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KARENCRANER Posts: 3,425
11/14/12 12:39 P

Buying only healthy foods, 8+ glasses of water each day, exercising (at least walking) daily, eating at least one fresh fruit daily, and loading up on veggies!

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ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,755)
Posts: 720
11/14/12 8:36 A

Water intake steadily in the adequate to healthy zone - near always.

Balanced nutritional intake and mindful - usually.

Calorie output or the calorie burn steady and moderately high - usually.

Enjoying the cardio/aerobic and physical "work-outs" - usually.

Getting myself educated on many facets of this life changer and life-style change and maintain processes/procedures.

Attempting to have some positive influence with others that are making or wanting or might benefit some, from some changes also.

SDGAMBLE Posts: 637
11/14/12 8:28 A

making smarter choices - eating real foods instead of processed

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JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
Fitness Minutes: (35,465)
Posts: 2,323
11/14/12 8:26 A

Eating smaller portions

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/14/12 8:21 A

eating more whole foods, walking every weekday.

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
11/14/12 8:19 A

Choosing healthier snacks

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
11/14/12 6:24 A

I eat breakfast now.

PUDLECRAZY Posts: 4,471
11/14/12 6:16 A

Daily walking

SSCOTT331 SparkPoints: (37,501)
Fitness Minutes: (31,924)
Posts: 1,559
11/14/12 6:12 A

Drinking Water

WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
11/14/12 6:00 A

Portion Control!

RICU1952 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (94,728)
Posts: 2,718
11/14/12 1:34 A

No more eating late and more fruit, less sweets

EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
11/14/12 1:15 A

Not stuffing my face at every emotional upheaval.

BEARLYBOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,082)
Posts: 816
11/14/12 1:03 A

Drinking water!

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
11/4/12 8:40 P

eating more fruits and veggies

ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (71,830)
Fitness Minutes: (42,408)
Posts: 1,056
11/4/12 8:33 P

thinking before eating, no chewing fingernails, virtually NO soda, drinking tons of water, eating at least 1 fruit per day (this was a 3-4x/year habit for me before), 6x/week exercise, etc.

PEACEGRANNY Posts: 2,070
11/4/12 7:00 P

Always taking food with me when I am going out for a long time and may not be where I can get what I need to eat.

11/4/12 6:47 P

brushing and flossing. drinking more water. having a better attitude.

JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
Fitness Minutes: (35,465)
Posts: 2,323
11/4/12 6:28 P

Not eating as much and making good choices

LAWANDMUSIC Posts: 1,645
11/4/12 6:03 P

Thinking before putting food in my mouth.

JENNN77 SparkPoints: (144,736)
Fitness Minutes: (72,458)
Posts: 653
11/4/12 5:31 P


AUDYBEE SparkPoints: (91,020)
Fitness Minutes: (20,272)
Posts: 4,458
11/4/12 5:22 P

Making my bed and flossing every day!

PURPLEPINKPANTS SparkPoints: (29,282)
Fitness Minutes: (6,406)
Posts: 1,400
11/4/12 4:45 P

Healthy eating and exercise

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
11/4/12 4:33 P

More water and exercise, tracking food and activity

NSMANN Posts: 977
11/4/12 3:45 P

I have developed an exercise habit where before there was none and I am drinking a lot more water

NETTI42 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (681)
Posts: 333
11/4/12 2:01 P

Eating more veggies and drinking more water.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (351,644)
Fitness Minutes: (206,049)
Posts: 69,412
11/4/12 1:29 P

walking, I found that I really liked it

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
11/4/12 12:57 P

Drinking more water, exercising more consistently, eating more fruits and veggies, and cutting out most sugar.

TRANQULITY7 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,513)
Posts: 899
11/4/12 10:29 A

*I became a morning person!

*I take better care of myself, after bathing and dressing I now wear some jewellery like earrings every day, and a ring when I go out. Same with my house, I take good care of it cleaning and decorating, one room, one corner, at a time....

*I am actually cooking more now, even the treats that I eat in small amounts, and give away the rest to members of family...
*I don't procrastinate, I finish my "to do" list every day, and each day I come up with a new one....

*I am saving money by eating clean and healthy. Some people think it costs more to eat healthy, but it's the opposite when you plan and prepare your own meals, eat in moderation and don't buy unnecessary foods like chips, soda, cakes, mixed nuts, fast food or eat out all the time...not to mention when you have a vegetable garden...

