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KANANIPOD Posts: 539
3/14/08 3:00 P

To wake up a 1/2 hour earlier than I usually do so I don't have to rush around and drive to work like a maniac!


RAYLOKE Posts: 5
3/14/08 2:59 P

At my work we have a little apple shaped bowl filled with all kinds of sweets. I normally have a hand full of chocolate kisses or whatever chocolate we have in the apple bowl. I only had one piece today and that was huge for me!!!

SENTAB Posts: 92
3/14/08 2:59 P

To pack my lunch! I've been eating out all week and it's expensive and has been reaping havoc on my calorie intake.

SENTAB Posts: 92
3/14/08 2:58 P

To pack my lunch! I've been eating out all week and it's expensive and has been reaping havoc on my calorie intake.

LOOHOO11 Posts: 309
3/14/08 2:58 P

To stop and take the time to listen to someone.

THERESAT858 Posts: 1,682
3/14/08 2:57 P

I had half of my lunch early, a mini-bagel-bread and cream cheese, instead of having the tempting girl scout cookie. I will have the 'second half' of lunch later - spreading out helps me eat less.

ROSIE1119 Posts: 2
3/14/08 2:54 P

To not light up a cigarette with my morning coffee. Instead, I put on a patch. I've been smoke free for 29 hours now.

GIRAFFESMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,124)
Posts: 405
3/14/08 2:54 P

I had oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast, instead of the PB & J, I wanted.

GRAYANDGREAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,522)
Posts: 246
3/14/08 2:51 P

Took my 8 year old out to brunch as he had the day off school. He had cheeseburger and fries. I had McCanns Oatmeal...and it was delicious!

3/14/08 2:47 P

Good for you BABYCOP05 for following through, I will keep you in my prayers, you will be fine. Take time to really enjoy your weekend, and make sure you get some rest. And then just get back into the swing of things on Monday!!!! Just remember to take one day at a time. emoticon

CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,788
3/14/08 2:45 P

Online Now  • ))
I went out to eat lunch with a friend who also joined Spark and we both chose items that were recommended as being better for you. We learned from Spark which items to choose.

BABYCOP05 Posts: 119
3/14/08 2:37 P

To follow through with the Biopsy I had done on my breast today. I was scared at first and felt like cancelling the appointment. But, I prayed about the procedure and went to the appointment. Now I can't exercise until Monday emoticon

SYTRUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,760)
Posts: 28
3/14/08 2:34 P

To roll out of bed and go do my 60 minutes of cardio instead of sleeping longer. *sigh*... It was a nice warm cozy bed too.

3/14/08 2:28 P

I decided to run/walk three miles instead of the usual two.

MONICA139 Posts: 201
3/14/08 2:27 P

Took the time this morning to put together a healthy lunch - eating it at my desk after a workout!!

NOWEAPON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (62,900)
Posts: 8,551
3/14/08 2:19 P

to stay in bed to get some much needed rest

3/14/08 2:13 P

I went for my morning walk and I did the entire two miles. Despite feeling lethargic & fussy. After breakfast I went out in the garden and did some digging; got my hands good and dirty! emoticon

QUELEI Posts: 383
3/14/08 2:08 P

I was sleepy and wanting to eat some high calorie foods because I thought it would help pep me up. But I decided to exercise instead; I put on a dance workout video, and sweated for 45 minutes, so now I'd rather have a healthy snack like fruit and yogurt. emoticon

3/14/08 2:01 P

To weigh in. I am down 3 lbs! I went out to dinner last night, so I was a bit nervous and almost postponed the weigh-in.

MSLISAB Posts: 17
3/14/08 1:58 P

I have gained 3 lbs and am so mad. I am not giving up. I am getting back on the horse! I started new today. emoticon

1FITMOMMY14 Posts: 159
3/14/08 1:57 P

I chose a smaller portion for lunch!

