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3/2/14 7:12 P

Walk Away the Pounds

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2/27/14 4:30 P

Hi am very grateful for all the info that you guys have given me. To tell you the truth you guys know me quite well . I seem to give up so quickly, am trying to understand myself in saying it is not going to come of that easy, i feel if I sit and do some hand lifts with my weights that it not going to help me at all so this is a very hard mind game with me . But you did make me feel a little better, in fact am going to work out with my weights right now .I have look at your page for a long time on my email, and refuse to look at it,. I am so glad that I did. Thank You Guys !!

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6/8/13 8:57 A


I applaud you for your efforts and questions to begin to make a change in your life. Sometimes the hardest part is the decision to change. It takes courage and inner strength. Congratulate yourself for your victories, and that is your first one. The second is asking for help. If I didn't need it, I wouldn't be on SP.

Assuming you and your doctor agree to a walking program, you might want to get a physical therapist involved. They have more training in anatomy/physiology/Kinesthiology than a fitness trainer. Some fitness trainers are fabulous and quite knowledgeable. Others are not. It depends on their program/training, and integrity. But a PT had to have several years of schooling.

I fully agree with previous posts. Get moving, and do what you can do. You can reach into the air above your head so do it and stretch. You can bend over toward your toes and get to your thighs, or knees, so do it. Move your arms in circles, up, down, around. The main thing is to MOVE and to keep moving.

Yes, walk, even if it is only in five minute segments throughout the day.

Presently, I am recovering from a knee injury/surgery. Yesterday, I was given the OK from the physician to start walking, but only five minutes at a time. I will do it thrice each day and ice the wound afterward. (Before injury, I was jogging 15 - 18 miles per week so a 5 minute walk seems too little to me!)

You may want to consider finding group support for your new healthy goals in a group such as weight watchers in addition to SP website. Seeing people each week helps me feel not so alone, and it helps me be accountable. There is a man in our group who has lost 105 pounds in 12 months with weight watchers and by just walking.

Try new places, classes, exercises ( see SP videos), groups, and experiences. I'm willing to bet that you will have fun with the new experiences! I surely have over the last four decades!

Best to you, and good luck!

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6/8/13 5:08 A

Thanks Lisa, that's exactly how I'm looking at this. I have a DVD set called "Walk at home" by Leslie Sansone that I'm starting today, right after I finish my coffee. I don't know how well I'll do or how far I'll get with it, but that won't deter me. The point is getting up off of my derriere and DOING it, right? I'm excited to begin this new chapter in my life adventure! Thank you again for your encouragement - it helps a lot! Have a lovely Saturday! :-)

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6/8/13 12:21 A

Start, slow but the main thing is to just keep moving! When I started my weight loss journey I was 400+ pounds and couldn't walk two blocks, I can now walk 4 miles without stopping or getting too winded. Good luck!

VAGIRL2004 Posts: 11
6/7/13 8:01 P

I've been wondering the same thing... I've been in SP for a while, but have used the excuse of my bad knees/legs as just that - an excuse, to not get moving. There are so many wonderful suggestions here, and I am definitely going to use some of them first thing tomorrow when I get up. No more excuses, no more procrastination. It's time for this chunky chick to get moving & shaking!! Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts & ideas - I feel better now about all of this than I ever have. I really think I can do it now.... I'm going to just keep repeating those words as my mantra. My goal is not a specific number on the scale - it's being able to feel better about myself when I go to try on & ultimately choose a wedding dress for my church wedding in June 2014. (We're getting married in the civil service in about 3 weeks which is the only legal marriage here in France.) I won't be married in a dress this month, but next year I will. And I will be stronger and healthier too! Yay!! :-)

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4/3/13 10:25 P

when in doubt talk to a doctor or physical therapist. otherwise look around at different activities and then get started

