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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
10/31/12 10:02 A

Try only eating things that are premeasured for you (and beverages that are premeasured). That clears up a lot of measuring errors. If you are scrupulous about logging your food and making sure that what goes in your log is that exact measurement (which is why premeasured foods are the key), then you'll see if you really can't lose weight at X number of calories.

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10/31/12 9:51 A

Even your 1300 cals/day seems quite low for your height/weight, and that would be if you didn't get any exercise at all. If you've dropped it even lower, I would guess you are having problems with a slowed metabolism more than cal/fat/carb ratio.

The system works...if you eat good foods in the ranges that the nutrition calculator gives you based on your goal, the lbs will come off.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
10/31/12 8:38 A

i eat about 1800 cals, at least 50% carb, 10-15% protein, and around 20-30% fat.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/31/12 8:34 A

Why won't 1300 calories work? Have you tried, faithfully logging? 1100 is probably not enough calories for you to live on at 5'8", 182, so your body is going to rebel and hold onto whatever it can. I would venture a guess that unless you're completely sedentary, as in not moving at all, that 1300 may even be too low for you. At 5'4". 120 pounds, my BMR with no activity modifier is around 1250, if I'm remembering from the last time I calculated it correctly. So I would hazard a guess that yours may be right around 1300. Set up your fitness tracker and your SP goals and let SP generate a range for you. Follow that range for 4-6 weeks, ignoring the scale, going by how you feel and see what happens.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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10/31/12 8:06 A

Are you sure you're keeping track of all your calories? Usually, the reason people gain weight from quitting smoking is because they substitute the cigarette with more food.
Are you eating healthy, clean and balanced? It's difficult to pinpoint the issue without a shared nutrition tracker.
Are you exercising? If so, are you eating ***enough to compensate for more calories burned?
Have you lost any weight eating at 1300 cals and how much time have you given it? Sometimes people don't see results on the scale for the first month.

There could be a number of possibilities contributing to not seeing results but undereating isn't the answer. It can inhibit weight loss just as much as overeating and is infamously linked to weight loss stand offs or plateaus. It can cause your metabolism to slow down as your body enters starvation mode and basically all you're doing is lowering the bar on how much you'll be able to eat without gaining.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,775
10/31/12 7:55 A

My suggestion would be to eat in the calorie and nutrient ranges SP suggests. How long have you been following the program? Have you lost any weight during that time? Are you exercising?

Coach Jen

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10/31/12 7:53 A

Since I quit smoking and turning 40 last year I have gained back the 20 lbs that I have lost. Normally I could take it off with 1300 calories and average 60 carb and 20-30 fat.. Now that wont work, so at 5,8 182lbs I have lowered it to max 1100 calories try to stay under 50 carb and 25 fat.. any thoughts.. Getting sick of even trying and smoking seems like a better option that being fat.. I have also gained ALOT of belly fat which I never had before.. HELP!

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