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HDMARTIN88 Posts: 639
1/8/11 11:13 P

I don't give an allowance. My kids have the option of doing chores to earn money, but they have to do them on their own, without being told to earn the money.

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1/2/11 9:16 P


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1/1/11 11:51 P

I have 2 10yrs and an 11yr. The twins each get $5 a week. The older one gets $7. They have household chores that they need to do, but they understand allowance is not pay for chores. It's a whole separate thing. Allowance is for them to learn how to budget, save (short and long term), learn how to make choices and figure out what things they can live without. However, they can do EXTRA chores for
money if they want.

KLC1925 Posts: 208
12/29/10 1:30 P

I do not believe in giving my son a allowance. He has certain chores that he has to do. He can earn money after he has finished all his chores. I have a list of things on the refrigerator that he can do with the amount I will pay for them. if he acts up there is a section for deductions. I total it and pay him every other week when I get paid. Once he receives the money, 10% goes into a give envelope, 45% in the save and the 45% for him to spend.

It is a great way to teach him about life.

Chores are what is expected of him as a member of our family. I don't get paid to do them so neither will he.

ALEXIA17LOVE Posts: 588
12/29/10 10:59 A

wow.. what great suggestions!
I will definitely be using some strategies to teach my kids to earn and save money! :)

GIVEUP30 Posts: 28,111
12/15/10 1:53 P

OH for Pete sakes....I bet your right this rusty old mind just thought even way back when we gave 10 cents a week they still had to save to get the 99 cent hot wheel car. Just couldn't afford anymore until they got to first grade then went up something. They had to empty trash, keep bed maked, work out in yard. Today they are super good helper. Wives love them they help with what ever they can when home from work.

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12/15/10 1:35 P

Ok I not sure I understand...One dollar per year-- Now a day How do you get birthday presents, Christmas with one dollar.

She probably means a dollar per year of age, paid weekly.

A 10 year old gets $10/week, a 6 year old gets $6/week, etc.

GIVEUP30 Posts: 28,111
12/15/10 1:41 A

ANOTHERMOMOF2....Ok I not sure I understand...One dollar per year-- Now a day How do you get birthday presents, Christmas with one dollar. emoticon

GIVEUP30 Posts: 28,111
12/15/10 1:38 A

CSIENK-- every home should read this emoticon emoticon

ANOTHERMOMOF2 Posts: 4,473
11/27/10 9:25 A

We give ours a dollar per year. Out of their allowance they have to buy presents at birthdays, Christmas for family. The older one has to pay for his cell phone out of his allowance.

CSIENK Posts: 6,724
11/27/10 9:22 A

Before we decided to give our kids an allowance, I read this article:

The best thing I gleaned from it was not to tie household chores to their allowance. They do chores because they're part of our family and that's what's expected from family members.

_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,864
11/26/10 12:28 A

Ok, I just skimmed the question and answers (sorry! Just back from road trip and animals are begging for too much Mommy time.)

I have an 11-yr-old and 9-yr-old. Both are "relatively" mature. I give the 11 y.o. $10/week and the 9 y.o. $8/week. I just gave them raises, because their money didn't seem to be enough to both afford indulgences *and* savings.

Two years ago, I was only giving them about fifty cents per year of age. I realized that they could not buy ANYTHING with that and save. When I upped their allowances, they were better about saving *and* budgeting for wants.

Our allowances aren't tied 100 percent to chores, but we expect kids to help out (as a team) around house before/after dinner, with laundry, and with keeping the house clean in general. They can earn extra by polishing shoes, cleaning cars, etc. But they have regular (family team) chores we expect them to do daily and weekly.

I must say though, that once I INCREASED my kids' allowance, they pestered me less to buy stuff for them (which I rarely indulged anyway), and became more astute at spending their own money only on things that they were truly interested in. Because it was their money, they thought twice.