CAROLTTG SparkPoints: (130,426)
Fitness Minutes: (122,014)
Posts: 3,529
3/14/08 1:50 P

For some reason I woke up humgry this morning. After eating a piece of toast and instant oatmeal, I began to look into the cubbards for WHATEVER!! I found myself nibbling, and wasn't even hungry. I decided to go for a bike ride, and get out of the house. My husband and I rode 10 miles!!! I felt wonderful and quite empowered!! Nothing like alittle exercise to clear the head and get back on track. We DO have a choice!!

FAT2LONG Posts: 3,675
3/14/08 1:47 P

Went to get my tires rotated this morning (a quick errand on the way to try out a new gym), and ended up buying NEW tires because mine were worn out. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, I walked the giant parking lot for 35 minutes.

Then I went and tried out a gym I've never been to - just as I'd planned - and did another 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

SNOOKIMZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,898)
Posts: 797
3/14/08 1:42 P

I went out at lunch to find some new shoes-while me feet are bloated! Depressed about how horrible my feet look I started thinking about stopping at one or ALL the fast food places on the way back. I even drove right up to one and then backed away! I came back to the office wanting to eat something more something better than the lean cuisine meal but I didn't. I ate my meal and I'm satisfied. I'm havin a bigger dinner tonight so I wanted to save the calories anyway! emoticon

3/14/08 1:39 P

Gotobefit...I know just how you feel. I love Godfather Pizza it is great. I to gave up a fried chicken wing and dinner roll. My office friend was going to through it out so I took it. Just like the old me I thought of eating it even though I just had lunch. But instead I looked for someone else to take it to. My boss did not eat so I gave it to him. It was hard but it made me feel better as soon as he took it from my hand. It was just like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was sooo obligated to see that that chicken and roll be consumed that I was about to consume it myself. Thank God I passed the buck and I hope I will have the will power to do it when I am faced with a situation like that again. emoticon

3/14/08 1:38 P

I found my son's black liquorice in the the cupboard and stuck one in my mouth without thinking...but then spit it out (I love liqourice)

TIGER411 Posts: 407
3/14/08 1:33 P

Told my bf I couldn't go out for lunch and ate a salad at work instead. We're going out of town for the weekend to his parents' and no one cooks much so it's going to be hard enough to stay on track!

GOT2BFIT Posts: 1,516
3/14/08 1:29 P

I decided to have a slimfast shake for lunch although I sooooo wanted Godfather's Pizza! emoticon

MRRHEALTH4LIFE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,896)
Posts: 377
3/14/08 1:25 P

Today I decided that when I ate my lunch, I'd take a bite, put down my fork and take a drink of water before I was able to take another bite. Success, I'm STUFFED! :)

TUFANO79 Posts: 178
3/14/08 1:23 P

I'm so proud of myself...I was tempted by donuts in the main office at my school. I wanted one SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly, but I resisted temptation!!!

Hugs, Josie

CELEBR8R Posts: 721
3/14/08 1:15 P

I logged into SP and logged my food.

JENEAL1 Posts: 6,219
3/14/08 1:08 P

I got on the treadmill on my lunch break

BOYD088 Posts: 13
3/14/08 1:05 P

I ate a healthy lunch, even though I was starving and all I wanted was junk!

3/14/08 12:59 P

My good decision today was to have a pork chop and corn for lunch instead of a hamburger or a chicken sandwich...I'm a college student who lives in the dorms and those were my choices today!

MLAURETO27 Posts: 139
3/14/08 12:58 P

Started my running program this morning.

And it feels GREAT!

CASSH88 Posts: 13
3/14/08 12:55 P

I have already made two good decisions today. I ran 9 miles and I ate oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. I just hope my good decisions last the rest of today... it is FRIDAY!!!

BECK_WHY Posts: 357
3/14/08 12:24 P

This is kinda a snowballing decision... I've had to work on it very hard... but according to everyone its in my best interest...

