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7/7/13 9:02 P

Sometimes it is the visual that will attract kids, as opposed to the taste. One thing that I have found to pique their interest in trying things is to have 2 soups - one pumpkin (pureed with potato, onion and a LITTLE bit of garlic) and the other Swiss Chard (also pureed with potato, onion, and a LITTLE bit of garlic.) NOW comes the good bit. Pour one into a bowl, and then get a cookie cutting that is hollow right through, put it INTO the bowl of soup, and carefully pour some of the other soup into that bowl. LIGHTLY sprinkle a little nutmeg over the top and perhaps drizzle a tiny bit of natural, unsweetened, unflavoured yoghurt over it. You can have all sorts of shapes going on, and the pumpkin and Swiss Chard go really well together. Have it with a little grilled cheese on toast.


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I'm single and a cat mom so my answer may not help but my go to meal, especially when I'm short on time....pb&j.

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For the whole family quick ideas
Turkey burgers with sweet potato or regular baked fries
Ground turkey or lean beef tacos

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7/6/13 3:11 P

5-minute prep meals:

- bagged salad + fresh tuna pouch + salsa + EVOO (mix well)
- bag of baby spinach + salmon pouch + greek yogurt + garlic powder,etc (mix well)
- green smoothie of any combo
- frozen fish and veggies in a foil packet, baked

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7/6/13 1:52 P

Thanks for all the great ideas about quick and health ideas. I especially liked the idea of creating and freezing bulk meals and entering them into the Groups on the Nutrition Tracker. As this will make it much easier to keep track of the food I am eating, eat health meals and have food on hand that is nutritious. It will also help to save my family money since we will be less likely to go out for fast food when time for cooking is limited during the week.

Does anyone have anything that really appeals to everyone in their family? I have two boys that are always hungry and yet they are picky about what they eat at home...but always excited about going out and getting exactly what they want. Have some delicious options available for them to heat up from the freezer would be a great option or easy to make meals that they could get started for me before I get home from work. My husband does not cook but we just bought a grill and he has made a few things on it since we purchased it.

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7/6/13 6:57 A

Breakfast meals are easy-greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. Greek yogurt is sort of an acquired taste but I prefer it than regular. Plus it is more filling

Lunch-salad, pasta salad, wrap or in a pinch frozen healthy meal with fruit

Dinner-Roast a chicken-one night, you can have some of that with vegetables-have leftovers make chicken salad, make wraps or you can put a pork shoulder is a crock pot. You can have pork sandwiches- you can add bbq to it to change it up for a day-put in on top of a baked potato-freeze some of it for another week.

I also joined emeals-which creates my grocery list for lunch and dinner. It gives me a variety and I can cook it in advance if I want

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7/6/13 3:31 A

I bulk cook and then freeze in individual serves. I enter them into the Groups on the Nutrition Tracker. Soups, Casseroles and Pizza are great for this. I sometimes have one for lunch, or for dinner add cook some veges in the Jacket, in a pot, OR have it with toast. The beauty of this is that it is a very good way of saving money, by taking advantage of specials with meats and veges, and also it is only one lot of power/gas used for cooking and cleaning up after.

My quick breakfasts are a banana and a good quality yoghurt, otherwise I usually have banana, microwaved Rolled Oats and a piece of fruit.


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7/6/13 12:01 A

I make dinners fast for me and my son. I can cook a chicken breast (split it with my son, they are so big these days) cheap steaks, or those thin pork chops in minutes in a teflon fry pan (actually the thin pork chops are super quick). I get the pan hot, sear both sides, then turn the pan down low, put the lid on, and let it steam until it is done (except for the pork chop, that is pretty much done once browned. In general, the meat is done when a puddle of its juices forms around the piece in the pan. And if it is not done, like if a chicken breast is especially thick, cut it in half, return it to the pan, and turn the burner up to medium for a couple minutes.

I will microwave two smallish red potatoes for 5 minutes, then steam broccoli in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, or thaw some other frozen vegie, then either have a piece of fruit or some corn to go with dinner. If I am cooking fresh corn, I leave some husk on two of them and microwave the two for six minutes total.

Sometimes I will do whole wheat pasta instead of potatoes, but it does take a bit longer to get the water to come to a boil.

Pour a glass of milk and that is it.

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7/5/13 10:29 P

Lightly toast an English muffin. Spread a wedge of Laughing Cow Swiss cheese across each half. Slice a hard-boiled egg and set on top of each half. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Yummy!

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7/5/13 10:24 P

Could you share some of your favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you make and freeze. I am trying to create a weeks worth of menus at a time to make it easier to create healthy meals with a limited amount of time needing to be spent on cooking Monday through Friday.

Do you have any meals that you can easily make that are fresh other than salads?

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