So, it's been a win-win situation for us both. Just got back from a (tight-budget) vacation, and kids were pretty happy with our budgeting all-round. I hope this helps them long-term. I don't think they felt like they missed out on a THING. We all came back happy.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
11/23/10 10:36 P

Have changed the way give allowance as she gets older. When she turned 13 (she is now 15), calculated how much she would need to be able to pay for her own movies, buy her own creams, deoderant, etc (I still do toothpaste and soap), and clothes and added that to what had been giving her before. Seems to work as she now is careful about what spends it on. When she was smaller gave her 10x her age every month so it did increase on birthdays. (am in South Africa so amounts will be meaningless)

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11/17/10 4:53 P

I have a 17 year old daughter and a 12 year old son - I pay my daughter $30 per month and my son $20. For the most part - I'm a working Mother and I need help with the chores and things around the house - so they do the Bathroom, Garbage, dishes, and anything else that I might need them to do. There is one stipulation, though. Half of the money goes into an "Education" bank and the other half, they can spend on what they want - but they need to save up for anything that is a major purchase. This seems to work out very well and they have a very strong Education ethic - both of them want to be able to go to University - so this will help out tremendously.

MYREALANA SparkPoints: (30,332)
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11/17/10 1:38 P

I have a 15-year-old and a 7-year-old.

The 15-year-old gets $15 a week, and the younger boy gets $5. They get allowance for breathing. It's not tied to chores, or behavior.

We determined the amount by deciding what we would want them to be able to do. We wanted each of them to be able to save some of their weekly allowance for big purchases, but still be able to buy themselves something reasonable to their age each week. So, far the amounts have worked out well. They know better than to ask for toys or treats unless they're paying for them, and they have learned how to save up when they really want something.

GIVEUP30 Posts: 28,111
11/15/10 2:12 A

I started allowances when they started Kindergarten 5 cent a week. They put it in a piggy bank. Went to 10 cents. Hot wheel cars came out for only 99 cents but they had to save for it. At that young age they could help me with the trash, put their clothes in drawers on wash day, keep room clean. 20 cent second grade .then the quarter and since we didn't have much spare money it stayed at the quarter for a long time. They really didnt need money except to learn to save it until they were ready to buy a birthday present or hot wheel car. They have everyone of them to this day in their carrying cases we got them. Must have at least a hundred of them but they just love to play with then.

11/12/10 11:41 A

Mine are 9, 10 and 12. They are to keep their rooms clean, do their laundry and each has daily & weekly chores. The daily takes 5-10 minutes each, the weekly about 15-20.

We don't consider taking care of their room/laundry as being allowance-eligible. What I mean is, its their stuff - its their responsibility. My son (12) gets $3 per week, the girls get $2 each. The oldest helps some with looking after the girls here and there and is often asked to do extra odds & ends.

But that is if they get it in cash to spend. If they save it, we double. It doesn't matter what they save it for - the idea is to teach them to think about their spending rather than go to Walmart and buy candy each time they have cash. My son saved up and bought a Nintendo DS Lite. He sold his old Nintendo DS to my youngest, who saved up her money to buy it from him. My other daughter just bought a leopard gecko. Which is probably going to consume most of her $ going forward - for food & supplies.

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11/11/10 8:53 P

Ha! I give my daughter a place to live, food, clothing, toys, video games, you name it. So, for allowance...nothing. husband and I figure that she needs to know that it's hard to work to maintain a house and that's one thing you don't get paid for. She never complains about not getting paid-probably because she doesn't know it could happen. I never got an allowance growing up either. It's nice that people do...good for you.

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
11/11/10 7:53 P

Thanks for replying everyone! It's always fun to hear what others do.

LUVCHE Posts: 60
11/11/10 4:39 P

My son is 6. He gets so much that I keep his allowance low. For keeping his room clean and helping with tidying up he gets 2$ a week. He almost always puts it in a wallet he keeps in a hiding spot. He saves it up for Cub Scout activities and incidentals (his den doesn't have dues, so he saves it for when he needs paints and stuff for his pinewood derbies, etc).
Or is they have a popcorn or candy sale at school

JENNYMOMMA3 SparkPoints: (20,885)
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11/11/10 2:46 P

My kids are 12, 10 and 9. Each get $5 a week, but for every chore "forgotten" they lose $1. So it really varies per week.

KBTYLER Posts: 119
11/10/10 9:18 P

When our daughter was younger, we paid by the chore. We had a list that she could do. We also had her put 10% of her money in a bank. To teach her how to save money. She is now 16 1/2 and very good with money and believes that you should earn money.

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
11/10/10 7:59 P

What does everyone pay their kids for allowance? Does it vary by age? And do you require your kids to do certain chores or meet certain requirements in order to earn their allowance?

We have 2 kids earning allowance, 10 and 6, we pay them the same,(1.50 a week, though they also get paid for babysitting their brother and for good grades) and we expect them to keep their room neat in order to get it. Just curious as to what everyone else does.

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