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4/3/13 8:12 P

Hey, I weighed almost 300, and got myself a balance ball, 8 to 10 dollars or even 5 at the 5 BELOW STORE . I GET ON AND MOVE ALL OVER! ! In the kitchen doing dishes, watching tv, even in the yard, emoticon
Spark also has workout videos using them, I weighed over 300 and have gotten down about 50 lbs. They help with your balance, which comes in helpful in many aspects of your life emoticon

Keep moving~~~Keep tracking emoticon 1961

STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (72,242)
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Posts: 4,725
4/3/13 8:12 P

Hey, I weighed almost 300, and got myself a balance ball, 8 to 10 dollars or even 5 at the 5 BELOW STORE . I GET ON AND MOVE ALL OVER! ! In the kitchen doing dishes, watching tv, even in the yard, emoticon
Spark also has workout videos using them, I weighed over 300 and have gotten down about 50 lbs. They help with your balance, which comes in helpful in many aspects of your life emoticon

Keep moving~~~Keep tracking emoticon 1961

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3/7/13 1:26 P

You've gotten some great advice here! I'll second the suggestion of getting in the pool if you have access.

Good luck!!!

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3/7/13 4:52 A

Walk..start very slow..just around your living room etc. use your arms to to holding a water bottle or small can of soup etc. takes no money to work out..good luck

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3/7/13 4:10 A

What fantastic support and encouragement here. I just did a google search for chair yoga for obesity and came across this. I am severly obese, and a VLCD with an obesity clinic and have lost 37lbs so far. But now I need to introduct exercise into my left and this thread is just what I need. Thank you soo much :)

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1/17/13 2:17 P

SparkPeople chair videos. Walk

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1/17/13 12:26 P

A person who is morbidly obese can do many things, depending on mobility. You can walk, even if slow at first and for a short distance - build up gradually. Swimming, light weights at home, just move your body. If you can move your arms, do it! up and down for as many reps as you can. Just never say you CAN'T because of your size.

Hope that helps!!


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1/17/13 11:24 A

Yep, lots of little things you can do and very slowly build up. If you don't own any small handweights, you can do overhead presses, bicep curls, etc with a soup can all while seated. Even just extended your leg and lifting for a few reps counts. Just remember, ANY movement is awesome. Today might be only 10 minutes of leg lifts and biceps curls, but in a week or two, you'll be able to bump that to 15 minutes and add another walk from the bedroom to kitchen and back.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/17/13 4:33 A

Great question. Start with small things and let your body tell you if it's too much. Gentle walk in the house. Aim for 25 steps couple times a day. Keep increasing the step number. Swing your arms gently then try to hold cans of soup. Move arms and legs.

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1/17/13 1:25 A

just adding to the song: start small, do what you can, and keep doing it. after my surgery, believe it or not, the physical therapist had me doing exercises lying in bed. mostly flexing my feet, but it was hard at that point in recovery. i still have some restrictions on movements, but i'm getting stronger. do what you can, and keep doing it. at the start, everything counts.

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1/16/13 11:16 P

I think it's great that you want to start!!
As others have mentioned, it's best to get the ok from your DR first. I started out at 305 pounds and did 10 minutes of exercise at a time. Sometimes that meant light free weights for 10 minutes, or a segment of my 10 minute dance workout video, or 10 minutes of a longer video. When I started that 5 or 10 minutes was HARD. But you CAN do it! Even sparkguy says in the Spark book that if you can do a streak of 10 minutes per day everyday, you'll start to feel so much more energy and mobility, and you'll want to start doing more and you'll be ABLE to do more :)

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1/16/13 10:36 P

Online Now  • ))
As others have said, start small, and work your way up to more intense and longer exercise. When I started out at 260 pounds, I tried to walk home from work (about a mile). I made it -- but barely! I was literally gasping for breath, and had to sit for 20 minutes to get back to normal. So for my next attempt, I tried a shorter walk, until that got comfortable, and worked my way up to a mile, and then much more. It really did not take that long, but I did have to be a bit patient with it in the beginning. Just push a little more each time. If housework is a little hard for you now -- do what you normally do, but add just a little bit at the end. (Maybe 5 minutes of dancing to your iPod, walk up some stairs,be creative -- just get your blood moving!) Then next time do a little more. Before you know it, the chores will be easy, and you'll be looking for new challenges.

