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5/20/13 3:54 P

Define too expensive.
You can get an Omron for about $30
You can get a FitBit Zip for $60

They both use multi-axis accelerometers so they are very accurate and don't make a clicking noise and they will work on a treadmill. The FitBit links you to a free website that provides you with all the data and goals for your fitness tracking needs.

Too much money?
There are any number of spring operated basic pedometers available for $5 to $25. Yup, these are the ones that make the clicking noises and are much less accurate. They will also work on a treadmill.

Still too much?
Check the app store. There are tons of free apps for tracking distance and speed (and will probably also count calories too) The downside: they won't work on a treadmill because they are GPS trackers and treadmills stay in one place. Also, you have to start the app and have the phone on you to track, so they are better for tracking a specific run or walk as opposed to all day step tracking.

My choice: I had a spring pedometer that would fall off my waistband all the time and had to be positioned "just right" to track my steps. I was looking at an Omron when I heard about the FitBit. I got the Zip. My favorite thing about it? I can clip it to my bra, under my clothes (I have never had it fall off) and it tracks pretty darn accurately.

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5/19/13 7:50 P

fitbit I love mine.

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5/19/13 4:47 P

I found the Omron pretty good too, but I have upgraded to Fitbit now and it is amazing.

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5/19/13 3:00 P

OMRON makes a variety of different pedometers that are good quality. You might check out this one to see if it suits your budget.

If the OMRON is too much, you might swing by Walmart and Target to see what they have in stock. The problem with cheap pedometers is that they're just that, cheaply made. Consider spending a little more for a better quality pedometer that will last.

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
5/19/13 1:30 P

I can't seem to find a good pedometer. On a budget so I can't by a real expensive device. I have bought various pedometer that don't work well. Help!

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