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9/6/13 12:14 P

This very thing happened to my YD to where she just kept applying, applying, applying until she found a new job many states away from the job she left. She took a pay cut and lost some fringe benefits, but the mental strain of her old job was ruining her life.

I recommend the following:
...if possible, take some college night classes and update your resume
...if you are willing and able to move, apply apply apply all over for new jobs
...don't call in sick, if you are not sick -- that basically is cheating yourself, not just the employer
...try to stay on the good side of your bosses, so if you do apply elsewhere, you will get decent referrals
...try to find one fun thing each day to look forward to after work: going out for a good meal, going to a newly released movie, going to a museum, meeting a friend for coffee or a glass of wine, etc.

Good luck!

DEEGANA Posts: 455
9/6/13 10:59 A

Try to endure the best I can

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
9/6/13 10:57 A

That would probably be so difficult.

I like Banker-Chuck's response.

I'm lucky I guess. I retired from a job after 31 years that I absolutely loved and then found a totally different occupation that I love just as much!

Try to be positive and find the good things in your job.

Best wishes.


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9/6/13 10:36 A

Work harder and make a difference. Put in 100% and challenge yourself to do better...compete with the best.

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9/6/13 10:24 A

Put up with it everyday!!

9/6/13 10:21 A

When I used to counsel people on jobs I would always ask them to identify what aspect of work was the most important: the nature of the work they did, the supervisor they worked for, or the environment they worked in. Ask yourself these questions as well as trying to pinpoint why you hate your job so much. Is it anything that can be changed or that anyone can help you with, e.g., your supervisor, Human Resources? If it can't be changed, make a plan regarding what you need to do to move to another job. Should you be taking classes? networking? Give yourself a timeframe so you have a clear goal to shoot for. Stop calling in sick. If you want to stay at the college, hiring supervisors will check your attendance. No one wants to hire someone with a spotty attendance record.
I suggest joining LinkedIn online. Many, many companies use that to look for people based on the words you use to describe your skills and experiences.

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9/6/13 10:10 A

I would be looking for another job - any job - Life is too short to be stuck in a job you despise.
Move on -
change your life style so you you can live more free
get out of debt and stay out of debt and back to the life style change - spend and live within your means.
Life is short - live your life to be happy

-- It is you or the job that needs changing...????

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9/6/13 10:06 A

Why do you hate your current job? The answer as to what to do depends on the reason(s) that you are unhappy.

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9/6/13 10:05 A

Nothing stops you from house or out.
Hit the internet Job listings MONSTER . COM

I would think there are Certain advantages to working for a university...
continuing your education towards something that interests you.
The more you know, the more opportunities you have.

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9/6/13 9:46 A

I work for a state university and love the school and want to work here but I hate my current job. I dread getting up in the morning and end up calling in sick more frequently than I'm sick just because I can't stand to go there. But, I have to work so I look everyday on the university job board but haven't had much luck because we're in a hiring freeze. What would you do?

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