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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/6/14 6:17 P

A little googling leads me to believe the term is used in relation to ellipticals, but I'm not sure why they wouldn't just say "we have ellipticals!", a term that everyone actually knows!

My gym JUST got a rowing machine, so I'm excited to try that out. :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,988
1/6/14 5:23 P

I'm not familiar with that term either. Let us know what it's about after your appointment!

Coach Jen

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1/6/14 5:18 P


1/6/14 4:37 P

I'm not familiar with that term. Maybe they meant selectorized machines, which are weight machines that you use a pin to select the weight.

I guess you'll find out tomorrow..

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1/6/14 2:44 P

I am comparing a couple of gyms and the website for one of the gyms mentions "select drive machines." Is this referring to cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, stationary and spin bikes? Or is it referring to something else? If it's talking about cardio equipment, would this automatically include the rowing machine?

I haven't been by that gym yet, but hoping to check it out tomorrow. The pricing is reasonable ($30/month; $75 for 3 months; $135 for 6 months) and there is no fee to join. The rowing machine is my favorite indoor cardio equipment, especially since it seems to get used the least. As of right now, the YMCA is the only place that has a rowing machine. It's $50/month and the $60 joining fee is waived this month.

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