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11/11/09 4:12 P

Interesting question, I put down the lowest form of outdoor cycling, under 10mph, because technically I am doing 6 miles a day. However, I have a one speed on uneven terrain with loaded basket and backpack. I wear a heart rate monitor and never dip below 140 and have a couple times hit max. The weight is melting off me, so I think putting down 'under 10mph' is a little misleading. My hilly terrain and starting and stopping for traffic lights makes it much, much more like a HIIT. However, I go with the more conservative estimate that SP provides to keep my expectations realistic. For you outdoor cyclists, hope this helps. My thighs and legs are already transformed and nearly cellulite free at a size 14, I am back IN my 14's and dropping fast. It is invigorating and great. SP estimates 298 calories or some such; I think it must be more with the uneven terrain; however, who cares? I'm not losing this weight in a month.

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11/11/09 3:32 P

Thank you to both of you for your extremely helpful advice. It looks like I'm peddling at a moderate rate. Just wanted to make sure I was correctly figuring calories burned.

Thanks again!

INEXCESS Posts: 1,681
11/11/09 2:04 P

Moderate as listed in my Bauer stationary bike manual is shown as 1 mile in 3 minutes on average. Maintaining 20 m.p.h. on my cycle guage seems to keep me at the 3 minute mile pace.

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11/11/09 1:12 P

A moderate speed would be a speed where you feel comfortable peddling, but still feel a challenge. Example, if you can talk and cycle at the same time, that would be moderate.

If you are peddling so hard and so fast that you can't talk and you're winded (breathless), that would be vigorous.

Rate of perceived exertion. How do you feel during the exercise ? If you feel okay, not winded, you can hold a conversation... moderate. If it's difficult to breathe, you can't talk... vigorous.

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11/11/09 11:02 A

I've been using my stationary bike daily and have been entering the minutes as Moderate Speed. If my bike's distance calculator is correct, I do about 4 miles in 10 minutes.

The Fitness Tracker is not clear on what speed is considered Moderate and what speed/distance is considered Vigorous.

Do any of you Sparkers know?

Thanks for any input!

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