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5/5/13 9:31 A

You guys are AWESOME, thanks for your words of encouragement. Mama doc, I'm in, it's a deal!

And yes I think others hit the nail on the head....that is why it is so frustrating is because I thought I was getting really good at it, and it does feel like a beginner starting all over again. Good to know others have these ups and downs too.

And to answer dragonchilde, I run like 4 times a week. I am starting to try to seriously incorporate strength training too (I always did but maybe I'll do a bit more) just to get stronger.
When I run I try to go 5k, but since its been hard lately, I've just been doing a couple miles at a time.

Oh another thing I just thought of (a duh moment). I live in Texas and the weather has been absolutely insane lately. 90 degrees one day, 40 the next....I'm NOT exaggerating! This is really weird for May, hopefully things will even out soon, and it will get very hot, as it always does in Texas.

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ANGUSSANDY Posts: 10,516
5/5/13 8:21 A

Don't dwell on feeds itself. Just find something else to do, and in a month or two, you will find yourself wanting to run again.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/5/13 7:18 A

It is obviously stressing you out. I've been there. If I were you I would take time off from running for a week or two. You won't lose fitness as long as you replace it with another form of cardio. I took nearly 3 weeks off from running (just had other commitments) and lost no fitness.

Take a break until you miss it.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
5/5/13 3:13 A

I totally understand your frustration.

My last few runs have been just like that. Here in the UK it's just starting to turn warm and Spring has finally arrived, and with it the tree pollen, closely followed by grass and flower pollen in the up-coming weeks.

I have found it more difficult to breathe, but not as a whole, just in fits and starts. For the most part I've been fine, but every now and then I find myself wheezing a little and feeling a bit tight in the chest. Then it passes and I'm OK again. I've never really given it much thought, but I do suffer from hay fever so I think I could put it down to the pollen in the air.

My main problem has been my legs - they are exhausted at the moment. I think I just new a few days rest and recuperation, doing other workouts, in order for my leg muscles to get some well-earned down time.

And as another poster said, you are most definitely not a failure - running is hard exercise and I've realised there are bound to be times when it seems as though you're a beginner all over again.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
5/4/13 10:17 P

If you are actually wheezing, I would get checked by a doctor. If you have allergies, you are at increased risk for developing asthma and if your allergies are not under control, it can compound asthma. I never had any issues as a kid, but I developed seasonal allergies in my 30s and developed asthma in my 40s.

Asthma restricts air flow to your lungs. If your muscles don't have oxygen, they can't create energy. That could explain not being able to keep up and feeling fatigued. I still do everything I used to but just take a hit off of my inhaler before I exercise and I'm fine. Oh, and I can't do ozone action days or cold weather so I just use the treadmill inside on those days.

You are not a failure. Any time there is that big of a change, it is a red flag and time to see the doctor.

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5/4/13 10:12 P

How often do you run? Long? How many rest days do you take?

SLOWERY20147 Posts: 5
5/4/13 9:47 P

Oh I am right there with you. I keep trying to get to 5K but I can't seem to get any consistency. One day I find my high, the next I am crawling to make it 5 steps. Today my seven year old son burned through a 5K in under 35 minutes with no prep, no training...yes, I know I am 44 and there is no comparison, but crap, that stings.

How about a deal, I'll keep putting one foot in front of the and just keep moving-run when I can, jog when I can't, walk if I have to, but just keep moving, if you will? You in LOVEMOUSE82?
We CAN do this!

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5/4/13 2:32 P

Yes it is getting hotter and the allergens are coming around too...yay pollen!!!

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
5/4/13 2:21 P

Odds are it's the weather change. Is it getting hotter where you are? It's going to take time to adjust as the temperature changes. Don't try to force yourself to go as fast as you had been; slow down, and realize it's a temporary thing.

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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5/4/13 1:27 P

I'm sorry, I guess I just needed to vent. I am SO mad! I can't do this anymore, I don't know why. Every time I try to run lately I just can't get the motivation or energy I used to. Where's my runners high? I'm going through a runners low right now. Lately when I run, I'm just exhausted so fast and also even wheezy, maybe it is the spring weather and allergies....did not used to happen. I've tried upping my protein, changing my music playlist for motivation, nothing works. 2 miles in and I'm DONE, if that. Is there a difference between pushing yourself healthily and overdoing it? But how can I be overdoing it? I'm used to 5k and now I can't even go 2 miles without wheezing????? I feel like a failure.

By the way if anyone checks my nutrition tracker, YES I had McDonald's breakfast the past 2 sue me, I promise ill never do it again for a long time LOL :) thanks in advance for some motivational help. Sorry. Guess I'm just In a mood.

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