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LEANJEAN6 Posts: 18,867
10/14/13 7:25 A

positive thoughts all the way!

COO_KIE SparkPoints: (64,585)
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10/14/13 7:03 A

Yes, you can just keep starting again. That is what humans do, every single day of our lives. And that is what makes us successful.............starting again, over and over again.

You can do this.

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (101,703)
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Posts: 493
10/14/13 1:08 A

So what if you do fail? You won't be any worse off than you are now.


What if you succeed?!

ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (38,869)
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Posts: 1,724
10/13/13 2:13 A

I wrote a blog entry that might be helpful to you on this topic:

Another thought that comes to mind is to expect to have setbacks. Instead of viewing every setback as proof that you've "failed," take them as opportunities to fine-tune your game.

You only really fail if you quit -- that is, if you stay down when you fall down. As long as you keep pushing forward, no matter how slow going, you're not a failure.

Also it helps to remember that this is a life-long process. You'll be working on your health always. There's no winning, no end -- just better skills.

FEDERMAN27 SparkPoints: (54,463)
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10/12/13 7:44 P

Fall seven times get up eight- Chinese proverb


BERRY4 SparkPoints: (275,386)
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10/12/13 6:00 P

Failing is when I stay down after I fall down.

Nobody has to stay down! You get to choose your path each day. Get up and move or stay down and be miserable. You decide...

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,762)
Fitness Minutes: (41,586)
Posts: 27,289
10/8/13 3:20 A

Success isn't necessarily doing something once and getting it. Success is also when we try, it doesn't work, so we try another angle. In time you will find what works for you!

Sometimes people 'fail' because they think that they have to change everything all at once. This is not advisable. Just change one or two things to start with, and allow your mind/body to get used to them before adding something else to the mix. In time you will get there. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but you WILL get there with perseverance.

I weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker. This has enabled me to stay focused, and also to tweak my intake as and when necessary. As a result it took 16 months to lose the first 50lb, and I happily sat there for a year before deciding to move on down again. I have now been at my goal for nearly 3 years. I HAD been overweight for about 30 years!

Have patience and also have faith .... in yourself!!


MEOWMEEEOW SparkPoints: (49,972)
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Posts: 690
10/7/13 8:08 P

I'm not sure why, but there's something about your message that sounds afraid. Maybe because I struggle a lot with fear. There's a quote from an ancient letter that has helped me a lot.

"Fear is not in the love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear has a punishment."

KWIRKY789 SparkPoints: (7,887)
Fitness Minutes: (17,263)
Posts: 18
10/7/13 2:46 P

Thank you all

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
10/7/13 2:40 P

Don't give up! That is a really important point. Keep moving forward. Put a positive spin on progress, no matter how small. The progress might be as small as getting your 8 cups of water, or 10 minutes of exercise. This is a lifestyle change, and as such, will take time. Be consistent and persistant, but don't try to be perfect. You are only human. And don't be shy about asking for help. You have a whole community of people here to help, and they can relate to what you are going through. You are not alone!

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,663
10/7/13 12:31 P

along with the post below, this is really not an all or nothing. so you mess up, we all do. we overeat or miss a few workouts or fall back into bad habits. what do we do? get back on track asap- start making healthy choices and taking healthy actions. we are all human- not a single of one of us is perfect, sometimes we all slip up, the important thing is to get back to our healthy habits as soon as we can. and it does take time to form them, but it gets much easier to stay 'in the groove' as i say once you stick with your plan and healthy habits! you can do this- and the little slip ups along the way just make our progress even sweeter! check out some of the articles in the motivation section on 'picking yourself back up' :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
10/7/13 9:21 A

You do not fail if you do not quit. This is not "all or nothing". You set yourself a few small goals, and every day you get up and do the best you can to meet them. Something like, drink 8 cups of water, exercise for 10 minutes, and eat 3 servings of vegetables/ fruit. Some days you may not do so well in one area, but you meet your goal in another area. The point is that you give it an honest try. Once you can meet those first small goals, you give yourself a reward (not food!) and set a couple more goals. Maybe increase the exercise a little. Swap out a sugary snack for something that's a more healthy choice. Get 8 hours of sleep. Track everything you eat in the Nutrition Tracker. Whatever YOU feel like is the next small hurdle for you to cross on your journey. Nothing breeds success, like success. Small changes over time add up to making a huge difference in our lives.

KWIRKY789 SparkPoints: (7,887)
Fitness Minutes: (17,263)
Posts: 18
10/7/13 4:40 A

I am not gettkng anywhere, and i keep thinking to myself "what if i try and then i fail?" I just can't keep starting again.

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