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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
11/20/09 6:01 P

When I want chocolate only chocolate will do.

And, I refuse to eat diet food.

So what I do is I get out the chocolate. Measure a serving and put it back in the cabinet. Out of sight out of mind.

11/20/09 5:08 P

Like the replies below me, I also eat semi-sweet or dark chocolate.

I sometimes keep a 70% dark chocolate bar in my desk at work and I'll eat 3 squares which is about 55 calories. At home, I go for semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 tablespoon is about 70 calories. That will satisfy the craving.

Someone below mentioned Green & Black's chocolate and I cannot recommend this enough! so delicious!

Also tootsie rolls are good if you can moderate how many you eat.

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11/20/09 5:06 P

I have a handful of raw almonds and cacao nibs.
Or i spoil myself and get a bar of vosges sugar-free chocolate. It's expensive, but worth it occasionally!

11/20/09 4:57 P

Semi-sweet chocolate chips. I measure out a portion, say one heaping tablespoon into a bowl. Put the bag of chips away. Make myself a cup of good, hot tea. Then sit and slowly savor one chip at a time with sips of tea in between. I focus on the flavor of the chocolate and really try to savor it.

This really satisfies my chocolate craving without going over board.

The chips aren't as good tasting as some other forms of chocolate, and this helps me to focus just on the craving without getting side tracked by some OMG too good to be true chocolate truffle or what not.

CANDY78 Posts: 128
11/20/09 4:54 P

When I want chocolate I want pure chocolate, so I usually have a few dark chocolate chocolate chips, they satisfy your craving immediatley!!

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (24,109)
Fitness Minutes: (73,773)
Posts: 693
11/20/09 4:12 P

To me, nothing can compare to actually having the real thing, so I don't even try to find substitutes when I want chocolate. The key is to eat dark chocolate and in small amounts. Since you say that portion control is an issue for you, try putting dark chocolate bars in the freezer. When I'm wanting a piece, I break off two pieces and savor them slowly. When they're cold it's impossible to wolf down and entire bar and because it's richer and has a thicker consistency, dark chocolate is far more satisfying in smaller doses.

SILLYIRISH708 Posts: 4
11/20/09 4:08 P

A Fudgecicle...Sugar free ones are even good!

MDELINE Posts: 25
11/20/09 4:01 P

cocoa almonds (100 calorie pack) or a chocolate chip rice cake. Both are yummy.

BERTYHA Posts: 71
11/20/09 3:43 P

In the summer i eat a lot of fudgesicles now i like sug free chocolate pudding topped with sug fr coolwhip, sometimes i have angel food topped with sug fr pudding

SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (299,837)
Fitness Minutes: (194,210)
Posts: 10,197
11/20/09 3:43 P

Nestle's 25 calorie hot chocolate

BECKERS31 Posts: 16
11/20/09 3:26 P

Dang why did I start reading this!! Now I WANT chocolate!!! I was a Ho Ho junkie!!! I love those stupid purely fat chocolate devils... Ah, the good old days.. Now I shoot for Fat Free Hot chocolate.. I have had the 3 musketeers mint candies.. the little bitty bite size ones.. oh man are they good.. but they are not allowed in the house anymore.. for that very reason!!

LEEANNE1980 Posts: 270
11/20/09 3:22 P

Sugar-free pudding

GGROSE67 Posts: 74
11/20/09 3:20 P

Ok Now I know why I'm booked for LAX ...first stop Trader Joe's...Oh Bring this chain to Canada...please!

11/20/09 3:19 P

Lindor Chocolate Truffles. You can eat up to three (that's their serving size), but they're so rich, I find just one hits the spot.

BREN4376 SparkPoints: (17,501)
Fitness Minutes: (10,914)
Posts: 1,118
11/20/09 3:17 P

If I want something I let myself have it. I just work it into my calories. My favorite is anything with dark chocolate.

BAREADER Posts: 1,285
11/20/09 3:03 P

Ghiradelli Squares, Dark Chocolate 60% cacao. A little goes a long way.

GGROSE67 Posts: 74
11/20/09 3:00 P

I have one or two dark chocolate kisses. This has been a real issue in the past because my husband keeps a stash of treats in our liquor cabinet. Recently he told me he sneaks a treat when I'm busy and not relaxing in the living-room. emoticon
Otherwise a few walnuts, dried apricots, almonds (pick one!) and I'm good...I am not a sweet nut but savory!And I find it is more of an issue!