Good for you for having the courage to start. You can do this!

FALCONGIRL2010 Posts: 148
1/16/13 10:05 P

Start small. Just walk a few minutes or a set number of steps a day. When that gets easy, increase your goal steps/time. Everything counts, don't tell yourself that only 5 minutes isn't worth it, it adds up! Soon you will be able to walk a mile, then three, then jog a mile. You can do anything with small, attainable goals and perseverance!

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1/16/13 9:52 P

I agree with all the comment below, & emoticon I also suggest is to do what ever you can 5 min several times a day for a couple weeks then increase your exercise just a couple extra min. every couple weeks soon you will be doing jumping jacks.

emoticon emoticon

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1/16/13 9:23 P

I weigh over 500 lbs. I started walking back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom. 15 steps each way. When I started out, I couldn't make it 3 times. That was 90 steps. Now I can go back and forth 10, 15, 20 times a few times I made it back and forth 30 times. Sometimes my right calf hurts so bad. I don't know if I am doing something wrong. My goal was 2100 steps then I raised it up to 2700 steps. Now its 3000 steps a day. In a couple weeks I will raise it again. I go for 10 times to start with... If I am going good I will go for another 10. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. I just try again in a half hour or so. Dont know if I should walk longer each time or keep it the way I am doing it

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11/7/12 7:11 P

Try to do exercise not only with bad knees but trouble breathing and getting shortness of breath with minimal excertion.

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3/8/12 1:17 P

Hey honey,

I don't know what weight/height ratio you are calling "morbidly obese" but as an obese woman myself (5'1 and over 200 lbs) I want to tell you that you are stronger than you think. You are more capable than you think. Find something that's even a half an hour a day that you can commit to doing and won't wear you out and make you hesitant to go back to the next day.

Personally, I have found the 'Couch to 5K' plan unbelievably empowering. For me, being able to work my way up to jogging for even a minute straight is HUGE. It makes me feel incredible and emotional and like maybe I am not a lost cause after all.

I can't suggest what would work best for you because I am not sure of your fitness level, but I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that you are definitely not alone. We big girls and guys just need to start believing in ourselves and loving ourselves and realize that we are worth the work it takes to get healthy.

Hugs xoxo

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3/7/12 10:50 P

Great ideas listed here, I just wanted to add, that what you do might not seem like much at first. But the more you weigh, the more calories you burn! You'll burn more calories walking 5 minutes than a 100 lb person would.

COCHESE321 SparkPoints: (50,857)
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3/7/12 6:16 P

I believe the "Sit and Be Fit" series is still on TV.

I recently got a yoga video with alterations for doing the poses in a chair. There also was an article here on SP about a woman who teaches yoga for the obese.

My mother, who was basically disabled, had a PT who had her marching in her chair, stretching her feet (pointing and flexing them), doing some walking holding onto the kitchen counters, etc.

Anything you can do within your physical means, you should do, When that begins to feel really comfortable, do a little more.

Bless you. And good luck in your journey!

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,169)
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3/7/12 2:15 P

Walk away the pounds is awesome and is what I started with- just do what you can! Another thing I would recommend is an aqua class- low impact and very good for someone just starting out.

BIKERBABYZ Posts: 2,260
3/7/12 1:50 P

I agree that walking and water aerobics of any kind are great places to start.

I found watching the Biggest Loser is helpful too to find exercises that morbidly obese people can do. There have been contestants on there over 400+ pounds and they were all still able to workout too.

Once you feel you can do a little more, shadow boxing is a great idea too!

JOISIEE Posts: 195
1/9/12 12:14 A

I am already doing cardio on the treadmill, but no one has addressed strength training for the morbidly obese, particularly for the core.

