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12/8/13 10:40 P

Thank you for all the responses! I have still been losing inches and I know that that's a good thing when the scale doesn't move. I need to work on my patience a little more lol I just get so frustrated when the last ten pounds are taking the longest to come off.

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12/7/13 7:33 A

I did calorie cycling. I can't say for certain that it worked... but starting it did coincide with fast weight loss (considering I was already in my healthy BMI) of 1-2 lbs per week. It's possible my activity just increased. I ate an average of 1450 cals and cycled around that number, I think my lowest day was 1200 cals and my highest was 1650 cals and occasionally, I'd swing up to 1800-2000 cals. Keep in mind I'm on the petite side at 5'2, that's why my calorie range may be a bit lower than yours.

I found any time my weight got stuck for 2 weeks. I'd throw in some calorie cycling and the scale would move rapidly and catch up. Of course correlation doesn't equal causation, so who knows. Anyways, there's no harm in trying. If nothing else, it will just throw some variation in your diet that can help with the mundane. I still do it to an extent, I have a couple days a week where I eat really clean and therefore, lower calories and I have a few days a week where I relax a bit and allow a few treats or extras in.

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12/6/13 10:34 P

You lost 4 lbs last month, and 1 the month before, so 5 lbs in 2 months. So if you have 15 to lose, that is 6 months away. I would be patient. You haven't stalled.

I'm guessing you don't want that slow of a loss though, so I will just address calorie cycling. Obviously it is days of lower, and higher calorie intake. The theory is that it may speed up your metabolism. I am not sure if this works, but if you are set on it, just give it a fair shot.

Another thing I want to ponder, is the idea of cutting calories as you get lower. I am closing in on my goal weight, and have actually had to increase calories to slow down my weight loss. One loses weight by creating a calorie deficit. True, we will have a lower calorie need as we lose weight , but this is a small amount, not hundreds of calories. At 150, you burn almost as much as at 180, especially if the lighter weight makes you more active ( around the house, not at gym ). So instead of 1600 calories, you might need to cut down to 1550 for example.The last month however you have been losing a lb. a week, or a 500 calorie daily deficit. When you get to your goal weight, in theory, you will increase your diet by 500 calories, so that you do not continue losing a lb a week. So your calories on maintenance should be higher, not lower. As you approach goal weight, shouldn't we be shrinking that deficit, in anticipation of eating a higher caloric amount to maintain?

I am just wondering if speeding along to goal is the best method. The stop, especially if you need to add 500 + calories to do so, could be complicated.

Hope the calorie cycling works as intended, and you find personal success with it.

12/6/13 4:14 P

Looks like you are about 10-15 pounds from your goal weight, so your weight loss is going to slow. You are basically losing about 1 pound weekly---really nothing is wrong.
I imagine you are still losing inches monthly as well.

Are you doing any resistance exercise? If anything you may get more benefit by "changing up" your work; rather than messing with your calorie intake.

Hope this helps
Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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12/6/13 2:31 P

Yeah I am definetly getting in plenty of water. On average about 12 to 15 classes a day. I know for the most part I'm doing everything I can, it's just not coming off as quickly as I would like anymore. I might just need to accept the fact that it's just going to be slow from now on.

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12/6/13 2:18 P

How about water? More of it, I mean. After that, I'm out of suggestions. You're living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss does tend to slow down on any diet (any diet!) at some point. Shaking things up is a challenge. But changing diets midstream, for me, has always been a bad idea.

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12/6/13 2:16 P

I do calorie cycling, and it's been working for me.

I will eat really low calorie for 3-4 days, then bump it up pretty high. The low days are usually less than 1200 calories - the bump day is close to 2,000. Now, the caveat for me is that I did this by accident and found it worked; I never looked this up - so I don't know if there is some sort of "scientific" way I ought to be doing this.

Anyway, in general I am eating in a week the same amount of calories, just changing how I disperse it.

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12/6/13 2:16 P

Yes I've been adjusting. I eat on average 1500 to 1700 calories a day now. Because I work out about 6 days a week and burn on average about 600 calories a day. I had gotten advice on here that I needed to increase my calories. So I've done that. Now I just want to try and find another way to jump start my weight loss.

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12/6/13 2:02 P

Have you been adjusting your calorie intake downward? One thing I learned from Weight Watchers is that as you lose weight, your calorie budget gets lower. Bummer. But true. Such is life.

I don't know about the calorie cycling thing. The idea of eating 'normally' and then cutting calories severely for two days - is that the cycling you're talking about? It's all calories. When you reduce calories severely on a regular basis, and don't eat more on the other days, it's going to lower your average calorie intake, pure and simple. But those days when you eat very little - ouch! This has had some success and popularity, I know.

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12/6/13 1:59 P

I think I understand the general idea behind it, but can someone give me some more details on what calorie cycling is? Does it work for you? The good the bad of it? I'm 45 pounds down and the weight is just coming off so much slower now. Last month only 4 pounds and the month before only 1 pound. I think I need to change things up and I'm hoping this might be something to try?

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