healthy diet along with some cardio and strength training exercise should get you moving in the right direction.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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3/17/13 9:54 P

I am planning to start my new weight-loss goals & workouts tomorrow. I am not someone who enjoys running but was wondering, what are some exercises that contribute to the most weight-loss?

I do not have access to a gym but I do have a recumbent bike, punching bag, jump rope, light weights, Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred, and Zumba DVD's. What would you all advise is best? Also, what are some other things you enjoy doing?

I have the most trouble with weight in my thighs and hips. I hope to lose 50 pounds so any advice offered would be great, thank you!!

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