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GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,804
7/5/11 10:03 A

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for your reply!! I thought that that was the case. So, when my doctor told me otherwise, I was confused! I called the doctor's office back to have somebody notate in my records that I'm physically active and am a runner and to consider this when interpreting future EKG stats and results. emoticon emoticon

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
7/5/11 9:31 A

Does your doctor know you are a runner?

A resting heart rate of 60-70 is good or normal for a non-athletic person, but many physically fit, active people have heart rates in the 50s and even 40s, and that is considered normal and healthy for them.

I'm a runner as well, and my resting heart rate is 53.

ETA I found this:
"The most common and best reason to have a slow heart rate is to be physically fit. If you exercise more, your heart can supply your body when it is at rest with fewer beats per minute. High-performance athletes often have heart rates in the 40s. There is essentially no heart rate that is too slow—as long as your body is getting all the blood it needs."

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GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,804
7/5/11 9:24 A

I just got back from the doctor's today for a complete physical. My blood pressure is 100/60 and my pulse is 60. The doctor said this was GREAT! The EKG was normal...except the doctor expressed concern that my resting heart rate was 52. He said that was LOW! The normal is supposed to be between 60 to 90. He wanted to wear a heart rate monitor for a day to see if it increases during the day. In the last EKG, my resting heart rate was 59.

I'm a 57 year-old female, 5 feet even, 126 pounds and ST and run regularly. I thought that the resting heart rates of athletes were lower because they work out. I also thought that "lower" was "good". Now, I'm confused. What is the normal resting heart rate or a good resting heart rate for those who work out?

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