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ELDO500 Posts: 11
12/5/13 7:33 P


I just checked it again and it seemed to work fine for me. I just typed "chicken" in the "search" field and hit the "search" button on the first page. At the next page, I just hit the "advanced search" button and selected the "low carb" option from the "dietary" pull-down menu. Then I hit "search" again, and voila, it gave me a list of low carb chicken dishes.

Hope this makes sense and works for you!

RHOADAN Posts: 411
12/3/13 11:34 P

I found that option. It finds recipes that meet the advanced search criteria you enter... all of them, not just the items you want, so for example if I want low carb chicken recipes, I can use the browse command to find chicken recipes or the advanced search to find low carb recipes, but not both. It's annoying.

ELDO500 Posts: 11
12/3/13 5:40 P

I've found that the advanced search is still available, although it isn't on the main page. To access it, just type a keyword into the search field on the main page. On the results page, you'll see another search field, and next to this is a button marked "advanced search". If you click it, you will see that all of the advanced search options are still there. Roundabout way of searching, but I'm glad it still works.

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12/3/13 11:59 A can just type the member's name into the regular recipe search box. emoticon

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12/3/13 11:56 A

I don't see a way to search for recipes by member name?

ELDO500 Posts: 11
11/11/13 10:04 P

I agree! Why would they remove functionality from the site? Terrible move! It's useless to me now. Guess I'll head over to as well.

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10/25/13 12:22 P

I am finding the "new" site to be very limited in it's capabilities and I am very disappointed. I've gone back to AllRecipes.

RHOADAN Posts: 411
10/25/13 9:43 A

Since the Sparkrecipes site was revamped, I can no longer do a keyword search and narrow my results using the advanced options like categories or dietary needs.

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