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3/5/14 8:29 A

I find eating simple sugars and white carbohydrates make me hungrier, sooner than foods with protein and healthy fats.

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3/5/14 5:02 A

Since I have been HERE AT SP, I have been eating more healthy and do not get hungry. That is a wonderful development for me. I suppose it has to do with eating more protein and fiber in my meals. And drinking more water.

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3/5/14 4:37 A

Protein and eggs seem to be popular choices. I read this today:

Eating two eggs for brekkie instead of a bagel of equal kilojoule value may help you feel more satisfied and be more beneficial for managing your weight, states a report from the International Journal of Obesity.

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3/2/14 4:49 P

I agree totally with MAMA, I don't suffer hunger either. Those carbs can run you in a ditch, I keep mine very low. I find carbs make me hungry.

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3/2/14 1:29 P

Fat, fibre and protein (less carbs). I have all 3 at all 3 meals, I don't suffer hunger in between meals.

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3/2/14 1:21 P

I have found that if I eat foods that are higher in protein then I'm not too hungry later in the day. For example, on the days that I eat lima beans or blackeyed peas, Greek Yogurt (like Chobani), and some meat (like chicken) I feel fuller.

If you are hungry then go for something that would fill you up - cashews, fruit (banana, etc.), peanut butter, etc. You can get some peanut butter that is already in individual containers or put some in a little container and put it on slices of apples. Or you could make up your own trail mix - cashews, coconut, raisins, pretzels, etc. If you like M&Ms, you could get the ones that are dark chocolate and put it in with the trail mix. Or you could put in the M&Ms that have peanuts in it. If you work somewhere where you have access to a refrigerator, you could take some Greek yogurt with you to work. I have found that the Chobani Strawberry Banana is pretty good with some granola and pecans in it (or any kind of granola to make it crunchy). The Strawberry Banana is 2% fat so it's not as tart in taste as the 0% fat (like the Strawberry). The 0% is good too, especially if I add some granola into it.

What are you eating for breakfast? Do you eat grits? I know it's more of a southern thing (and I'm southern), but grits, if cooked right, can stick to you all morning. Grits, 1 or 2 eggs (preferably scrambled), with some fruit (or juice), and a cup of milk (or coffee). If you want to make it a full breakfast add in some sausage or bacon and some toast with jam (sugar free is still good). The instant grits are crap. You'd need the real stuff...the stuff you make on the stove. Oatmeal works too if you're not a fan of grits.

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3/2/14 1:02 P

I have to disagree loudly with some of the advice in this thread-- "You should always eat if you feel hungry" and "You should eat 6 times a day," for example.

People who don't have any fat to spare should eat if they feel truly hungry. Athletes or manual laborers who are about to expend thousands of calories should eat if they feel hungry.

People who are obese or overweight need to make peace with the concept of hunger. Feeling hungry isn't a terrible thing-- it's a great thing. In natural conditions, hunger is the early-warning system that tells a being to go out and start looking for food. It's what motivated earlier generations to go hunt, gather, hitch up the horse and head to town for supplies, or light the fire in the oven and mix up a bowl of bread dough. Being hungry doesn't mean it's time to eat RIGHT NOW; it means it's time to prepare food.

That's a main driving force behind the obesity "epidemic." Food is too readily available, so we eat it as soon as we think of it. In your great-grandma's day, people made their lunch in the morning, took it to work with them, ate it, and that was that. If they got hungry at 4pm, they didn't have the option of running down the hall to a vending machine for some Twinkies; they just stuck it out for another two hours. Sometimes we all need to do that. If you eat your breakfast at 8 and you're starving by 9, then maybe you do need to eat more or change what you eat. But if you eat your breakfast at 8 and you start feeling like you're no longer full at 10, that's normal. You *should* be hungry enough to feel distracted and like you *need* to eat by noon. If you're never hungry, you probably eat too much.

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3/2/14 10:52 A

nuts and also protein shakes:)

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2/28/14 5:09 P

You should eat at least 6 times a day:


You should have an extra 3 proteins plus 1-2 carbs each day. Those proteins and carbs are NOT included in your normal Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner BUT .... proteins during those meals are kept to a minimum of 2 oz.

Here is a sample menu for me:

1 small bagel with low fat cream cheese
1/2 sandwich made with 1 oz. lean meat and 1 oz. cheese or 2 oz. lean meat and 1 slice of
either whole wheat, pumpernickel or rye bread
1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese
1 cup of 80 calorie yogurt

Lunch is either a WW Smart Ones or leftovers from a meal I made. Leftovers must be carefully weighed.

Dinner is 4 oz. of lean meat (usually chicken) with veggies and a salad.

In between the mini meals I also snack on grape tomatoes, baby carrots and/or mini cucumbers. Veggies are important, as are fruits.

I always track my daily foods on Spark People.

Good luck to you!

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2/28/14 4:49 P

Today Was much better. I are 2 eggs and a bagel thin. I wasn't getting hungry until around 11:30am-I ate that at 7:00am. Protein helped out.

2/28/14 3:30 P

I eat a crunchy peanut butter with preserves sandwich in the morning and I can make it until lunch without anything else. I choose to eat a fruit around 10 a.m. but I don't need to because I'm starving. I find peanut butter very helpful in keeping me in my Spark ranges.