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SCHAPIN1 SparkPoints: (111,777)
Fitness Minutes: (56,688)
Posts: 2,241
11/4/12 10:18 A

Exercise, eating balanced meals, and paying attention to portion sizes

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
11/4/12 9:59 A

1. Exercising. I still don't enjoy it ... or look forward to it ... but I do it anyway.
2. Paying attention to food labels and searching for the healthiest choices before I buy
3. Paying attention to what I eat each day ... calories, carbs, protein, fluid, etc. and using that information to guide my choices

I am not perfect with any of it. But these new habits are helping me move forward -- and that's a good thing.

SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (299,837)
Fitness Minutes: (194,210)
Posts: 10,197
11/4/12 8:25 A

a conscious commitment to taking care of myself no matter what!

KBRISTOW SparkPoints: (14,222)
Fitness Minutes: (6,258)
Posts: 356
11/4/12 8:23 A

The CRAVING for exercise....especially when life is overwhelming.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/4/12 8:14 A

exercise is a good habit now and portion control

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (243,100)
Fitness Minutes: (182,036)
Posts: 17,520
11/4/12 7:07 A

Exercise is part of the day, routine now. I can eat anything but prefer healthy choices because I feel/function better for it. Portion control is automatic now, haven't over eaten in a long time.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/4/12 5:22 A

1) Daily exercise (swim/bike/run/aerobics/strength/pilates/y
oga/ballet, etc.)
2) Drink water all day long, every day
3) eat small portions all day long. I don't have meals, I have snacks all day most days
4) Allow myself only 2-3 servings of treats per week (1/2 cup ice cream = 1 serving!)
5) changed my thinking about myself so that it is positive - reward small victories
6) learned to cook and enjoy eating vegetables
7) allow myself all of the fruit I want to eat
8) allow myself to throw out or give away food that I don't need
9) don't tell others how to eat and exercise for health unless they ask for advice

KACEYSW Posts: 5,609
11/4/12 1:30 A

Drinking enough water every day.

EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
11/3/12 11:59 P

Definately that I think about what I am shoving in my mouth. Especially if "shoving" is going on. It used to be a bag of oreos, or a big bag of chips, or a bag of cookies. Now I like making fresh fruit smoothies and whole wheat pancakes with dark chocolate chips when my sweet tooth pops up.

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
11/3/12 10:52 P

I pretty much drink 8 cups of water everyday.

SMOKYBLUE1 SparkPoints: (37,823)
Fitness Minutes: (58,590)
Posts: 1,030
11/3/12 10:50 P

drinking more water, good rest

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/3/12 10:45 P

actually stopping and thinking before I choose something to eat, comes natural... making sure I eat veggies, calories of things coming to my mind... tracking, tracking, tracking

STODD251 Posts: 754
11/3/12 10:43 P

Preparing healthy foods from scratch instead of just buying low cal convenience foods.
Going to the gym at least twice a week.
Finding things to do with my friends besides eat and drink.

STROMSP SparkPoints: (46,035)
Fitness Minutes: (98,010)
Posts: 742
11/3/12 10:13 P

This is a great topic; a nice way to focus on the positive!

Wanting to drink water
Choosing to be more active
Being aware of portion sizes and scaling it down

BEARLYBOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,082)
Posts: 816
11/3/12 8:48 P

I'm getting more exercise and drinking more water. Actually craving water.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
11/3/12 8:40 P

Lately...really pay close attention to the calories.

ON2VICTORY SparkPoints: (47,763)
Fitness Minutes: (27,816)
Posts: 6,720
11/3/12 5:06 P

to workout and to do what I know I need to do regardless if I feel like it or not...

CHYNNA81 Posts: 1,161
11/3/12 4:44 P

Eating small portions and drinking more water.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/3/12 3:35 P

making exercise an important part of my life. eating a clean diet. putting myself on a list of things to take care of.

OLIVIANIGHT SparkPoints: (203,897)
Fitness Minutes: (133,248)
Posts: 11,349
11/3/12 3:03 P

Drinking water every day, eating more freggies whenever I get chance

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,152)
Fitness Minutes: (79,213)
Posts: 2,170
11/3/12 2:42 P

- Staying away from junk food.
- Heavy weight lifting.
- Running.
- Tracking nutrition.
- Mountain biking.

JULIEPANN SparkPoints: (10,574)
Fitness Minutes: (4,062)
Posts: 185
11/3/12 1:56 P

We all know our bad habits and can relate to them most of the time. Its good to point out the good habits weve created since the start of our journey. I think it also may help us to see how far we have or have not come. It would be inspiring to hear the changes others have made for the better:)

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