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PIAQUA Posts: 753
8/7/14 11:29 A

I don't track my coffee (which is usually just one cup a day anyway), but I will track the milk I put in it. I also don't track tastes I take while cooking. Usually it's accounted for in the recipe anyway. Same with someone at work offering my a taste of a single cocoa almond or the new brand of rice chip they're trying. I'm not going to bother for one chip. I stay at the bottom of or slightly below my range every day just so I don't have to worry about this type of thing. You have to know yourself if you do this though, because little tastes add up during the day and you could be eating more than you think.

I'm also like the others in that I will estimate with certain foods, like cups of lettuce, but will measure/weigh high fat or calorie dense foods.

*edited to add: Tracking definitely seems cumbersome and like a lot of work at first, but over time it becomes really easy. You have groups, recipes and foods saved to favorites, you tend to remember what a serving of something looks like and its cal/fat/protein content without looking, etc. It kind of becomes second nature. Also, I think tracking veggies is important because so many people have issues with getting enough fiber, and it would be hard to tell whether or not you are if you left out the veg.

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8/7/14 11:20 A

I don't track, so I'm not the best one to ask, but if I did, I would track vegetables, too. Perhaps not with something like weight watchers, since that program makes an attempt to compensate for the missing vegetable calories by allowing you less of everything else. But sparkpeople gives you a range: 1400-1700, say, and the 250 calories or so that a really dedicated vegetable eater might consume a day of the nonstarchy stuff can be the difference between being comfortably inside your range and being outside it. 250 calories daily adds up to about half a pound per week; it's not trivial. And if you include starchier things (sweet potatoes, corn, white potatoes, most other root vegetables) in your vegetable count then it becomes even more significant. (And of course don't miss tracking toppings and cooking oil.)

If you really want to dispense with the bother of tracking vegetables, what you might do is limit the non-tracking to the veggies that are really low in calories per serving and concentrate on eating a lot of them, but then keeping your calories otherwise a little below the bottom of your range. For example if your range is 1400-1700 maybe aim for 1300 and then eat lots of those kinds of veggies, too. That might do it.

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8/7/14 10:48 A

I have done WW too. But I still track all of my vegetables. I only measure certain ones - like corn. Otherwise I eat as much as I want and just track that I ate "cucumber" with dinner or something like that. I also eat a lot of vinegar on things - and I know some of it has calories (like the Rice Vinegar) so I track some of that.

I usually have one glass of diet Sprite at night that I don't track.

But otherwise I measure and track everything!

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,778
8/7/14 10:45 A

Everything that has a calorie counts, so track it. It gets easier after a while especially if you save foods you eat often in your Favorites.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
8/7/14 10:04 A

Usually I don't track things like water, I Cant Believe it's not butter no calorie spray, diet soda drinks, etc. If there are calories that can be counted I try to track it, because they add up!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/7/14 9:44 A

I track everything.

I might track a little less carefully with very-low-calorie items (like, "looks like about 2 cups of lettuce" - instead of actually weighing or measuring it - because really, if my eyeballing of my lettuce portion size is off a bit, the difference will be like.. 4 calories, who cares).

But yeah I track it all, the healthy stuff as well as the unhealthy stuff - i track it all.

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8/7/14 9:30 A

When I was on Weight Watchers, there were foods that were marked with 0 points value, which meant you could eat an unlimited amount.

Are there foods you skip tracking? Which ones would you suggest?

Slimming World seems to work in a similar way, on particular days you can eat unlimited amounts of certain meats and veges (second hand information, I'm no expert)

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