GROVERE Posts: 331
11/20/09 2:49 P

I know both of these have already been said, but just to agree with them

1) Vitatops/Vitabrownies (100 calories)
2) Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds (100 calorie packs)

LILDOT1958 Posts: 69
11/20/09 2:46 P

I eat Emerald's Coco Roast Almonds (100 calorie pack is 8 fat grams) or one square of dark chocolate.

CARRIE4116 Posts: 68
11/20/09 2:38 P

When I crave chocolate I either have something small or chocolate chip pieces, chocolate milk I do sometimes this way I get some milk in too :)

ARKEENER Posts: 19
11/20/09 2:32 P

I've recently discovered the Jello Mousse Temptations... individual cups of whipped pudding.. plus I eat them with a toddler spoon, so I feel like I'm getting more bites per cup... sooooooo yummy and only 60 cals!!!

STAREYEZ064 Posts: 93
11/20/09 2:03 P

Fiber One Chocolate and Oats chewy bars. They are soo good they taste like a candy bar emoticon

ALOVEBEAM Posts: 1,439
11/20/09 1:54 P

I drink chocolate Shakeology..yummo

11/20/09 1:49 P

3 squares of Green & Black Oraganic Dark Chocolate w/ Mint. Each square is about 20 calories each.

BOSTONGIRL75 Posts: 42
11/20/09 1:47 P

I really do not get cravings, except around the 1st of every month and when they hit me, I eat a chocolate covered granola bar. I have to work out a little harder that day, but its worth it and they dont have as many calories as a full size candy bar but do the same thing for me that a candy bar would.

SHRNGRD Posts: 79
11/20/09 1:46 P

My latest thing is the 'diet hot chocolate by Swiss Miss'. It's only 25 cal. I see why though, it's only 6 fluid oz. LOL!!! But definatly fixed my crave for some chocolate!

ZESTYREDHEAD14 Posts: 1,210
11/20/09 1:45 P

I actually really like the Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Bars. They are just as good as any other ice cream bar at night. They are only 110 calories and realllly good!

JAMJAH Posts: 46
11/20/09 1:43 P

The "Cat Cookies for People" from Trader Joe's. A serving is about 15 cookies (which is more than I eat at once) and, overall, they aren't too bad for you.

CINDEELOU Posts: 208
11/20/09 1:41 P

Those Skinny Cow ice cream choices. I get the mint one dipped in chocolate for 80 calories. They are creamy not icy, so I really like them.

SLCOLMAN SparkPoints: (56,098)
Fitness Minutes: (22,421)
Posts: 9,099
11/20/09 1:34 P

One square of really good dark chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth don't chew!

KOKOAPONI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,220)
Posts: 566
11/20/09 1:28 P

Nonfat milk with Hershey's dark syrup.

GIRANIMAL SparkPoints: (35,486)
Fitness Minutes: (59,034)
Posts: 1,695
11/20/09 1:28 P

VitaTops! They are so awesome. I actually learned about them on SparkPeople in a post somewhere. They have like 6 grams of fiber and 3-4 grams of protein. So they both give you a yummy chocolate fix AND keep you satisfied. I sound like I own stock in the company or something, but I love, love, love them! emoticon

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
11/20/09 1:26 P

I have a square or two of dark chocolate when I have a craving.

PJC1967 Posts: 1,496
11/20/09 1:24 P

I agree with WWBULBS the weight watchers chocolate cake with chocolate icing is so delicious and they now make a chocolate chocolate chip ice cream in small cups so good. emoticon

MIKEYB86 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,117)
Posts: 13
11/20/09 1:18 P

I eat cocoa roasted almonds by Emerald. They taste like chocolate and give you the healthy fat from almonds you need and are awesome!

KITRINA13 Posts: 12
11/20/09 1:17 P

Chocolate Yoplait whips are great out of the freezer... also if I am at work sitting down sometimes I'll have a chocolate tootsie pop. They are only 60 calories, but they last a while. That way I don't need more than one... where as if I do small chocolate bars I tend to keep eating them...

