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4/6/13 3:36 P

Short term and long term fitness goals.

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4/6/13 2:17 P

Hey Jamie. What keeps me motivated? I'm a visual person, so looking at images of people with physiques that I admire fires me up. It might sound funny but I love watching videos on You Tube of athletes doing training sessions. One of my favorites is Lindsey Vonn - she does some serious training and I can do most of it at my gym with my trainer. But whether it's a guy or a girl, watching athletes kick butt and accomplish great things helps me regain the eye of the tiger, or so to speak, when I feel like throwing in the towel and staying fat. :)

I hope this helps! For the record, I just rejoined my weight watcher program today (my weigh-in was difficult because I re-gained a lot of weight) and I am back on SP after a loooong break. I totally know where you are coming from. It will take an actual decision on your part to CHANGE YOUR attitude. I am very focused and I'm tracking everything I eat, but these are big efforts that will come easier but right now they are work! That's okay - I've decided to DO the work. :) I'd do more exercise but I'm dealing with a broken toe and I cannot do my usual workouts. In the past that would be enough to make me say "ah hell, I'll wait another couple of months until I'm feeling better" and postpone my restart, but you know what? THAT'S BULL! I can re-start my healthy eating and do non-weight-bearing exercises NOW. There is NO time like the present! And if I can rekindle my motivation ANYONE can! :)



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I struggle daily to stay motivated. I have lost the weight before and gained it all back. I know how difficult it is, and this second time around the motivation isn't as strong as that first time. So I would love to know what keeps you all motivated?

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