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1/10/13 6:00 P

When I had gallbladder issues, I received a lot of help from a naturopathic doctor using all natural, non-surgical, non-drug interventions. I know there are a variety of ailments that can occur with that organ and wish you the best in a speedy recovery.

1/10/13 12:39 P

Just wanted to say sorry you are feeling bad. I've been where you are and it is not fun. When I went through it, I was basically a vegan but not by choice. I roasted lots of veggies and even made veggie smoothies. Fruits were okay too. Animal proteins were really hard to digest, but I did manage some mild white fish like tilapia. If it's something you're not sure of, just go easy in small amounts to be sure it doesn't bring on more attacks. I also had significant appetite loss, but you didn't mention that.

I know it's not healthy to cut fats out, but this is what your body needs for now, not forever. Hang in there and I hope you are feeling better very soon.

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1/10/13 10:42 A

I echo the recommendation to ask your medical provider for a referral to an RD but I can offer you some general thoughts to help you make choices until you are able to see them.

When one macro nutrient has to be limited, the others have to compensate if calories and nutrients are to maintained. Looking at what macro nutrient a food provides can help you decide what to select and how to increase the other two options that you need. For example, protein sources like nuts also contain significant amounts of fat so they may be great ways to boost your protein but not with your need to limit fat. Legumes on the other hand will provide you with the protein you want while also contributing very little fat. Fat free dairy products would also be protein and carbohydrate focused options that are low in fat. This chart can help you find those items in addition to the carbohydrate rich fruits and veggies that make a balanced meal.

How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat
A Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources

Coach Tanya

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1/9/13 10:45 P

I would strongly suggest talking to your doctor. Ask for a referral to a registered dietician who can design an eating plan and provide advice based on your medical needs!

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1/9/13 9:21 P

this is a question for your doc.

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1/9/13 9:03 P

Over New Year's I developed some gall bladder issues, and as a result my doctor told me to cut the fat completely out of my diet for the next few days. While I realize that from a nutrition standpoint this is both not recommended and barely possible (carrots why do you have fat in you), I have found that cutting my fats to a bare minimum has helped a lot with my gall bladder related pain issues.

My question is this: I'm still trying to keep my calories in proper balance while going through this. Since I'm not eating the fat calories, should I replace them with calories from protein, or from carbohydrates? (And is there a 'minimum' amount of fat that needs to be consumed daily to prevent other health issues?)

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