I am expecting to start incorporating strength-training after my next doctor's appointment on the 24th. I am already working on cardio on the treadmill, but I know more muscle burns more calories.

At 361 lbs (27 lost since September, thank you very much) and with bad knees, I am afraid to get down on the floor because I have already injured myself more than once just getting up again.

So, I went to the exercise demos here,
, and saved the ones I can do without rolling around on the floor in my favorites on my web browser. A lot of what I do for core and strength-training exercises will depend on what the doctor says about my knees. It's not bad enough to need knee replacements yet, and I would like very much to keep it that way.

If I could get my hands on a mat table like they had in PT when I was in the hospital back in September, I would be able to do more core exercises.

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8/19/11 9:20 P

YOU ROCK! It takes a lot of courage to want to better yourself and admit that you're struggling with it! Take the advice of everyone on the thread and consult your doctor first to make sure it is even safe for you to exercise.

Start with baby steps. Every little teeny tiny step you take is a step closer to success. It's going to be hard, you're going to get discouraged and you're going to feel like you can't do it, BUT YOU CAN! Hang in there and when things get tough, come visit everyone here at Spark. We'll understand and help you through it :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
8/19/11 8:50 P

Firstly, congrats on wanting to do something about exercise, and for asking questions.

There are a number of good suggestions here in this thread already about walking short distances, or even walking in place.

The key here to building fitness is not that exercise should be hard or fast, just that you should do it regularly. I think it helps to schedule your "workout" for the same time each day - that way it soon becomes a natural part of your routine, rather than something you need to get specifically motivated for. A little bit of 'public' accountability can help. Put up a calendar on the fridge labelled "Wannawalks walks" and tick off each day that you work out.

One comment I would make is at this stage, keep the pace down, and go for duration instead. Cut the speed, but try to keep going for 5 minutes, then perhaps add a minute a day. The good news about starting from a low base is that if you exercise regularly, you will start seeing fitness gains in just a couple of weeks. Once you get to being able to work out for 20-30 minutes (even at a gentle pace), then you can work on slowly increasing the intensity.


8/18/11 9:22 P

I weigh 360 pounds right now, and I have found that walking is the best for me as well. I am fortunate to work for a company that has a free gym, with heavy duty treadmills. I love walking on the treadmill, and have found that in only the week or so I have been doing it, I have been able to increase my speed, and my distance, as well as the elevation. You can't IMAGINE how good it feels to step off the treadmill and see that you have just walked a mile, when all you feel like you did was watch Family Guy. emoticon

Start slow, start with short distances or times. If you can get on a smart treadmill, set it to the fat burning setting, so it will monitor your heart rate, and adjust the speed for you. You can do it, and when you feel that sense of accomplishment afterwards, you will be really proud of yourself!

DAIMERE Posts: 755
1/19/11 8:19 A

When I was 300 pounds, I started with Walk Away the Pounds. I started with 15 minutes, one miler. I also used a pedometer for work and would increase my steps slowly.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,622)
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Posts: 15,853
1/19/11 8:16 A

You definitely want to read the Think You're Too Heavy To Exercise series.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
1/19/11 8:01 A

I agree with those who said you should speak to a doctor before starting an exercise regime. But I can also suggest a few other activities to try once you get the go-ahead.

- Water aerobics will be gentler on your limbs than weight-bearing exercise, so this could be a good place to start if you have access to a pool.

- Tai chi is relaxing and the gentle movements will help you build flexibility and stability, which will come in handy later.

- DonĀ“t forget the simple pleasure of simply putting on some good tunes and dancing in your room. Initially, you might want to focus more on moving your arms than moving your legs - but just think about moving a little to the music (whatever feels good), one song at a time. It will put a smile on your face.

CHALL345 Posts: 1,073
1/18/11 6:22 P

thats great, just moving your arms is exercise! emoticon

1/18/11 6:02 P

Moving ANY part of your body will burn calories. Even just wiggling one's hand or foot. She should be moving something constantly, not just once in a while.