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2/27/14 3:29 P

More "protein on the go" ideas:

- packet of beef jerky
- individual serving of cheese or string-cheese
- small serving of nuts
- cup of yogurt (particularly the more protein-rich "greek" style)
- "protein bar"

To the original poster - I find it helpful to start the day with more protein, and less to zero "starchy carbs." Stuff like cold breakfast cereal, toast and jam (even the "brown" kind), pancakes, oatmeal - these if eaten alone, seem to "wear off" really fast. When I first started rearranging the way I ate, I still felt i wanted a "starch" at breakfast, so I'd have one piece of toast instead of my normal 2, and have a soft boiled egg with it, or some peanut butter. Eventually I discovered I could stay even more full and satisfied if i ditched the toast part altogether. Now i'll often eat an egg and veggie scramble - NO side of toast. And those very easily keep me satisfied until lunch. For about the same calories as the starving-in-an-hour toast-and-jam breakfast of my former life.

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2/27/14 3:01 P

Stacey - it is more than likely you have dropped too many calories too quickly. Go back to what you were eating and GRADUALLY drop your calories. Also, it may be that you are eating too low anyway. Start aiming for your higher calorie range, rather than the lower one. The 1200 calories is recommended for an average weight woman who is sedentary.

Protein is quite easy to get on the go. Think nuts. Think taking a hard boiled egg and having for your first snack after breakfast. Think taking a chicken/avocado sandwich and cutting into 4 little squares, like you would a little child.. Just grab one at a time. Think roasted peas or chick peas. Good protein and good fibre. (Just a few of them tho'). Think some cheese - you can get them in easily portable sticks, triangles etc.


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2/27/14 1:05 P

I joined this week. Have been around 12-1300 calls/day. TodayI couldn't shake my hunger. I had a kashi oatmeal for breakfast and thought that would keep me satisfied, but it didn't. So I had a Granny Smith apple. Then about an hour and a half later a banana. I'm in sales so sometimes I'm grab and go. I'm filling up on strawberries and baby carrots for lunch. Hard to eat protein in the go, so fruits help me but they don't last more than 2 hours. I don't mind continued snacks on the right foods, but I have to be prepared or find a shop to grab some.

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2/27/14 11:30 A

Foods with more fat, and protein, and if you eat carbs, get some fiber. The problem is, on the current diet you can get the lean protein, but they limit fat, and eat lots of carbs. If you eat lots of carbs, try to get some fiber.

The faster your body breaks down food, and uses it/stores it, the sooner you are hungry again.

2/27/14 10:39 A

I find it really helpful to create meals that are high in fiber and contain all three of the macro-nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat. Ideally, you need some of all three in each meal to feel satisfied. Fat-free foods will not keep you full. A breakfast with no protein will not keep you full. Foods with fiber -- like salads -- fill your tummy and give you slow-burning, sustained energy for a long time. It may take a little planning but it's not really hard.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
2/27/14 7:24 A

what foods keep you full is an entirely personal thing. so many people find eggs are great for this, but for me, i'm as hungry when i finished as when i started. potatoes are my go to filling food. and for breakfast i try and eat the same things as dinner because they last me the longest.
which basically means you need to pay attention to how long what you're eating is keeping you.

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2/27/14 5:22 A

You should always eat if you are genuinely hungry. Perhaps your calorie goals are set too low? Are you getting enough protein and veg?

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2/27/14 3:00 A

It is really hard to say because you don't have a SparkPage giving us access to your Nutrition Tracker. There are lots of variables for continuing to feel hungry:

* Did you suddenly drop your calories? If so, go back up and gradually work down.

* Are you actually eating ENOUGH calories? A lot of people think less is more, but in fact it can have an opposite effect. Make sure that your breakfast has more than 1-200 calories, and make allowances in your day for healthy snacks.

* Are you eating all of your meals?

* Are you eating plenty of fruit/veges? The fibre will help to keep you fuller for longer!

* Are you eating enough lean protein? A lot of people don't eat enough of this. Try to incorporate 20g per meal, and don't go under 60g in a day.

* Are you eating processed carbs? This provides calories but doesn't provide nutrition and isn't filling. It goes in, spikes the sugar quickly, then you fall flat.

* Are you eating complex carbs, such as wholegrains? They will help you to feel fuller for longer, too.

* Are you eating enough fats? Healthy fats are an important part of our diet providing lots of benefits, including with satiety. Make sure you don't skimp on them.

For me, starting the day with Rolled Oats with 1/2 cup of Soy Milk (Dairy Food intolerance) a small banana and some bakers bran will keep me fuller for much longer than say, a couple slices of wholegrain toast, a poached egg and banana. Others might find a breakfast rich in protein does the trick. You will need to experiment to find what works best for you, but DO incorporate lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs into your breakfast.


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2/26/14 11:33 P

So at the moment I am eating much better but I still just find myself a bit hungry - I'm trying not to act on it but we all know it's hard when your belly rumbles.

What are the best things to eat that leave you satisfied for a long time? I don't mean only an hour but say, a whole morning.

Any advice?!

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