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JPRAHL Posts: 917
10/19/09 12:28 P

When I first started losing weight, my trainer wanted me at 1300 calories a day, which was hard but totally do-able. I got through it with a lot of veggies, and a lot of help from sites like sparkrecipes and But I find that eating natural foods is so much easier than anything else.

MISSAILEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 148
10/19/09 11:59 A

Something I find helpful is that while I'm preparing my food, I snack on grapes that sit on the counter or apples that are already cut up and in the fridge. I always prepare a little less than I'm hungry for because I know I'll be snacking while I make it. Even if you're just making a bagel! For example this morning, I only put in a half a bagel to toast. While I waited I ate about 10 grapes (pretty big grapes, though). Then I just had that half bagel with 1/2 C cottage cheese. That definitely filled me up.

ADAVIS19 Posts: 180
10/19/09 11:58 A

I'm usually between 1350-1450 for the day.

Breakfasts- fruit flavored greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of Fiber One mixed in for crunch, or 1 cup of Special K Protein Plus with 1/4 cup skim milk and berries of some sort.

Snacks- hard boiled egg, fruit, Curves granola bar, reduced fat string cheese, Fiber One mini yogurt

Lunches- 3oz turkey or tuna w/light bread or wasa crackers and cucumbers and 1 cup light soup or 1/2 cup sweet potato.

Dinners- spaghetti squash w/chicken sausage, mexican night with ground chicken, dumplings with ground chicken & cabbage filling, chicken & veggies prepared with white cooking wine, etc (chicken is usually 3-4 oz per person)

Desserts- Skinny Cow ice cream, 100 calorie popcorn, chocolate Zone Perfect protein bar

RUTHIP SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 860
10/19/09 11:41 A

Breakfast is oatmeal or yogurt/fruit.
Lunch is usually a turkey sandwich with fresh tomatoes on Arnold Sandwich Thins (yum!)
Dinner is broiled chicken or fish, lots of veggies or salad and sometimes brown rice.
Favorite snacks are apples, berries, chocolate chip rice cakes, Fiber Plus Dark Chocolate Almond bars, Special K multi-grain crackers with a round of Laughing Cow babybel cheese, popcorn.

PJSTIME Posts: 8,932
10/19/09 11:30 A

Steel cut oatmeal with raisins and honey for breakfast and lots of veggies at lunch and dinner.

SATTUA Posts: 557
10/19/09 10:43 A

I don't stay quite that low... can I still throw in some tips for getting the maximum benefit out of your calories?

Minimize processed foods, especially ones with sugar in them. Even fruit sugar can be problematic, when you're trying to keep calories that low. I suggest no granola bars (no Luna bars!!!), no cereal, no bread or crackers, and no fruit. Eat big bowls of soup and big salads, and no-nonsense low calorie protein like chicken, turkey, and seafood. Have some beans or whole grains or, if you really want it (the way I really do), a little bit of whole-wheat flatbread or pita.

TAMIP62 Posts: 2,094
10/19/09 12:06 A

Personally, myself, I would ditch the Luna bars, or limit it to one. Three Luna bars equals almost 1/3 of your total daily calories! I know they're 'supposed' to be so great 'whole nutrition' but really I never bought into those types of things. They usually seem to end up being more hype than reality. Real food is the best IMO. I may be in the minority, but if you put 460 calories of fruit and vegies and maybe some protein or fish into your daily diet you'd have more food with better value. Plus if they really are 'whole nutrition' bars wouldn't 1 a day be enough anyway, if you just had to have one?

I just went and looked them up for a little more info... heaven's have mercy you're spending a fortune on 'nutritious snack food' (at least that's what it seems like, snack food that is supposedly great for you)

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
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10/18/09 10:10 P

Check out my nutrition tracker for today; I ate shy of 1500 Calories. Usually I eat between 1300 and 1500, but for the past week I was a little bit off of that because I was getting over a cold and was really hungry!

RAGDOLL555 Posts: 951
10/18/09 10:05 P

wow....from the elliptical?? how did you manage that?!

WARREN1980 Posts: 89
10/18/09 3:31 P

Thanks for all the responses! Super helpful! Btw, I'm posting from the elliptical! Go me!

RAGDOLL555 Posts: 951
10/18/09 2:57 P

i generally stay around 1400-1500 cals day, and are some meals/snacks that i usually eat:

- LOTS of greek yogurt. usually mixed with fiber one cereal, nuts or a tablespoon of nut butter, and banana

- whole wheat wraps with grilled chicken, spinach, and laughing cow cheese. or sometimes i have PB&J on a wrap

- i snack on protein or granola bars - either Luna, Clif Mojo, or KIND

- to get my veggies in I often steam a HUGE amount of spinach (probably like, 3 servings) and mix laughing cow cheese in. it's yummy :)

hope that helped!!

MARLIZG Posts: 3,909
10/18/09 1:31 P

lots of fruits & veggies, fish & poultry. salads. drink your water-when really hungry drink your water & have a 100calorie 94%fat free popcorn.

VLLOYD1984 Posts: 14
10/18/09 1:10 P

For breakfast I have cereal (lately, Fiber One) with nonfat milk, lunch is raw veggies and fruits and lite yogurt and then I'll snack on more raw veggies and fruits throughout the day. Sometimes I make a smoothie with berries, lite yogurt, tablespoon of peanut butter, and ice. Dinner varies but some kind of meat with two different sides. I randomly throw in almonds, bread, whatever else depending how how hungry I am and what else I need for the day.

LOVSSUGAR SparkPoints: (30,176)
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10/18/09 11:19 A

I almost always stay around 1350 cals/day.

Lots of water, Half a bagel with light cream cheese or an egg and toast for breakfast,
tuna salad on a tortilla wrap with a salad, or turkey sandwich with carrots, for lunch

My favourite dinners are whole wheat pasta, spaghetti sauce with chicken and spinach and parm
or brown rice with homemade chicken green curry (loaded with veggies and low cal coconut milk)
or brown rice with shrimp and low sodium cream of mushroom soup over top, with broccoli or salad.

Then I have a halloween sized treat (70 cal)
and a portion of chocolate pudding made with almond milk

I always check to make sure I'm in my ranges for everything, and adjust accordingly.

WARREN1980 Posts: 89
10/18/09 10:24 A

I've been eating an apple (60), three Luna bars( 180 each), salad (half cup grilled chicken, 2 egg whites, 1 Oz cheese, lots of green veggies and low calorie, low fat dressing), a light, low sodium soup, and apple and a sugar free pudding. The salad can also be replaced for a bigger piece of regular grilled chicken or a lean cuisine.

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