I would suggest that a very heavy person do as much with their arms and hands as possible. Do a peddle motion, or a modified jumping jack. Punch the air and duck like a boxer. Pretend you are playing the drums--best if you can get some music with that. As time goes on start lifting some VERY LIGHT weights and/or work with an elastic, exercise band to start building some muscle.

See if you can get a little peddle contraption which you can peddle while sitting in a chair or use as a hand/arm exerciser. Medical supply stores often have these.

She HAS to watch what she is eating!!! And she HAS to start pushing herself with the exercise.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/18/11 3:50 P

i have a very good friend with a lot of weight to lose. she cannot stand very well or for any length of time - walking is out of the question BUT she has a exertube, does some leg raises while sitting, moves her arms over her head and stretches. she also tosses a ball - with her dog or against the wall. her back is not the best and she has lots of problems but she is trying hard. once she starts to see some results, and her body starts to respond she will be able to do a little more every day.
it is little steps, i have suggested she lift cans of juice - whatever she can handle. and she is very willing to learn 0therwise we are looking at an early grave. any one can improve - all the best just keep at it. BB

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CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,707)
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1/18/11 3:38 P

you can do it. A LONG time ago here on Spark there was a person who had started out just walking in place in front of her TV, Or walking in a pool cause it was easier for her. After a while she ended up JOGGING in place in front of her TV. After a Long battle she ended up losing 200 lbs!

There was a guy last year that they showed on the biggest loser show that He had heard one of the trainers say that walking was free, and just to start moving. He did and after a year they weighed him at the show and he had lost a TON of weight JUST WALKING.

You can DO IT.


1/18/11 1:35 P

I agree with Archimedes - first consult your doctor to get the "all clear" for exercise. Any personal trainer worth their salt will tell you that first and foremost.
Exercise is pretty much just about challenging your body. Do whatever is challenging for you. If that's walking for 5 minutes, then that's where you start. You'll find that soon 5 minutes is pretty easy. That's when you up it to 7 minutes, and so on. If you don't want to walk outside, walk around your house. You can even walk in place, step side to side/front and back, while you watch a TV program.
You can do it! Best wishes to you.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,476)
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1/18/11 12:49 P

Ideally, if you haven't talked to your doctor about adding regular exercise, you really should. A person should always consult their doctor before they start exercising especially if they have been sedentary.

What to do ? If walking across the room is all you can do right now, that's what you start with. There are members who started walking by going out to their mailbox and back. Your strength and endurance will increase with time, but you really do have to give your body the time it needs to get stronger.

So, start with what you can, if all you can do is walk for five minutes, that's where you start.

You literally take baby steps to start. take small steps. make small changes. don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated. If you can, you really should have an appointment with your doctor to discuss your weight loss.

DAPHNE_RUNS Posts: 4,216
1/18/11 12:35 P

Hello there.

You should work with your personal care physican (PCP) as to what exercises you can do. Finding a personal trainer would probably be a good idea too. Either of the two would be a good place to start with knowledge about knowing the limits your body can endure.

Good luck with your goals here on Spark.


KZIEGNER SparkPoints: (11,699)
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1/18/11 12:35 P

Walking is my first thoguht but starting out slowly. If all you can do is 5 minutes, then so be it. Each day set a goloa to go a little further each day. IF you are morbidly obese, I would also suggest speaking to your doctor to see what they can recommend. Not everyoine has the physical abiloty to start off running for example. But staert with what you CAN do and push yourself a little further each time. It will get better and you will see yourself increaing the duration you can do these things. Best of luck!

WANNAWALK SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/11 12:27 P

I really want to burn calories but it's very hard because I get so winded quickly. I can hardly walk across the room without starting to breathe heavily. Simple chores like making my bed is difficult. I'm not looking for a fast or quick fix. I know it will take time so I'm looking for something that will get me moving and motivate me so that someday I will be able to walk and do chores without having to stop to rest.

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