WWBULBS Posts: 2,036
11/20/09 1:12 P

Since I'm with Weight Watchers, I stick with their desserts/ice cream, and the chocolate ice cream is great (can get it in cones or cups), and the fudgies are also good.

SUNNYARIZONA SparkPoints: (232,649)
Fitness Minutes: (276,884)
Posts: 12,948
11/20/09 1:07 P

Little Fudge brownies that I buy at Sprouts. They are 60 calories a piece. OH they are to DIE FOR!

KAISERSOZE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,298)
Posts: 933
11/20/09 1:07 P

There are a few different things that I will eat if I need a chocolate fix. I just pick one of the following: a miniature chocolate bar, a chocolate pudding cup or a glass of half chocolate milk/half white milk.

I'm lucky in that I don't really get too many cravings for chocolate. It's something I can take or leave. But every once in a while I'll get a taste for it and one of the three things I mentioned always hits the spot!

11/20/09 12:14 P

I make nice hot cocoa! With milk and cocoa powder its a healthy enough snack.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
11/20/09 12:10 P

When I am really desperate and need to save calories I will do a pure dutch cocoa powder hot chocolate with splenda..

If I have more to save I would eat a cube of pure sugarless chocolate so it is intense and I won't tend to eat more?

Prepare water to drink after eating or the cravings will increase!

JAZZYSHINE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,657)
Posts: 933
11/20/09 11:58 A


ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (34,950)
Fitness Minutes: (40,437)
Posts: 1,534
11/20/09 11:45 A

I will have one of the Hershey's 100 calorie bars. It makes me feel like I'm having a large portion, but for only 100 calories. Sometimes, I'll add sugar free chocolate syrup to my milk or do chocolate or yogurt covered raisins.

MFLEESAK SparkPoints: (122,274)
Fitness Minutes: (54,641)
Posts: 8,348
11/20/09 11:36 A

I buy one mini-chocolate bar at a time. They sell them that way at a hospital gift store across from my job. I really like Skinny Cow frozen ice creams. There is a chocolate truffle one that is to die for (only 100 calories).I also eat the chocolate puddings.

HLMILLER08 Posts: 73
11/20/09 11:28 A

Carob chips!! They are amazing! They taste almost exactly like dark chocolate, but you can have double the amount, for half the calories and fat of semi-sweet chocolate chips!

11/20/09 11:15 A

When I'm craving chocolate now I either eat a square or two of Lindt 70% dark chocolate or a tbsp of dark chocolate chips. Tastes great and you get more of the chocolatey flavour because it's dark :)

Now I've started mixing up my chocolate with things like nuts and raisins to make a trail mix, or vanilla frozen yogourt (I love the way the chocolate chips kind of freeze and crack when you bite them). Keeps me fuller for longer while still getting the nice chocolatey taste :) Hope that helps!

RUTHIP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,760)
Posts: 860
11/20/09 11:04 A

When I get an urge for chocolate, I absolutely have to stay away from regular chocolate (I just can't control myself!). Instead, I usually eat either a FiberPlus Chocolate Almond bar or a Luna Bar (my favorites are Caramel Nut Brownie & Chocolate Raspberry, yum!). Both give me the chocolate taste that I crave, but I'm also getting fiber, protein and other vitamins at the same time. I consider it a win/win!

emoticon Ruth

TALESIN Posts: 423
11/20/09 10:55 A

I wish I could help. I do the low-fat and/or sugar free chocolate pudding, and the mini candy bar thing, too. I sometimes find that the mini candy bar spurs a binge. But sometimes one mini does the trick.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (223,227)
Fitness Minutes: (83,020)
Posts: 7,170
11/20/09 10:46 A

I eat the miniature Hershey candies or ONE Reese's Cup. I've learned I'm in control, not the food, so I remember all the progress I've made and that helps me stop at one or two.

BOOKKEEPER1 Posts: 279
11/20/09 10:38 A

I am looking for some more healthy snack ideas for when I am wanting to eat chocolate. When I eat mini chocolate bars I end up eating too many. I have a hard time controling the portion that I eat because I love chocolate too much. I have eaten chocolate fiber bars and fat-free chocolate pudding. I love Nutella too but I need to control myself with that too. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could eat when that chocolate craving starts?

Thanks for any replies

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