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AMYWALLACE26 Posts: 257
2/27/10 12:47 A

I adore the Les Mills exercise classes. I've been doing Pump twice a week, Step, and Combat (definitely my favourite).

I love Pump because if I were strength training on my own, I would have no sweet clue where to even begin, so I like having an instructor telling me what to do, and I really like working out to the music. I've been doing Pump faithfully since November, and I've really noticed a difference in my legs and my arms.

DESERT_DARCY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/26/10 5:57 P

One of my friends is trying to become certified to teach the Body Combat class. She says it burns 900 calories an hour! I wish I could do the Les Mills classes, but I have really bad knees and can't do the kicks!

PAMMY520 Posts: 300
2/26/10 6:31 A

I love BodyPump by Les Mills...its a great group class where you follow an instructor with mostly a weighted bar bell thru different upper and lower body exercises to music...when i first started i used really light weights and as i got stronger i added more weight as the weeks went by...after a couple of months i was amazed at the definition in my arms and how strong my legs felt...for me it was a great way to get my strength training in because i get bored really easy just doing circuit training at the gym by i met a lot of wonderful people who motivated me weekly to keep going...try'll like it!!! LOL

as in any class you only do what you can do at your own when they do lunges do squats instead or something else until lunges are to the instructor before your class...they'll teach you the correct form or make a suggestion to modify an exercise if you feel pain doing something

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2/25/10 11:39 P

Are there a lot of lunges? I have bad joints and am not good with lunges.

MOMMAPANTZ SparkPoints: (72,594)
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2/25/10 1:25 P

Just got back from Body Pump: love it!

KACIE209 Posts: 163
2/25/10 11:02 A

I used to go to BodyPump all the time a few years back, about twice a week. It's offered at my YMCA. I am thinking about going back soon, but am going to start going to the BodyStep classes next week and see how that is.

I like that it is put to songs, makes each activity fly by. It was a good class, just be aware that you will be sore after the first couple of classes (I couldn't walk for a week!), but after that it gets WAY easier. :)

AMOHAME2 Posts: 1,557
2/25/10 9:44 A

I love Les Mills classes. Each track/song works a different muscle group with specific choreography. If you do these classes regularily you will get to the point where every time you hear a certain song, you want to be doing those exercises!
I'm a regular at RPM (a version of spinning), Body Flow (yoga/pilates/tai-chi) and Body Pump.
I don't know about the US, but in Canada only the GoodLife fitness clubs have the rights to offer these classes.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,705)
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2/25/10 9:34 A

Les Mills (corporation) is famous for several different types of group classes that include BODY PUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT and BODYJAM.

Body Pump is a group exercise class that uses barbells and hand weights for a full body workout. It's a form of circuit weight training.

Try it. It's a lot of fun and a really good workout. All his classes are !

AMBER2581 Posts: 249
2/25/10 9:27 A

We have bodypump class at our club. I really like it. In our club they do the weight training in a circuit format so our heart rate stays elevated while building muscle.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
2/24/10 10:34 P

If you like groups sport it works- some of the ladies look fantastic at my gym. I personally like to train alone..

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (197,006)
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2/24/10 10:18 P

It's a high rep, low weight, full body strength training class done to music.

2/24/10 10:03 P

Anyone heard of this? There are a bunch of classes on it at the gym I just joined.

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