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6/13/14 9:17 A

If you live in the US, get the California ones - they leave a smaller carbon footprint and often win taste tests against Italian Olive Oil.

It is also less likely to be fake. A huge amount of imports contain other oils.

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6/12/14 10:26 A

One thing that happened was that the USDA discovered that a lot of imported olive oils were counterfeit. There's no international legal standard. When that information hit the media, a lot of retailers stopped carrying oils whose origins and purity they couldn't verify. If your store carries fewer brands than it used to, it probably means you shop at a better-than-average store.

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6/12/14 10:08 A

Look on (the grocery section). There are so many various olive oils there! The first that comes up fitting your criteria is Frantoia Barbera.

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6/12/14 10:06 A

I love olive oil.

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My family always used olive oil and almost for everything. My mother told me to always get olive oil with a harvest date on the label, unfiltered, dark brown or green bottle with a good cap to keep air and light away, and finally make sure that it tells you the origin of the olives. Not just packaged in "Italy". These types of olive oil were always readily available but more expensive. Now I cannot find olive oil like this in standard grocery stores. In fact the only olive oil that I can find that fits mom's criteria come from California. Does anyone know what happened in this industry?

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