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11/12/10 12:13 P

there is a crazy guy at my gym who had knee surgery recently and still comes to spin class. He props the leg that is in a full length brace up on the handlebars and pedals away! He even stands up on one leg when we are all standing! It is weird.

It sound sto me like you are doing the right things!

RORI421 Posts: 2
11/12/10 7:35 A

Thank you all, yes I know walking on crutches works the upper body and abs..I've been feeling the biceps.triceps and abs the last few days!! I had been doing some slow leg lifts from my sofa..don't want my leg in the cast to get too weak during recuperation.. :)

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11/11/10 4:37 P

Actually, keep walking on those crutches. Most people don't realize that walking on crutches is not only good cardiovascular exercise, it's a great upper body workout too.

As another person already noted, you can do upper body strength exercises while sitting in a chair. Work your upper body while your lower body heals. You have to be very very careful with any lower body exercises you do. Remember, one muscle tugs on another. so, while you may not think you're effecting your ankle, you could be. In which case, that could hinder your recovery time.

If your doctor doesn't want you to do any lower body work other than walking on crutches, that's what you do.

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11/11/10 1:03 P

There are a lot of lower-body exercises you can do even without involving your ankle. Examples:

leg extensions
bicycle (on your back, that is)

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11/11/10 7:04 A

You might still be able to do the upper body exercises, but from a sitting position.


RORI421 Posts: 2
11/11/10 6:42 A

I recently began a regime( 3 weeks) with my treadmill, bands and 5 lb dumbells. I broke the small bone in my ankle amd am in a cast. It's hard being in a cast and on crutches, but I need to do something to keep moving without hurting myself. Any suggestions? Thanks!! emoticon

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