My good decision for the day is to not talk to my ex.

KIMUSH23 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (68,082)
Posts: 16,142
3/14/08 12:02 P

Yesterday when I was shopping with my sister and her family and my daughter...we went to mcDonalds to eat a snack...everyone got french fries or sandwiches...I choose a salad and stuck with that...

Also when we went to Olive Garden I preplanned everything that I was going to order and stuck to that...

Pre-planning is really necessary for me to stay on track! emoticon

DRIGBET SparkPoints: (18,638)
Fitness Minutes: (10,396)
Posts: 1,631
3/14/08 11:56 A

Wasn't today, but yesterday I was really craving chips & dip. I wanted some soooo bad, but since I had just eaten my supper and knew I wasn't hungry, I drank my water and got myself interested in doing some stretching. Before I knew it I had survived the craving - and it was a bad one that had been working on me ALL day!

SHANSTORES21 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,636)
Posts: 1,961
3/14/08 11:53 A

Got up at 5am to get my workout in because I never want to do it on Friday afternoon

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
3/14/08 10:34 A

To work out for 15 extra minutes this morning. I was going to be below my weekly goal for cardio minutes (although calorie burned would be where it needed to be or a bit higher). I decided that I was at the gym, I might as well keep going and meet the goal. I did and am 400 calories over my calories burned goal for the week.

GOT2BFIT Posts: 1,516
3/14/08 10:21 A

I decided to pack my bag for the gym even though Friday is usually my rest day. emoticon

PENGUINLADY! SparkPoints: (96,384)
Fitness Minutes: (144,288)
Posts: 3,598
3/14/08 10:09 A

I got up at 5 to do my exercise DVD. It has been so difficult for me this week to do this! I am hoping that the rain holds off so I can go for my walk at lunch. emoticon


KERRIAE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,241)
Posts: 721
3/14/08 10:04 A

I got enough sleep.

ABM909 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,952)
Posts: 650
3/14/08 10:00 A

awww I love bunnies. I turned down free shots at the bar last night. I didn't want to drink because I didn't want the extra calories... but they were FREE because the bartender is my roommate... but I didn't take em. Go me.

3/14/08 9:27 A

I woke up early before my kids and went for a walk...I saw a bunny hopping down the path...pretty neat for a city

GONZATI Posts: 687
3/14/08 9:24 A

I am really happy that I can say that I made the decision to save some money and buy a grill that I had to put together on my own... I did it without my husband's help.


RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
3/14/08 9:17 A

Efter all the problems of lossing weight to stop wetting my pants (lossing 176lbs) I returned to the gym accepting using a product for my weak bladder and had a great workout. Several ladies came and asked where I got my corset from, so I had to tell them I had a operation to remove my 35 cms stomach skin and needed this to support my stomach muscles until the incision line had healed completely. They understand everything about having a weak bladder and applauded me for keeping at it. When I return to the hospital for my check up I will ask my surgeon to if possible for him to refer me back to the Gynaecological department. I hope he will explain, that I have done everything humanly possible under my own steam to quit wetting my pants. If he can't help me I will return to my own GP and ask her to send me return. I will not give up or get weak, the rain clouds have to clear at some stage!

Edited by: RENA1965 at: 3/14/2008 (09:17)
TJSHAFFER Posts: 835
3/14/08 9:02 A

Haven't made many decisions just's just 8:00AM here, although I've been up since 6:00. Fixing to have a healthy breakfast, though!

KHMMOM Posts: 29
3/14/08 7:04 A

This morning I looked up the Iced Capp and donut I really wanted at Tim Horton's and realized that for the same 8 WW points (400 calories), I could have a glass of milk, my daily bowl of oatmeal, and a banana. This only took 6 points, plus it gave me one of my dairy and one of my fruit requirements. And I will not crash from a sugar high later and eat something because it's convenient. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. My hips and buns will thank me later. Hope you all make a good decision today!

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